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The three major U.S.stock indexes opened lower across the board, with the S&P 500 down 0.40%



Time:8/2/2022 2:54:24 AM

[The three major U.S. stock indexes opened lower across the board, and the S&P 500 fell 0.40%] According to news on August 2, the three major U.S. stock indexes opened lower across the board. The Dow fell 0.42%, the Nasdaq fell 0.62%, and the S&P 500 fell 0.40%.

Other news:

The three major U.S. stock indexes fell collectively: the Dow Jones Index closed down 569.77 points, or 1.63%, to 34299.60 points on September 28 (Tuesday);

On September 28 (Tuesday), the S&P 500 index closed down 87.21 points, or 1.96%, to 4355.90 points;

On September 28 (Tuesday), the Nasdaq Composite Index closed down 423.3 points, or 2.83%, to 14546.7 points. [2021/9/29 17:13:56]

The three major U.S. stock indexes closed mixed: the S&P 500 Index closed down 4.60 points, or 0.13%, to 3663.46 points on December 11 (Friday);

On December 11 (Friday), the Nasdaq index closed down 27.90 points, or 0.23%, to 12377.87 points;

The Dow Jones Index closed up 47.10 points, or 0.16%, at 30046.37 points on December 11 (Friday). [2020/12/12 14:58:50]

The three major U.S. stock index futures all turned up, and the Dow futures are now up 0.1%. [2020/9/22]

The Sandbox Tower Game Jam with Crazy Defense Heroes

Jinse Finance reported that The Sandbox announced that it will cooperate with Cra.

Block Chain:7/31/2022 2:48:54 AM
MakerDAO's total assets have risen above $7 billion

According to news on July 31, according to Dune Analytics data.

Block Chain:7/31/2022 2:49:28 AM
40 million XRP was transferred to the centralized exchange

\u2028 Golden Finance reported that on July 28.

Block Chain:7/30/2022 2:47:17 AM
OP Labs: EIP-4844 will significantly reduce rollup fees.

On July 30th.

Block Chain:7/31/2022 2:48:36 AM
YFI breaks through $12,500, an intraday increase of over 37%

According to the market, YFI breaks through $12,500 and is now quoted at $12.

Block Chain:7/31/2022 2:48:27 AM
Magic Eden: Suggest Solana wallet users to transfer encrypted assets to new wallets

On August 3, Magic Eden.

Block Chain:8/3/2022 2:55:15 AM
The Discord server of the Gas Guzzlers project was attacked

Jinse Finance News, according to CertiK monitoring.

Block Chain:8/2/2022 2:53:36 AM
Balancer launches Orb Collective to expand its ecosystem

Jinjin Finance News.

Block Chain:8/2/2022 2:53:20 AM