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Promoting digital currency is an effective way to empower social credit data governance



Time:8/1/2022 2:50:11 AM

[Promoting digital currency is an effective way to empower social credit data governance] On August 1, the China Economic Times issued an article stating that currently, in the process of reshaping the credit data governance system in accordance with the "Data Security Law", credit data security and credit Data management will be an important topic. However, my country's social credit data governance is facing problems such as low data integration, inconsistent standards, and risk prevention, which need urgent attention and response. The effective transaction information recorded in legal digital currency in circulation cannot be tampered with at will and can be traced back to ensure the authenticity and security of credit information data. At the same time, the legal digital currency can also effectively reduce the cost of obtaining credit data, and provide more convenient conditions for the acquisition of credit information data. One is that digital currency records transaction information data in circulation. Second, the credit data carried by digital currency in circulation cannot be tampered with. The third is that the credit data recorded in legal digital currency circulation can be traced.

Other news:

Digital RMB-related encryption scams appear in Google advertising promotion: Jinse Finance reported that a user named Kazuo Kusunose posted on the Google Forum that he lost $15,000 due to an encryption scam found in Google Ads. The user was trying to participate in what was dubbed a "new Chinese cryptocurrency sale." When users click on the ad, they are taken to the Yuan Pay Group page. The theft of funds allegedly took place on the page. Users are directed to the platform to open an account and deposit funds to participate in the sale of the digital yuan. Investors are asking Google to review the ad to prevent further fraud. [2020/10/5]

Rapper T.I. settles with SEC for promoting fraudulent ICO: Golden Finance reports that rapper T.I. has reached a settlement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for promoting fraudulent ICO. It is reported that. Two fraudulent ICOs came from digital streaming service FLiK and trading platform CoinSpark. T.I. will pay a $75,000 civil penalty and agree to "not participate in the offering or sale of digital asset securities for at least five years," according to the statement. [2020/9/12]

Dynamic | IBM Thailand branch will cooperate with the Bank of Thailand to promote blockchain: According to cointelegraph, the Thai branch of the US IT company IBM will promote blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) to make the country a major sales force in the surrounding area center. According to the article, IBM will work with the country’s central bank, the Bank of Thailand, to promote blockchain. According to a recent IDC-IBM survey, global blockchain spending will reach $9.7 billion by 2021. Additionally, IBM is also discussing the possibility of blockchain education in local schools and universities, with the aim of providing sufficient workforce members for the industry in the near future. [2018/11/14]

The capacity of the Bitcoin lightning network exceeded 4,400 BTC, a record high

Jinse Finance reported that according to the latest data from 1ml.

Block Chain:7/31/2022 2:48:47 AM
Cardano founder: Vasil hard fork upgrade will not be further delayed

On August 2.

Block Chain:8/2/2022 2:53:37 AM
Since July 1st, ARK Fund has sold nearly 100,000 shares of GBTC

Jinse Finance reported that ARK Fund’s holdings data shows that since July 1.

Block Chain:7/31/2022 2:48:26 AM
"Mutant Ape" Mutant Ape Yacht Club transaction volume exceeded 1.7 billion US dollars, a record high

["Mutant Ape" Mutant Ape Yacht Club's transaction volume exceeded US$1.7 billion.

Block Chain:7/30/2022 2:47:52 AM
DigitalBits Blockchain Launches the Prince Albert II Foundation App of Monaco

Jinse Finance reported that the Prince Albert II Foundation of.

Block Chain:8/1/2022 2:50:45 AM
Phantom and other Solana wallets were suspected of being attacked, and millions of dollars in tokens were stolen.

[Phantom and other Solana wallets are suspected to have been attacked.

Block Chain:8/3/2022 2:54:56 AM
The number of addresses holding more than 32 ETH reached a 17-month high.

Jinse Finance reported that Glassnode data shows that the number.

Block Chain:8/1/2022 2:51:21 AM
The total market cap of cryptocurrencies has risen to $1.17 trillion

[The total market value of cryptocurrencies has risen to 1.

Block Chain:7/31/2022 2:48:53 AM