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Canaan executives: Under the cold winter of encryption, the globalization strategy is on the right track



Time:8/3/2022 2:56:44 AM

[Canaan Intellectual Executives: Globalization strategy is on the right track in the cold winter of encryption] According to news on August 3, Edward Lu, senior vice president of Bitcoin mining machine manufacturer Canaan Intellectual Property, said in an interview that despite the cold winter of encryption , but its global business expansion plans are still on track. Among them, Kazakhstan is the first country to carry out the globalization strategy, and will continue to expand its business in Europe and North America. Edward Lu also said that Canaan Zhizhi is fully prepared for the "encryption winter" and believes that this cycle will be shorter than expected.

As previously reported, on July 30, Canaan planned to expand its bitcoin mining business to the United States, and introduced in detail its successful experience in pilot mining operations in Kazakhstan. Canaan Zhizhi’s revenue in Q1 of 2022 exceeds 213 million US dollars, holds nearly 167 bitcoins, and is worth close to 4 million US dollars as of press time.

Other news:

News | Foreign media: Canaan will be listed on Nasdaq on November 20: Jinse Finance reported that several sources confirmed to The Block that Bitcoin miner Canaan will list on Nasdaq on November 20. Duck rang the bell. Canaan hopes to raise $400 million in the IPO, the documents show, although it is unclear at what price range its shares will be listed. [2019/11/12]

Canaan Zhizhi Zhang Nangeng: Computing changes the world, and blockchain chips and AI chips have great potential in the future: Today, the 2018 Global Chain Industry Technology Development Conference opened at the Beijing National Convention Center. Zhang Nangeng, chairman and CEO of Canaan Zhizhi, believes that the chip industry has two major application prospects in the future, blockchain chips and AI chips; the current combination of software and hardware in blockchain is not enough, and some decentralized The efficiency of modernization is not high at present, but it can have great applications on the basis of ASIC applications. He also said that computing changes the world. [2018/6/23]

Kaier New Materials clarifies that the investment in the blockchain unicorn Canaan Zhizhi is the behavior of a real controller: Kaier New Materials stated on the interactive platform that in response to news that the company invested in the blockchain unicorn company Canaan Zhizhi , the company stated that it currently does not hold any equity in Canaan Yunzhi. According to the company's understanding, Wu Jianming, one of the actual controllers of the company, holds shares in Canaan Yunzhi through a partnership enterprise. The investment entered relatively early, and Wu Jianming's actual shareholding in Canaan Yunzhi has not exceeded 5%. [2018/3/27]

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