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The total amount of transfer transactions on the Ethereum L2 solution Arbitrum chain exceeded 500 million US dollars



Time:7/30/2022 2:47:32 AM

Jinjin Finance reported that according to Dune Analytics data, the total amount of Ethereum’s Layer 2 solution Arbitrum chain transfer transactions has exceeded 500 million US dollars, which was 517,323,163 at the time of writing USD, the total market value of ERC-20 tokens on the chain reached 1,743,466,827 USD. Arbitrum aims to improve the processing speed and scalability of Ethereum smart contracts. While Layer 2 processes EVM contracts and transactions, it still benefits from the security of the Ethereum chain. The number of new Arbitrum users increased to 309,481 in the past 30 days.

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Ethereum client Hyperledger Besu releases hotfix version v22.7.6: News on October 8th, enterprise-level Ethereum client Hyperledger Besu releases hotfix version v22.7.6, which solves the error of chain reorganization. It is recommended that all Ethereum mainnet users upgrade . [2022/10/8 12:49:40]

V God: Soul Identity Token will play a role in the non-financial layer application of Ethereum: May 20 news, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin said at the ETH Shanghai conference on May 20, 2022 that the Ethereum ecology is currently too Focusing on financial applications such as DeFi requires the development of more applications in other fields. Then he talked about the "Soul bound tokens" proposed in the recent paper "Finding the Soul of Web3: Planning for a Future Based on Trust", saying that more application layer instances will benefit from this new type of identity Token, and emphasized again The importance of DAO, privacy and decentralized governance to the Ethereum ecosystem. [2022/5/20 3:30:26]

Ethereum put-to-call ratio reaches highest level in a year: Jinse Finance reports that the put-to-call ratio in the Ethereum options market is pushed to the highest level in 12 months as investors seek yield . The ratio measures the number of open puts relative to open calls. The ratio rose to 1.04 on Thursday, according to Skew, a data provider for crypto derivatives research firms. The indicator has nearly tripled in the past 3.5 months and has risen from 0.84 to 1.04 in the past two weeks. Luuk Strijers, chief operating officer of cryptocurrency exchange Deribit, said that usually means that the market is more bearish, because investors are buying put options to protect their portfolios from potential declines in assets. However, in the current situation, the main reason for the increase in the ratio is the increase in the selling of put options. [2020/7/4]

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