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Filecoin mainnet launch Pick your most promising node



After the testnet public beta, the first round of the space race, the second round of the space race... the Filecoin mainnet, which countless miners have been looking forward to, is finally online!

Block Dream Fund of Ouyi OKEx plans to launch a $10 million Filecoin ecological fund: Block Dream Fund of Ouyi OKEx announced that it has reached a cooperation with Filecoin Network and will launch a $10 million ecological fund to support Filecoin ecological projects. The projects mainly come from Filecoin Slingshot, Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator and Filecoin Frontier Accelerator. [2021/4/9 20:01:17]

During the long preparation period, miners and nodes competed fiercely. Which node is your favourite? has completed the conversion and distribution of FIL tokens on November 30, with a total of about 13,000: According to the official announcement, has completed the distribution of FIL today (November 30) according to the user's FIL6 holdings, with a total of about 13,000 The user can check the details in the account statement details. At present, already supports a full range of products and services such as Filecoin (FIL) spot trading, deposit and withdrawal, leveraged trading, currency management, perpetual contract trading, and triple ETF trading. [2020/11/30 22:35:14]

Jinse Finance launched a voting activity, and will conduct in-depth interviews with the top three nodes with the most votes. The interview content-ethexc will be published on Jine Finance’s official website and APP homepage.

The highest increase of ZB (ZB) FIL6Z is 19.98%: According to the data on the official website of ZB (ZB), as of 10:05 today, the highest increase of FIL6Z is 19.98%, and the current increase is 17.97%. The highest price is 179QC (about 26.4USDT), and the current quotation is 176.01 QC (about 25.9 USDT). The market fluctuates greatly, please pay attention to controlling risks. The full name of FIL6Z is Filecoin6Month ZB, which is a 6-month futures product of Filecoin launched by ZB. [2020/9/30]

Cast your precious vote for your most promising node!

Deadline: 23:59, October 18, 2020

The right to interpret this activity belongs to Jinse Finance.


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Filecoin mainnet launch Pick your most promising node

After the testnet public beta, the first round of the space race, the second round of the space race... the Filecoin mainnet, which countless miners have been looking forward to.

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