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Exclusive Video | Aoyou Browser Launches Decentralized Domain Name Service NBDomain



On October 18, at the Chinese live broadcast conference with the theme of "BSV ONE WORLD CHAIN" held by CoinGeek, Jeff Chen, founder and CEO of Aoyou Browser, said that Aoyou 6 browser launched NBDomain, a global ID's decentralized domain name service.

Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar to release exclusive NFT series on NFT platform Rario: October 20 news, Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar becomes a strategic investor in cricket-focused NFT platform Rario, Tendulkar's life and career Iconic career moments will be available exclusively on in the form of NFTs. It is reported that Rario has previously established exclusive partnerships with other famous cricketers, including Aaron Finch, Fafdu Plessis, Rishabh Pant, Virender Sehwag and Zaheer Khan. Additionally, Rario has partnerships with various cricket boards, major tournaments and has a roster of over 900 international cricketers. (Coindesk) [2022/10/20 16:32:29]

NBDomain breaks away from the subscription-based model and becomes an asset owned by users, who can fully control the ownership of their domain names until users decide to sell their domain names. NBDomain can be connected with any blockchain content-ethexc or simple sentence, instead of connecting to an IP address. The Aoyou 6 browser will provide native support for the NBDomain protocol and will be extended to be compatible with other common browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

Jinse Finance exclusively analyzes that the G20 restart regulatory plan will affect the trend of cryptocurrencies: It is reported that global economic leaders will hold the second G20 Finance Ministers Meeting and Central Bank Governors Meeting in Washington on April 19-20 this year, and will formulate a cryptocurrency Regulatory specific policies continue to discuss agenda items adopted in Buenos Aires. Previously, economic leaders around the world had set July as the deadline for unified regulation of cryptocurrencies. According to Jinse Finance’s analysis, if things go well, the policies of countries around the cryptocurrency world will gradually become clearer due to the results of the G20. The role of G20 international coordination is very important. Previously, the Bank of China proposed in the "Global Economic and Financial Outlook Report for the Second Quarter of 2018" that "give full play to the role of G20 in global policy coordination, explore and build a global unified digital currency regulatory framework, and urge countries to share digital currency. Transaction information, and constantly regulate the development of digital currency. Jointly crack down on criminal acts using digital currency” regulatory recommendations. It is believed that on the basis of the consensus and joint efforts of all countries, cryptocurrencies will gradually eliminate the strong fluctuations caused by policy uncertainties, and the enhancement of stability will also significantly increase the practical value of cryptocurrencies. [2018/4/20]

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Jinse Finance exclusively analyzes the taxation of cryptocurrencies in many places around the world. 2018 will be the first year that the taxation of cryptocurrencies will be fully implemented: Australia's "Sing Tao Daily" recently published an article saying that the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will conduct more than 360,000 individual tax reviews , Under the new tax reporting regulations, "Bitcoin" (Bitcoin) or other virtual currency transactions exceeding 10,000 Australian dollars may also be reviewed by the tax office. Bitcoin is classified as an asset when filing taxes, and investors are subject to capital gains tax. According to the exclusive analysis of Jinse Finance, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin experienced explosive growth at the end of 2017. They have become popular from no one cares about them. Related cryptocurrency exchanges around the world have also sprung up in the public eye, joining the investment in the field of cryptocurrencies. In terms of market value and transaction volume, cryptocurrencies are gradually moving from the edge of the world economy to the center, and have a certain proportion and status. So far, the original barbaric growth model can no longer continue, and the high-speed growth industry has also attracted the attention of regulators. Many countries and regions around the world have begun to announce the taxation of cryptocurrencies. The US Internal Revenue Service announced this year that cryptocurrency transactions are subject to taxation like other forms of property; the Japanese National Tax Agency also announced that virtual currencies need to be "taxed"; SARS) released a statement showing that although cryptocurrencies are not recognized as legal tender in the country, transactions, investment in cryptocurrencies, and miners still need to pay taxes for this; the Israeli tax department will be taxed at a rate of 20% to 25%. Capital gains tax is levied, while personal mining or commercial trading of cryptocurrencies must pay a 17% value-added tax; Thailand will impose a 7% value-added tax (VAT) on crypto transactions and a 15% capital gains tax. In this way, taxation actions against cryptocurrencies are in full swing around the world, and 2018 will be the first year that taxation on cryptocurrencies will be fully implemented. [2018/4/9]


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Exclusive Video | Aoyou Browser Launches Decentralized Domain Name Service NBDomain

On October 18, at the Chinese live broadcast conference with the theme of "BSV ONE WORLD CHAIN" held by CoinGeek, Jeff Chen, founder and CEO of Aoyou Browser, said that Aoyou 6 browser launched NBDomain.

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