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Comparison of new infrastructure plans in 9 provinces and cities: Blockchain has become a standard configuration, and digital asset transactions are mentioned in many places



China is one of the fastest growing digital economies in the world. The China Academy of Information and Communications Technology predicts that by 2025, the scale of China's digital economy is expected to reach 60 trillion.

The development of the digital economy requires new types of infrastructure to provide support. At the end of 2018, the Central Economic Work Conference first proposed new infrastructure construction (referred to as "new infrastructure"). By April 2020, the relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission clarified the concept of new infrastructure for the first time, and combined blockchain with cloud computing and 5G communications. , artificial intelligence and other technologies are included in the category of new infrastructure construction for the digital economy.

After the concept of new infrastructure was clearly defined, local governments responded to the central policy requirements and issued a series of important documents to support the construction of new infrastructure to accelerate the implementation of new infrastructure projects.

What is the status of the blockchain in the policy documents related to the construction of new infrastructure in various places? What effect will it have? 01 Blockchain has carefully sorted out the new infrastructure action plans/plans issued by 9 provinces and cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Yunnan, Sichuan, and Fujian since May, and explored the "figure of the blockchain" ".

Former State Street Bank executive Nadine Chakar will serve as blockchain start-up Securrency CEO: According to news on January 5, former State Street Bank digital finance director Nadine Chakar will serve as blockchain startup Securrency CEO. Chakar will take office on January 9. The company's founder, Dan Doney, who previously served as the company's CEO, will continue to serve as chief technology officer.

Securrency is a blockchain-based financial and regulatory technology developer. The firm partnered with asset management firm WisdomTree to launch a blockchain fund. Last April, WisdomTree Investments and State Street Bank participated in Securrency’s $30 million Series B funding round. (Blockworks) [2023/1/5 10:23:57]

Shanghai's new infrastructure action plan does not mention "blockchain"

Shanghai is the first area among the 9 provinces and cities to release new infrastructure plans. As early as May 12, the Shanghai Municipal People's Government issued the "Shanghai Municipal Action Plan for Promoting New Infrastructure Construction (2020-2022)". However, the full text of the plan does not mention blockchain technology and industrial development planning. As a result, Shanghai has become the only region among the nine provinces and cities that did not mention "blockchain" in the new infrastructure plan.

ODin META announced the launch of the Gungnir Metaverse zero-code editor developed based on UE5: On July 2, ODin META announced the launch of the Gungnir Metaverse zero-code editor developed based on UE5. Users can use this editor to design and edit their own digital space in the Sanguoyuan open world under ODin META. (odaily)[2022/7/2 1:46:10]

Beijing and Chongqing released a three-year action plan for new infrastructure in June. Chongqing will explore the application of next-generation information technology such as blockchain, and establish information security service platforms in professional fields such as certificate preservation, electronic evidence collection, digital signature, and password management; while Beijing proposes to build data intelligence infrastructure, including new types of data Center, cloud edge facilities, big data platform, artificial intelligence infrastructure, blockchain service platform, and data transaction facilities.

Zhejiang, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou successively released three-year plans for new infrastructure in July. Zhejiang proposed to promote the construction of blockchain infrastructure; accelerate the deep integration and integrated innovation of blockchain and Internet of Things, industrial Internet, cloud computing, 5G and other cutting-edge information technologies, and basically form a general-purpose blockchain technology platform; build a domestic The blockchain service platform creates a blockchain big data sharing, collaboration, management and control platform, and improves the comprehensive governance system for blockchain development.

Hainan International Culture and Artwork Trading Center issued an announcement to solicit high-quality IP, artwork and other industry strategic partners: Jinse Finance reported that as one of the key projects to be piloted in Hainan Free Trade Port, the official website of Hainan International Culture and Artwork Trading Center released " Announcement on Soliciting High-Quality IP, Artwork and Other Industry Strategic Partners, which mentions that institutions and individuals engaged in digital art and other industries will be invited to participate in research, promote the formulation of industry standards and rules, and standardize industry development. Including but not limited to metaverse and blockchain technology companies and platforms, large Internet technology companies, technology companies such as virtual reality and augmented reality, and Internet open source communities. [2022/5/7 2:57:06]

Guangdong Province has not released a new infrastructure development plan so far, but relevant reports indicate that it is in progress. Shenzhen and Guangzhou have also promulgated a three-year plan for new infrastructure.

The three provinces of Yunnan, Fujian, and Sichuan successively promulgated new infrastructure plans in August and September. Fujian Province proposes orderly deployment and construction of a blockchain platform in its planning, including promoting the construction of a safe, controllable and scalable blockchain underlying basic service platform, blockchain computing power platform, and basic software and hardware platform, etc., and launching the construction of a blockchain-based The chain service network (BSN) blockchain backbone network in the southeastern region of the country, the development and launch of the digital Fujian blockchain application public platform, and the construction of cross-chain platforms.

The transaction volume of LooksRare in the NFT market is US$14.68 billion: Jinse Finance reported that according to data from dappradar, the total transaction volume of LooksRare in the NFT market reached US$14.68 billion, ranking second in the NFT market. [2022/2/8 9:36:41]

What needs to be mentioned is that Fujian and Sichuan are the only two regions among the nine provinces and cities that mention cross-chain technology in their action plans.

In addition, except for Beijing, which is issued by the Beijing Bureau of Economics and Information Technology, and Guangzhou, which is issued by the Guangzhou Municipal Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Guangzhou Development and Reform Commission, the other seven provinces and cities are all issued by the people's government or the general office of the people's government.

9 provinces and cities have different blockchain goals, and Hangzhou vows to win the "blockchain capital"

Compared with 5G, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the development process of blockchain is relatively short. In theory, all provinces and cities should stand on the same starting line. The actual development of the blockchain in my country has also gradually revealed regional differences.

DeFi platform Dot.Finance migrated to Moonbeam: Jinse Finance reported that the decentralized financial protocol Dot.Finance announced that it will migrate from Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to Moonbeam, the second parallel chain on the Polkadot blockchain. The project will also launch immediately on Moonriver. Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, Dot Finance won the second parachain auction at the end of November, raising 35 million DOT (~$1.4 billion) from a total of 200,000 participants. Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood created Polkadot to make blockchains interoperable: the creation of the parachain model believes the future of the Web 3 will involve many different types of blockchains working together. There are a total of 100 slots on the relay chain, the Polkadot blockchain responsible for completing transactions. A slot can be rented for a maximum of 96 weeks. ([2022/1/5 8:25:49]

Due to the different foundations of the blockchain industry, there are also significant differences in the development goals of the blockchain in the new infrastructure planning of various regions. But in general, the blockchain industry goals formulated in the new infrastructure plans of various places are still based on actual conditions, and the overall is more pragmatic.

Guangzhou is a gathering place for blockchain enterprises in China, and it is also an area where the development of blockchain was proposed earlier in China, with a good industrial foundation. At the same time, with the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the development of the blockchain industry in Guangzhou has always attracted attention. Therefore, in the three-year plan for the new infrastructure, Guangzhou City proposed to focus on the construction of a national blockchain development pilot demonstration zone, explore and promote the blockchain "building, uploading, and using the blockchain" project, and promote the agglomeration and development of the blockchain industry.

In the three-year plan for Zhejiang's new infrastructure, it is "dominant" to say that it will promote chain replenishment around emerging industries, focus on implementing big data software and hardware system solutions, and build Hangzhou into a "blockchain capital."

Hangzhou's position in the domestic blockchain industry is unquestionable. It has created many domestic blockchain firsts: the establishment of the country's first blockchain industrial park, the first to write "blockchain" into the government work report, the establishment of The country's first 10 billion-scale blockchain venture capital fund, etc. As a city that is at the forefront of both technology and policy support in China, Hangzhou has turned the blockchain into a city card. Many well-known domestic blockchain companies have also settled in Hangzhou. These are the strengths for Hangzhou to build a "blockchain capital".

Focus on actual scenarios and clarify typical application indicators of blockchain in many places

The implementation of new infrastructure projects is inseparable from the escort of a series of policies. Policies at the central level are more inclined to top-level design, while local governments are more focused on specific scenario-based applications, which are more practical. The same is true for the blockchain field. At the same time, many places have also put forward relatively clear blockchain development goals/indicators in the new infrastructure planning.

For example, Fujian proposes to cultivate more than 100 typical blockchain applications in areas such as smart contracts, finance, Internet of Things, smart manufacturing, supply chain management, real estate, and smart cities.

Sichuan will build more than 20 blockchain technology application demonstration scenarios to promote innovative applications of blockchain in government services, financial services, logistics and warehousing, digital copyright, and traceability of agricultural products.

In Yunnan's three-year plan for new infrastructure construction, it is proposed to accelerate the construction of blockchain industry application platforms in key areas such as traceability of important products, financial services, taxation, logistics, medical care, and cross-border trade; by 2022, Yunnan Province will be fully established. Block chain basic service platform to create 50 block chain applications.

In addition, some blockchain projects with regional characteristics have also appeared in new infrastructure plans in various places. For example, the blockchain service infrastructure in Sichuan Province - Shuxin Chain, the country's first provincial blockchain traceability commodity code - "Peacock Code" established in Yunnan Province.

In many scenarios, traceability, government affairs, finance, etc. are the most widely favored.

At the same time, nine provinces and cities are also actively promoting the construction of blockchain industry infrastructure such as blockchain underlying technology platforms, blockchain application service platforms, and networks.

Many references to the combination of blockchain and digital asset transactions

In April 2020, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Opinions on Building a More Complete System and Mechanism for the Market-based Allocation of Factors", and data has become the same factor of production as land, labor, capital, and technology that can be allocated in the market.

Driven by policies, digital asset trading has become one of the hot topics this year, and many places have proposed to build digital asset trading platforms. In the new infrastructure planning of 9 provinces and cities, Sichuan, Beijing and Shenzhen all proposed to use blockchain technology to accelerate the construction of digital asset trading platforms.

Sichuan proposed in the three-year plan for new infrastructure construction that it is necessary to build an intellectual property financing service platform based on blockchain technology and explore the establishment of a digital asset trading platform based on blockchain technology. Beijing, which has just promulgated the "Implementation Plan for the Establishment of Beijing International Big Data Exchange", also stated in the new infrastructure plan that it will promote the establishment of data special zones and data zones, and build a data trading platform.

Shenzhen's plan is more specific and grounded. Shenzhen proposed in the plan that it will speed up the cultivation of the data element market; speed up data legislation, explore the establishment of data rights confirmation, transaction, circulation and other mechanisms; improve the government data open sharing mechanism, create conditions to promote the opening of public data and social data resources; improve data resources Value, build a data resource trading platform based on blockchain technology, promote the in-depth development and utilization of data element resources; strengthen data security protection, and strengthen the protection of government data, corporate business secrets and personal data.


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Comparison of new infrastructure plans in 9 provinces and cities: Blockchain has become a standard configuration, and digital asset transactions are mentioned in many places

China is one of the fastest growing digital economies in the world. The China Academy of Information and Communications Technology predicts that by 2025.

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