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Li Chunle: From Grassroots to Leader



"The Good Guy" Li Chunle

Every corner of northern Jiangsu in the 1990s is full of stories, just like Li Chunle today.

Li Chunle, who currently serves as the vice chairman of the Digital Technology Development Working Committee of the China Council for the Promotion of Economic Development, is well aware of the importance of mastering blockchain technology for a country's economic development, and has repeatedly emphasized that blockchain will set off a new wave of reform. The development of the blockchain needs to gather resources from all parties to promote its empowerment of the real economy, continue to play the role of the blockchain value Internet, and achieve high-quality development.

The Digital Science and Technology Development Working Committee of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade is under the guidance of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the China Association for Science and Technology. Big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, digital industry, 5G Internet of Things and other technology development, software service enterprises and institutions, and related industry enthusiasts voluntarily form a national and industry-based social group, which is a non-profit social organization. the

It takes promoting the integration of China and the world, the integration of technology and economy, the integration of resources and capital, and the integration of wealth and wisdom. Enterprises come to China to invest and cooperate to help our country's strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education, the strategy of strengthening the country with talents, the strategy of innovation-driven development and the development of rural revitalization. It will serve the purpose of building my country into a modern and powerful socialist country in an all-round way.

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For Li Chunle, the current highlight moment is hard-won. However, sitting in front of him, he was calm and composed, exuding a "sense of strength" from the inside out. the

It is true that there is no reason in this world to be born out of nowhere. The so-called good luck is just because they are always prepared. It's not that they haven't experienced those rough times and those painful days, but we don't know them.

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The Counterattack of Grassroots Entrepreneurship

Li Chunle, from the countryside in northern Jiangsu. Northern Jiangsu in the 1990s was poor and backward. In order to make money, in 1998, Li Chunle's family contracted a lot of land and invested nearly 200,000 yuan. However, all the hard work resulted in a flood. "There was no harvest, and the cotton and so on were all drowned." Looking back now, Li Chunle still sighs infinitely, "The harvest is far from enough to invest in the cost."

As the saying goes, poor people live in the busy city and no one cares about them, and the rich have distant relatives in the mountains. At this time, Li Chunle's family has no money and is heavily in debt. He can't borrow food from relatives and friends, and carrots and cabbage have become luxury goods.

"Since then, I have thought of making more money to honor my parents." Li Chunle said.

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Li Chunle has many sisters in his family, and at the expense of his older siblings dropping out of school early to work and earn money, he supported him and his younger siblings to go to school. Poor children take charge of their families early, which also makes Li Chunle mature and sensible. Both high school and university were admitted to relatively good schools, but in such schools, the tuition fees were too high, so Li Chunle settled for the next best thing, and entered a relatively poor high school for free and enrolled in a private university in Beijing with reduced tuition fees.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Release OpenCBDC: Jinse Finance reports that the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced the results of the first phase of Project Hamilton, a collaboration focused on central bank digital currency research research work. Today, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced that they have also released OpenCBDC, an open source software for central bank digital currency transaction processing, on GitHub. Currency”, in terms of core processing engine, OpenCBDC processing speed exceeds 1.7 million transactions per second, and “most transactions” can be settled within two seconds.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology stated that OpenCBDC technology is flexible and can be adjusted according to policy decisions. In the second phase, they will continue to study other technical designs to further optimize the "strong privacy, Resilience and functionality” while better clarifying the trade-offs between different designs. [2022/2/4 9:30:47]

However, university tuition has not always been waived. In his sophomore year, Li Chunle started to halve his tuition fees, which meant that he still had to pay more than 3,000 yuan, which really stumped him. If you continue to go to school and do part-time jobs every month, the living expenses of 600 to 700 yuan are not a problem, but it will delay your studies; if you don’t do part-time jobs and your studies are tight, your monthly living expenses will be a problem.

Zhou Hongyi talks about Metaverse Real Estate: It is not worth investing in, but the land can be occupied first: According to news on December 29, Zhou Hongyi said at the 360 Group Strategy Conference recently that Metaverse Real Estate should not be hyped and is not worth investing in. But the metaverse has just begun, and it is worth trying to occupy a place in the more prominent space of the metaverse. He said: The term "Metaverse" has a strong spread, and one of the reasons is that it was "suffocated" during the epidemic. Everyone fantasizes about whether the online world can go further. [2021/12/29 8:11:22]

After thinking about it, Li Chunle decided to drop out of school and start a business.

The road to starting a business is very difficult. Step by step, Li Chunle recalled those years as "very painful", so he didn't want to say more. "A person's life can be described as one fate, two luck and three feng shui. Fate cannot be changed, but I believe what my parents said, "Any good deeds done by parents today will surely have a harvest and help for their children's achievements in the future." "Li Chunle said, "I always remember my father's words, no matter what time I think about a good one. "

Ah Q in the Currency Circle

what is good Human beings' definition of "good" is close to the essence of human beings. It is open and frank without evil thoughts;

Li Chunle thought about this "good". After seeing the model currency, witnessing the madness and decline of Bitcoin from 2013 to 2015, and witnessing the doubling of Ethereum in early 2016, he believed in "as long as you grasp the smart contract, you will grasp A cusp" in a word, spent tens of thousands of yuan to buy Ethereum. Finally, in 2017, Ethereum skyrocketed and assets doubled, and Li Chunle made his first pot of gold in the currency circle.

Before and after the September 4th incident, Li Chunle's operating methods remained unchanged. Before the September 4th incident, half of Ethereum was thrown away; after that, it was bought at a price of 1000-2000, and then sold at a price of 8000-9000. "At that time, I really experienced the joy of making money." Li Chunle said

Anyone familiar with the currency circle knows how crazy the market was in 2017. Under the catalysis of the bull market, various ICO projects have emerged and disappeared. Facing the impetuous currency circle, Li Chunle is relatively calm. With the "first pot of gold" from the currency circle, he is more willing to invest the money in what he believes is "good".

"But do good deeds, don't ask about the future." With his enthusiasm for the industry, Li Chunle invested in a "blockchain + public welfare" project team. The initial investment of several million, two months later, the additional investment amount. However, the project didn't even make it past 6 months and ended hastily.

Sometimes life will inevitably fall into difficulties, but the nobility of a person lies in maintaining integrity in difficulties. Li Chunle took this failure very flatly. "It's done, it's good for the public because I did a good deed; if it doesn't work, if it loses money, it's considered a donation, and it can be regarded as a little contribution to the blockchain industry." In this regard, Li Chunle called it "Spirit of Ah Q", and expressed his gratitude to them, without their way, he would not be able to grow. "My father often said that when one lives in this world, one has to experience everything, ups and downs, bitterness, saltiness, or else it is not a perfect life."

"Stupid birds fly first, early birds get food" is Li Chunle's motto from junior high school to now. For him, along the way, as long as he has the opportunity to learn, as long as he has the opportunity to try, whether it is being cheated or taking a detour, these experiences are the best and precious experience

The integration of DeFi and CeFi

Li Chunle, as the vice chairman of the Digital Technology Development Working Committee of the China Council for Promotion of International Trade, is well aware of the importance of mastering blockchain technology for a country's economic development, emphasizing that blockchain will set off a new wave of reform.

"One yin and one yang are the Tao." CeFi and DeFi have both sides of yin and yang, just like traditional finance and blockchain finance. In Li Chunle's view, CeFi and DeFi will have a two-way promotion relationship, which will allow both parties to operate in an appropriate manner. In the process of getting a balance, it will even push the other party forward.

Li Chunle believes that China and the world are already actively embracing the transformation of blockchain finance. Judging from the domestic situation, on the one hand, the essence of chain reform and share reform is actually the combination of CeFi and DeFi to solve the problems of difficult and expensive financing in traditional finance; on the other hand, it is the launch of DCEP

Based on the Digital Technology Development Working Committee of the China Council for Promotion of Li Chunle, who has been paying attention to the progress of DCEP, he expressed optimism about the possible impact of DCEP on society. In particular, the sudden outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has put global monetary policy in trouble. How to effectively tap the economic potential of the "internal circulation" has become a difficult problem for all countries. The development of China's DCEP is expected to solve the problem from a new perspective and accelerate China's economy. The operation of the "internal circulation" supports the continued development of China's economy.

Li Chunle believes that with DCEP as the fulcrum, the digital upgrade of monetary policy is expected to expand policy space and improve policy directness. On the other hand, DCEP helps to form an "electronic currency zone" for RMB externally, and deepens the short-term areas of "internal circulation" internally, thereby reducing external policy interference and maintaining the independence and endogenous nature of policies

In addition, the implementation of DCEP is also conducive to strengthening the penetration and execution of fiscal and monetary policies, is conducive to social governance, and can prevent corruption. China is entering the era of digital economy and big data from the Internet economy. The central bank's digital currency transforms currency circulation into a digital method, which adapts to the development needs of the big data era and creates conditions for the flexible and efficient use of economic policies.

From shells to gold and silver, to silver tickets, and then to mobile payment in recent years. Ten years ago, it was hard to imagine using mobile phones to pay bills, but now it is a fact, and we use it every day. The trend is unstoppable, and the emergence of new things may be unimaginable now, but it may be earth-shaking in the future. Because of this, Li Chunle believes, "Whether it is CeFi or DeFi, only those that can meet the needs of the public can achieve better development. Just like the planned economy, market economy, and consumer economy in the past, judging from each iteration process, they won the hearts of the people. Those who win the world."


At the end of the interview, Li Chunle described herself as "brave, obsessed, and persistent".

The courage to be the first, the courage to be the first batch of people to go to sea to eat crabs under uncertain factors, is the pioneer and pursuer in the blockchain.

Obsession, obsession is the charm of digital currency, and ultimately obsession with the blockchain technology.

Persistence, obsession with the digital economy, blockchain industry, and use it for pursuit and exploration.

People with more stories are more calm and simple. From being unknown to today's achievements, Li Chunle's experience tells us that the first thing we age is never our appearance, but our desperate aggressiveness. Sometimes, you have to dare to carry burdens that exceed your expectations. After you really work hard, you will find that you are much better than you imagined.


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Li Chunle: From Grassroots to Leader

"The Good Guy" Li Chunle Every corner of northern Jiangsu in the 1990s is full of stories, just like Li Chunle today.Li Chunle.

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