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Okey Cloud Chain Dialogue with Nanjing Public Security Research Institute "Blockchain + Public Security" has great potential



As blockchain technology is becoming more and more well-known to the public, "blockchain + finance" has attracted people's attention with its rich application scenarios and imagination. At the same time, it has also induced the frequency of economic crimes such as money laundering and illegal transactions using digital assets to increase year by year, and the value of the cases is also increasing. How to deal with illegal activities based on cryptocurrencies has become one of the common issues that governments at all levels, related companies and even blockchain practitioners need to face.

On September 1, OKLink, a blockchain browser under the OKLink Group, launched the first on-chain data monitoring and transaction behavior visualization tool on the entire network that is free and open to global users-Chain Sky Eye. Dean Wu Wei of the Nanjing Public Security Research Institute put forward some ideas on how blockchain technology can be applied in public security and social governance regarding Okey Cloud Chain Group's "Sky Eyes on the Chain".

"Sky Eye on the Chain" Restores Money Laundering Transactions

In recent years, the international flow of funds using digital assets as a carrier has been huge.

Hong Kong stocks closed: Ooke Cloud Chain closed up 5.88%, Huobi Technology closed up 9.77%: Hong Kong stocks closed today, the Hang Seng Index closed at 28907.520, closing up 0.47%; Ooke Cloud Chain (01499.HK), a subsidiary of Ooke Group, closed at 0.720 The Hong Kong dollar closed up 5.88%; Huobi Technology (01611.HK) closed at 23.600 Hong Kong dollars, up 9.77%. [2021/3/10 18:32:26]

PeckShield's "2019 Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Research Report" pointed out that the total amount of funds flowing from China to foreign countries through digital assets was US$10.1 billion in 2017, US$17.9 billion in 2018, and US$11.4 billion in 2019. The total amount of data in these three years has exceeded 1% of the current scale of China's foreign exchange reserves ($3,154.4 billion). According to my country's "Personal Foreign Exchange Management Measures", the annual exchange quota per person is only equivalent to 50,000 US dollars.

Hong Kong stocks closed: Ooke Cloud Chain closed up 17.42%, Huobi Technology closed up 7.10%: Hong Kong stocks closed today, the Hang Seng Index closed at 26451.540 points, up 0.36%; Ooke Cloud Chain (01499.HK) reported 0.155 Hong Kong dollars, closing up 17.42%; Huobi Technology (01611.HK) reported 3.920 Hong Kong dollars, closing up 7.10%. [2020/11/20 21:30:06]

Due to the lack of compliance and reasonable supervision, it is difficult to define the "nature" of this part of digital assets: it may be the laundering of stolen money after being attacked by hackers, it may be illegal gains after participating in dark web transactions, or it may be kidnapping, Illegal income after extortion; but fortunately, the supporting development of the industry is also improving day by day. The "Sky Eye on the Chain" function is based on the in-depth analysis and continuous tracking of massive data on the chain, and at the same time provides users with transaction graphs, address analysis, and on-chain monitoring in visual forms, and finally forms a chain of clues to restore the ins and outs of transaction behavior.

OKLink: Bitcoin network difficulty increased by 3.6% to 17.56T: According to OKLink data, at 16:35 on August 24, the Bitcoin network ushered in a difficulty adjustment at a height of 645120. This time the difficulty was adjusted to 17.56T, an increase of 3.6%. At present, the number of unconfirmed transactions on the entire Bitcoin network is about 8051, and the average block generation time in the past week is about 9.95 minutes. [2020/8/24]

Regarding the "Sky Eye on the Chain" function of the Okey Cloud Blockchain browser, Wu Wei, director of the Nanjing Public Security Research Institute, said that the new function still has certain limitations in combating crime from the root, but due to the traceability of data on the chain , can restore the original story of the illegal transaction on the chain to a certain extent, and provide effective information for the investigators to assist in the detection of the case.

At the same time, in response to the current illegal activities caused by the use of cryptocurrencies, Dean Wu also said: "The development of blockchain and digital currency is still in its infancy, the relevant legislation is not perfect, and there are still certain limitations in actual operation. .However, because the "Sky Eye on the Chain" uses technical means to effectively monitor and track on the chain, it is actually equivalent to raising the threshold of crime: because when the suspect considers that this illegal behavior may be traced, he will not It’s easy to try. This is actually a disguised attack on those illegal acts that try to trade through digital currency.”

Hong Kong stocks closed: Oukeyun Chain closed up 2.89%, Huobi Technology closed up 0.36%: Jinse Finance reported that Hong Kong stocks closed today, and the Hang Seng Index closed down 171.29 points, or 0.74%, to 22961.47 points. Lianhe (01499.HK) closed at 0.178 points, up 2.89%, Huobi Technology (01611.HK) closed at 2.76 points, closing up 0.36%, Xiongan Technology (01647.HK) closed at 0.228 points, closing down 0.87%. [2020/5/29]

It is understood that it took 4 months from research and development to the official launch of this function. Considering the stability of product performance and the differences in the needs of different user subjects, there are currently some restrictions on the analysis conditions, that is, on the premise of meeting the basic fund flow and novelty hunting needs of regular C-end users, based on the actual cooperation cases in the early stage, In the future, basic analysis and overview will also be provided to law enforcement agencies and other B-end users.

Public security governance is on the "chain"

Talking about how blockchain technology can be combined with artificial intelligence big data, Okey Cloud Chain said that there are many scenarios where artificial intelligence big data is implemented in the blockchain browser scenario. From open, transparent, and non-tamperable data, discover more value mining behind the data, such as address portraits and quantitative transactions, all of which discover correlations from existing block data. It is reported that since the OKLink blockchain browser was officially launched in August 2019, it has been focusing on three major technical directions: blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence (AI direction). Create the overall ecology of the blockchain data portal.

Dean Wu pointed out that the combination of artificial intelligence big data and blockchain technology should have a wider space. For example, many current public security scenarios involve identity verification, and the future will be network identity, which has very high requirements for the legitimacy of identity, especially in some scenarios that require "strong identity verification". For further verification of identity and data security, this process requires the introduction of blockchain technology, and the use of its technical features such as traceable query to confirm identity. As the underlying structure of social governance, blockchain technology is of great significance in the application of public security in the future.

The reporter of our newspaper learned that the Nanjing Public Security Research Institute is an internal scientific research unit approved by the Party Committee of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau in May 2016. So far, it has developed a number of results that closely meet the needs of actual combat. Its research and development direction covers police big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and many other fields. At present, more than 30 research and development achievements have been put into practical application, and some products have been promoted nationwide.

Image source: Screenshot of Nanjing Public Security Research Institute

Since the beginning of this year, the Nanjing Public Security Research Institute has been actively integrating into the new infrastructure proposed by the state, focusing on the construction of a modern police system, public security, social governance and many other aspects. Wu Wei said: "In the future, we also hope to cooperate with leading blockchain technology companies like Okey Cloud Chain, gradually integrate blockchain technology into the application scenarios of social governance, and jointly design and create some blockchain-based Public security standardization solutions for technology. The two parties complement each other with their respective advantages and resources, and jointly incubate a new integrated industrial ecology of 'blockchain + public security'."

Now the country lists the blockchain as one of the key technologies for development. As the technology is widely used, the security issues surrounding the "blockchain" will surely become more prominent. The "Eye on the Chain" function will continue to be improved and optimized after it is launched, and the development of blockchain technology also needs to integrate and collide with more industries.


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Okey Cloud Chain Dialogue with Nanjing Public Security Research Institute "Blockchain + Public Security" has great potential

As blockchain technology is becoming more and more well-known to the public, "blockchain + finance" has attracted people's attention with its rich application scenarios and imagination. At the same time.

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