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How does Polkadot set up a proxy account?



Polkadot provides a proxy module through which you can set up a proxy account to add a layer of security.

Polkadot provides a module that allows users to set up proxy accounts to perform operations on their behalf with limited behavior. Much like the storage and control account relationship in staking, proxy accounts allow users to keep an account in cold storage and use the weight of the tokens in that account to actively participate in the network.

You can set up a proxy account through the proxy module. When setting up a proxy account, you must select a proxy type for the relationship. Polkadot provides the following relations:

any agent



identity judgment

When a proxy account makes a proxy transaction, Polkadot filters the transaction to ensure that the proxy account has the appropriate permissions to conduct the transaction on behalf of the cold account.

As the name implies, the proxy type "Any" allows the proxy account to perform any transaction, including balance transfers. In most cases, this should be avoided because proxy accounts are used more frequently and are less secure than cold accounts.

Non-Transfer Agent

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Note that public welfare parachains are allocated by Polkadot's on-chain governance system, and they are considered to be the public interest of the network, such as serving as a bridge connecting other networks or chains. They are usually identified as system-level chains or public chains, do not have an economic model, and can help remove transactions from the relay chain, making it more efficient to process parachains. [2022/8/20 12:37:01]

"Non-transfer" type proxy accounts allow any type of transaction except balance transfers (including vested type transfers).

Governance Proxy

The "governance" type will allow agents to conduct governance-related transactions (i.e. democracy, council, treasury, technical council, and election modules).

See the "Governance" section for more information on governance proxies:

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Staking Proxy

The "Staking" proxy type allows for staking-related transactions, but don't confuse staking proxies with control accounts. Within the Staking module, some transactions must come from Stash storage accounts, while other transactions must come from controller control accounts. Stash accounts will be kept in cold storage, while Controller accounts perform day-to-day transactions such as setting session keys or deciding which validators to nominate. However, Stash savings accounts still require some transactions, such as binding additional funds or designating a new control account. The proxy account does not change the role of the storage account and the control account, but it can make the storage account less frequently accessed.

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Identity Determination Agent

The "Identity Judgment" proxy account allows the registration center to judge the identity of the account. If you are unfamiliar with on-chain judgment and identity, please refer to this page:

Anonymous Proxy

Polkadot includes a function to create an anonymous proxy, and the account can only be accessed through the proxy. That is, it generates an address without the corresponding private key. Typically, the master account designates the proxy account, but the opposite is true for anonymous proxies. The account that created the agency relationship is the agency account, and the new account is the master account. Use extreme care for anonymous proxies, after deleting the proxy relationship, the account will be inaccessible.              

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Proxy accounts are great for specific purposes because they add a layer of security. Instead of using funds in a separate account, a small account with a unique role can accomplish the main task of a savings account. This diverts attention from the master account to the proxy account.

Especially anonymous proxies can be used for unauthorized management. In the example below, there is a multisig with four different accounts. Two of these accounts, Alice and Bob, have an anonymous proxy. If the multi-signature account wants to add or remove Alice or Bob in the anonymous proxy, or even add a new account, the anonymous proxy will be responsible for that change. If a multi-signature account wants to modify itself without an anonymous proxy, then a new multi-signature account needs to be created.

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Using the Polkadot-JS UI

To set up a proxy, navigate to the Polkadot JS UI ( and click "Developer" > "Extrinsics". Here we will see a page similar to this:

To add an agent, click the module selection drop-down menu. The dropdown is labeled "submit the following extrinsic". Select the proxy module, then select addProxy extrinsic (in the drop-down menu next to it). To add a proxy, you need to select the addProxy(proxy, proxy_type) function. The selected proxy account you set up will be the account with the proxy. The account selected at the top is the account that will be the master account.

NOTE: If you see the "Not used" option when adding a proxy, this is not the proxy type. This is an empty option, and if you try to add it as a proxy account, nothing will happen. No new proxies will be created.

Create anonymous proxy on Polkadot-JS UI

For anonymous proxies, another function needs to be called, anonymous(proxy_type, index). This will let you choose what kind of anonymous proxy to set up, as well as the index.

Another way to create proxies

There is another way to set proxy on Polkadot JS UI. Go to "Accounts" in the navigation and click the "Accounts" button. For each of your accounts on this page, click the three dots button to directly "Add Agent" to create an agent account. A window will then pop up on your screen where you can choose the proxy type for that particular account.

Note: Anonymous functions cannot be created from the "Account" page, must be on the "External" page.

Remove Proxy

If you want to remove a proxy, there are a couple of functions on the extrinsic external pages to help you do this. The killAnonymous() function can delete anonymous proxies. Both removeProxies() and removeProxy() can remove any other type of proxy, but the former will remove all proxies, while the latter removes a selected proxy.

If the concept of a proxy type and its application seems abstract, it is. Below is an example of how to use these accounts. Say you have an account as your primary token holding account and don't want to access it very often, but you do want to participate in governance and staking. You can set up governance and staking proxy accounts.

In this example, the main account A will only conduct two transactions, account B is set as the governance proxy account, and account C is set as the staking proxy account. Now, account B can participate in governance activities on behalf of A.

Likewise, account C can perform operations typically associated with storage accounts, such as binding funds and setting up control account D. Operations that usually require a storage account, such as binding additional tokens or setting up a new control account, can be handled by its proxy account C. If account C is compromised, it does not have permission to transfer related transactions, so the master account can set up a new proxy to replace it.

By creating multiple accounts to proxy an account, it allows you to actively participate in the network while protecting your private keys, allowing for more granular security measures.

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How does Polkadot set up a proxy account?

Polkadot provides a proxy module through which you can set up a proxy account to add a layer of security.

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