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Video: How is Tezos mining different from Bitcoin?



Bitcoin and Ethereum use Proof of Work (PoW) when designing their consensus systems. PoW blockchains rely on mining to verify transactions and secure the network. But mining requires expensive hardware and a lot of electricity. It is estimated that Bitcoin mining uses as much electricity as the entire country of Greece.

Deng Ziqi released the metaverse teaser video of the new album "Revelation": On July 19, singer Deng Ziqi released the metaverse teaser video of the new album "Revelation". The virtual game player Gloria and Ouyang Nana image virtual game player Lulu.

It is reported that the entire big story is composed of 14 episodes of the series MV. The background of the story is based on the concept of the metaverse, covering Deng Ziqi's dialogues in three worlds: Paradise, Wasteland, and the real world. In addition, the new music series will be released on August 9. Officially begin. [2022/7/19 2:22:12]

The Tezos blockchain introduces a more efficient solution: Liquid Proof of Stake (LPoS). Users who own Tezos tokens in the network, "tez" or "XTZ", can passively hold these tokens, and can also participate in network staking or "bake (bake)".

News | The "Learning Power" platform launched the "Blockchain Technology Introduction" video learning course: Jinse Finance reported that the "Learning Power" platform developed by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee has launched the "Blockchain Technology Introduction" video learning course. There are 25 episodes of video, mainly including the initial introduction of blockchain, the consensus protocol in blockchain, the preliminary of Bitcoin, the preliminary of Ethereum and smart contract, the performance improvement of blockchain, the security of blockchain, the blockchain and Basic knowledge of big data and other aspects, as well as in-depth analysis of blockchain instances and specific programming code examples. [2019/10/26]

By baking, Tezos users help maintain the security of the network and validate transactions, in return they receive rewards. Unlike mining, baking does not require expensive hardware or large amounts of electricity.

Voice | Southern Metropolis Daily: AI, blockchain and other technologies help protect the copyright of short videos: On July 25, Southern Metropolis Daily published an article "Long Dim Sum!" The papi sauce company was sued for infringement, and the 5G era is alert to the outbreak of short video infringement.” The article pointed out that with the development and application of new technologies, short video copyright protection can be combined with emerging technologies such as AI technology and blockchain, which not only facilitates platform judgment and supervision, but also improves the efficiency of rights protection and saves rights protection costs. [2019/7/25]

To become a baker, you need a computer with a reliable internet connection and 8,000 tez. But if the user doesn't have that much, they can delegate their holdings to a baker and still get rewarded.

Now Tezos has more than 400 bakers, and 80% of the tokens are being baked. There is no risk of losing coins here: delegation does not transfer control, so the coins are always in the user's hands. Moreover, no matter how many tokens users pledge, they can get rewards from baking and keep an appropriate proportion of tez shares.

This system is designed to encourage more users to join the Tezos network. Many users are actively involved in staking, and in 2020, more than 80% of tez is staked.

LongHash, using data to understand the blockchain.


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Video: How is Tezos mining different from Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and Ethereum use Proof of Work (PoW) when designing their consensus systems. PoW blockchains rely on mining to verify transactions and secure the network.

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