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OKEx creates an innovative ecology and leads the breakthrough development of DeFi



According to DappBirds DeFi special data, the multi-dimensional data of the DeFi sector rose sharply last week. The circulation market value of DeFi Token rose by more than 29% in a week, and the unit price of YFI exceeded 30,000 US dollars; the transaction volume of DEX continued to increase, and the single-day transaction volume of Uniswap exceeded 500 million US dollars. , surpassing the Coinbase centralized exchange for the first time.

In today's market, DeFi can be said to be in full swing. Faced with the sudden emergence of popular assets, many exchanges are caught off guard. They can only quickly catch up with the trend and frantically launch DeFi assets in order to seek breakthroughs on the track, but similar to the YAMv1 version The rapid demise of the project has caused investors and exchanges to suffer a lot of losses. In contrast, OKEx has fully demonstrated the strength and stability that a leading exchange should have. It not only provides users with a large number of high-quality DeFi projects, but also quietly builds a set of comprehensive and deeply innovative DeFi projects while seizing the opportunity. The new ecology of DeFi.

Statistics show that OKEx has launched more than 30 high-quality DeFi projects. At the same time, when comparing various projects horizontally, the price increase is also at the forefront of the market. In addition to OM, DOT, CRV, ANT, and SRM, cutting-edge assets such as PNK, DIA, LEND, SUSHI, and UMA have also created good investment returns.

Security Agency: Fuck BNB is suspected to be Pixiu Disk Token, please pay attention to related risks: Jinse Finance reported that on December 2, the Ankr protocol was attacked, and the attacker created Fuck BNB Token. According to the security agency Go+Labs report, the Token is suspected to be the Pixiu Disk Token. Please pay attention to the relevant risks. [2022/12/2 21:18:01]

On September 1, OKEx launched SushiSwap (SUSHI), a well-known decentralized trading platform in the DeFi field, with an increase of 84.6%, ranking at the top of the OKEx increase list. The price of UMA, which was listed on OKEx on August 31, has been rising all the way. As of now, it has reached a 114.9% increase from the opening price. The star project PNK in the DAO field and the oracle track project DIA also set a record of 78.90% and 42.60% increase within 24 hours after their listing on OKEx.

The popular Polkadot project KSM was also launched on OKEx on the 2nd. KSM, which has previously achieved a brilliant record of more than 400% increase, is really looking forward to its future performance with the support of OKEx's powerful platform. the

OKEx's Block Dream Fund launched a $10 million Filecoin Ecological Fund: According to official sources, OKEx's Block Dream Fund announced a partnership with Filecoin Network and will launch a $10 million ecological fund to support the Filecoin ecological project. Block Dream Fund will help major projects such as Filecoin Slingshot, Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator and Filecoin Frontier Accelerator in terms of experience, global resources, and platform project support.

Block Dream Fund is a fund under OKEx, a digital asset trading platform, which focuses on discovering high-quality blockchain projects. The first phase of the fund is 100 million US dollars, focusing on investing in the underlying infrastructure of the blockchain, Layer 2, DeFi, Polkadot ecology, and data analysis. And tools, privacy protection and other directions. [2021/4/9 20:02:04]

OKEx released a specific plan to support the 100-fold split of DOT: According to the announcement on the official website, OKEx will support the 100-fold split plan of DOT. During the split, OKEx will deal with DOT currency, leverage and perpetual contract transactions accordingly. For details, please click the original link. [2020/8/7]

Precise anchoring of excellent DeFi projects

OKEx can lead the wave of wealth time and time again, relying on the precise anchoring of excellent DeFi projects, and relying on strong market insight, before FYV, OM, UMA, DIA, SUSHI, CVP and other potential currencies lead the wealth trend, Then seize the opportunity to launch the first launch.

As a star project in the DeFi field, UMA has a good market and user base. It is understood that UMA has received investment from Coinbase Ventures, and has been reported successively by Yahoo Finance, Coindesk, Lianwen and other media organizations in the industry. It is worth mentioning that UMA, as the top 10 project in DeFi market value, has not listed any top CeFi trading institutions, including Binance and Huobi, before listing on OKEx.

Analysis | TokenGazer: Today's ETH data analysis The number of active-ethexc addresses of ERC20 tokens has changed significantly: According to TokenGazer data analysis, in the past 24 hours, the price range of Ethereum was $169.4-$175.6, the transaction volume was $7,596,912,731, and the total market value was $18,136,462,572. The total market capitalization of ERC20 tokens is about 74% of the total market capitalization of Ethereum, with a historical minimum of 34% and a historical highest of 82%, a drop of 3 percentage points from yesterday. In addition, the top five tokens in the number of active-ethexc addresses among ERC20 tokens are: BNB, HT, ENJ, USDC, TUSD, the highest value is 1991, and the lowest value is 1107. There is a big change in the number of active-ethexc addresses from yesterday. [2019/4/24]

PNK is the basic token of Kleros, an open source online dispute resolution platform, which aims to establish a fast, cheap, transparent, reliable and decentralized "dispute resolution mechanism". DIA is a star project in the popular DeFi field this year. It is committed to creating an open source financial information platform to provide, share and use financial and digital asset data for market participants.

GNX will be listed on OKEX at 7 o'clock this evening: GNX will be listed on OKEX at 19 o'clock tonight. Genaro Network is the first Turing-complete public chain combined with a decentralized storage network. It provides a one-stop solution for blockchain developers, and can store user data while deploying smart contracts. [2018/1/9]

OKEx's ability to accurately judge excellent projects can be seen. The current top ten DeFi projects by market capitalization can all be found on the OKEx platform, and they were listed on OKEx before they became the top ten. Although there are few projects listed on OKEx, it is an indisputable fact that the quality is the highest.

With a comprehensive layout, OKEx has become the main battlefield for the competition and development of the DeFi ecosystem.

In addition to its ability to judge high-quality DeFi projects, OKEx's support for the DeFi ecosystem and the depth of its layout are also far ahead in the industry.

It is understood that OKEx is the first trading platform in the world to integrate the Dai deposit rate. By integrating the OKEx mining pool with Dai, users can directly deposit Dai into the Dai deposit rate on the OKEx platform to obtain real-time interest. Exclusive 1% bonus offered. In addition, OKEx also creates a highly free and highly autonomous ecosystem through OKChain, giving users great autonomy in various DeFi fields such as DEX, lending, and derivatives.

In order to let more users who are interested in DeFi fully understand the project situation, OKEx also launched the DeFi project display area, which effectively connects the user advantages of the DeFi ecosystem and CeFi, and provides a strong liquidity guarantee for DeFi assets.

For mature projects, OKEx also provides a full line of trading services, such as the opening of currency transactions, leveraged transactions, etc., and provides various derivative services such as Yubibao storage.

According to the official website, OKEx has officially launched YFI/YFII margin trading, Yubibao and YFIUSDT, YFI/USD, YFII/USDT, DOT/USD perpetual contracts on the web, APP and API. Among the top three exchanges, OKEx moved the fastest. It is reported that except for the top ten mainstream currencies (BTC/ETH/EOS/LTC/BCH/XRP/ETC/BSV/TRX/LINK), the OKEx perpetual contract has zero fee rate for pending orders and a maximum rebate of 0.035%.

It can be said that OKEx has become the main battlefield for the competition and development of the DeFi ecosystem.

The integration of CeFi and DeFi breaks the barriers between digital ecology

Although DeFi is very popular this year, it has not yet entered the mainstream group. The penetration rate of DeFi users is less than 1%, and a large number of users have not yet been reached. Most of them are games for geeks and giant whales.

At present, many DeFi projects are mainly in English and need to use web3 wallets. If the project is liquidity mining, it involves the time and yield of various liquidity pools, the operation of adding liquidity, the exchange of tokens, etc. , These complex settings are a relatively high threshold for Defi beginners. In addition, the serious congestion of ETH and high transfer fees have also restricted the further development of the DeFi ecosystem in all aspects.

The entry of centralized exchanges such as OKEx and the combination of DeFi and CeFi undoubtedly played a huge role in promoting the innovation of the existing financial structure. CeFi's centralized asset custody can make it easier for users without wallets and Dapps to participate in the global DeFi ecosystem, lowering the threshold for understanding. CeFi shortens the conversion path for DeFi, optimizes the experience, and lowers the threshold for users to use. And DeFi can provide CeFi with lower-priced and high-yield underlying product functions, and at the same time give CeFi mining rewards to make it more flexible to distribute to users. For example, the recent position mining launched by OKEx and UMA, imagine the benefits of 200% income Activity.

The event ends on September 8th, and it is still possible to participate. Newly registered users deposit UMA for the first time or net buy UMA for the first time, and the UMA net position during the event period is greater than 10, they can participate in UMA position mining. The top 100 new users Enjoy 200% position mining income; the first 101-300 new users enjoy 100% position mining income. The old users and 300 new users who recharge or net buy UMA later can enjoy 60% of the position mining income.

With the development of the industry, the DeFi tide will rapidly spread from the game of big players and scientists to the mass investors. In this process, the entry of centralized exchanges greatly simplifies the operation process for ordinary investors to participate in DeFi mining , Reduced participation costs. As the main battlefield for the competition and development of the DeFi ecosystem, OKEx has a long way to go. We expect OKEx to continue to discover more high-quality DeFi projects, promote the improvement of the DeFi ecosystem, and bring the dividends of decentralized finance to every investor.


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The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views.

OKEx creates an innovative ecology and leads the breakthrough development of DeFi

According to DappBirds DeFi special data, the multi-dimensional data of the DeFi sector rose sharply last week. The circulation market value of DeFi Token rose by more than 29% in a week.

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