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The daily trading volume of Uniswap reaches 458 million US dollars, and the money printing machine of AMPL is about to start



As a compliance company, NXM must overcome the conflicts and contradictions between KYC and the definition of the encrypted world, and open a massive business portal for NXM. The insurance bought on YFI directly flows into NXM through smart contracts.

Direct diversion for NXM, it is conceivable that NXM also skyrocketed.

2. The rebase series represented by AMPL

After a month of deflation, Ampere finally entered a positive cycle. The coins associated with the rebase began to regenerate. YAM=YFI+AMPL, with the increase of the two big brothers, it is also doubling in a day to catch up.

Gemini Opportunity Fund has so far provided more than $2.25 million in financial support to the Bitcoin community: Jinse Finance reported that on January 13, according to Gemini’s official news, the Gemini Opportunity Fund launched in December 2020 has so far provided more than $225 million to the Bitcoin community. million dollars in financial support. In 2021, the Gemini Opportunity Fund sponsored four Bitcoin core developers: Amiti Uttarwar, Dhruv Mehta, Jarol Rodriguez, and Michael Ford, and also promised to provide $1 million in support for MIT’s digital currency program over four years, among other projects Donations include and crypto green project Gemini Green and crypto trading initiative Summer of Bitcoin. [2022/1/14 8:48:08]

Ampere officially entered inflation today after 25 days of deflation. Not sure how far it will go this time. But what can be seen is that it will definitely be crazy.

Wan Hui: UNI airdrop ends unsustainable money printing in the DeFi world: Wan Hui, founding partner of Primitive Ventures, said via Twitter: UNI airdrop is the last drop of ink for unsustainable money printing in the DeFi world.

Others are simply selling an imprecise story about the UNI killer on the beginner market for unrealistic prices. When UNI kills them, it's back to the natural course of the hype cycle. [2020/9/23]

Although Ampere is in deflation this month, the footsteps of Ampere have not stopped. Ampere has become a guest of DEX and a guest of mining.

New DEX must have Ampere, and new mining has Ampere, such as YAM and sushi mining.

Quietly enjoy the printing machine of Ampere.

SEC documents show that Uniswap raised $11 million in June: Jinse Finance reported that the company behind the decentralized exchange Uniswap raised $11 million from 12 investors, according to documents filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission in June. It is unclear whether the document reflects the total amount Uniswap raised in this particular fundraising event. [2020/8/7]

3. Mining series represented by sushi

Also popular is sushui, and mining has become an unstoppable machine in DeFi.

Sushi mining has driven the pace of the entire DeFi, locked positions, liquidity market making, and a collective rise in currency prices.

DeFi on ETH is the kingly way, and the ecology cooperates with each other, leverages each other, and develops reasonably. It rises first and then rises, which is beyond the reach of DeFi on other public chains.

2. DEX melee, CEX uncomfortable, AMPL profit

Sushi mining has directly doubled the liquidity market-making volume on uniswap. Daily volume on uniswap reached $458 million.        

What does the daily trading volume of 458 million US dollars mean? According to CMC data, the daily trading volume of coinbase is 369 million US dollars.        

Uniswap's daily trading volume surpassed that of Coinbase for the first time. From the perspective of trading volume, it is already the world's top exchange.

Uniswap has such a large profit, which makes people jealous. Sushi is also a dex to grab the market. Next, more DEXs will be launched. The exchange track has always been intense.

DEX competes with each other, CEX can't sit still, and the mining of sushi has almost wiped out the coins in many CEXs. In terms of trading volume and capital precipitation, they are being robbed by DEX, and they are probably panicked.

The competition between DEXs, CEXs are in a panic, and Ampere is very profitable.

When DEX goes online, the amp must be turned on, as shown in the figure below.        

Ampere and Sweet Potato are in the first batch of liquidity mining.

There will be no Ampere on DEX in the future, just like there will be no USDT on CEX.

Someone calculated a data, as shown in the figure below.

Uncle ranked first, Ampere ranked second, BAL ranked third, and Link ranked fourth.

Looking at the ranking, you will know that Ampere still has such good liquidity and popularity in a month of deflation. Now entering the positive cycle, what will happen, I am looking forward to it.


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The daily trading volume of Uniswap reaches 458 million US dollars, and the money printing machine of AMPL is about to start

As a compliance company, NXM must overcome the conflicts and contradictions between KYC and the definition of the encrypted world.

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