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Golden Outpost|Xiong'an cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone planning mentions blockchain technology



Jinse Finance reported that Xiong’an’s official WeChat account “Xiong’an Release” today released the implementation plan for the construction of China (Xiong’an New Area) cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone. . The plan comprehensively mentions the multi-angle planning of establishing an e-commerce park, including the platform to be built and a variety of services and supply chain systems. Blockchain technology is mentioned in the planning of the smart logistics system. In addition, the whole plan still includes Digital economy, cross-border finance, supply chain and many other areas suitable for blockchain entrepreneurs to focus on. The details are as follows: According to the "Reply of the State Council on Approving the Establishment of Cross-border E-Commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zones in 46 Cities and Regions Including Xiong'an New Area" (Guo Han [2020] No. 47), in order to comprehensively promote China (Xiongan New Area) cross-border This implementation plan is formulated for the construction of the Comprehensive Experimental Area for Environmental E-commerce (hereinafter referred to as the Xiongan New Area Comprehensive Experimental Area). 1. Overall requirements (1) Guiding ideology. Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party and the Second, Third, and Fourth Plenary Sessions of the 19th Central Committee, coordinate and promote the overall layout of the "Five in One" and coordinate the promotion of the "Four Comprehensives" Strategic layout, adhere to the original mission of undertaking Beijing's non-capital functions, adhere to the new development concept, focus on supply-side structural reforms, learn from international and domestic successful experiences, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, carry out brand building, and guide the comprehensive development of cross-border e-commerce , Cultivate new forms and models of trade, strengthen innovative applications of supply chains, create new platforms for foreign cooperation, promote high-quality trade development, and promote the construction of a new highland of open economy with higher levels, wider fields, and stronger radiation. (2) Basic principles. Try first, step by step. Combining the location advantages, policy advantages and industrial endowments of Xiong'an New Area, in the areas of cross-border e-commerce payment, logistics, customs clearance, tax rebates, foreign exchange settlement, etc., efforts should be made to deepen reform and innovation in technical standards, business processes, regulatory models, and information construction. Boldly explore and gradually improve in terms of functional transformation, tax collection and management, financial payment, and cross-border settlement, so as to promote the liberalization and facilitation of cross-border e-commerce. Golden Evening News| List of important news on the evening of August 21: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Securities Association of China, Telegram, Filecoin, Yam Finance, Block. Increase investment in chain and other fields. 2. Director of the Monetary Policy Department of the Central Bank: The Telegram case has important reference significance for my country. 3. The European Commission hopes to introduce the cryptocurrency bill as early as Q3 2020. 4. Filecoin may issue the token FIL in late September. 5. Yam Finance: Tokens must be migrated through the official website before 0:20 on August 23. 6. The locked position exceeded 1 billion US dollars. 7. Data: Both Bitcoin and Ethereum futures open interest have hit new highs recently. 8. BB: has begun to explore multi-chain mining strategies. 9. Yang Dong from Renmin University of China: Digital currency is just a superficiality, and reconstruction of the payment network is the grand plan. [2020/8/21] Market-led, government-enterprise linkage. Correctly handle the relationship between the government and the market, give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, better play the role of the government, focus on giving full play to the subjectivity, initiative and creativity of enterprises, industry organizations, intermediary agencies, etc. participating in the construction of the comprehensive pilot zone, and build a friendly environment. A good environment for Qing communion and government-enterprise linkage. Innovative development, orderly and standardized. In accordance with the requirements of standardization in development and development in standardization, through system, management, service and model innovation, deep-seated contradictions and institutional problems are solved, and cross-border e-commerce is promoted from independent development to standardized development, providing services for various market players. Fair participation in market competition creates a favorable environment. Comprehensive reform and coordinated development. Strengthen departmental coordination and policy convergence, promote the integration of supervision and services, online and offline, domestic trade and foreign trade, trade in goods and service trade and related business formats, and explore cooperation with the Tianjin-Hebei Free Trade Pilot Zone, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Special Parks and relevant overseas The regional cooperation, district-park cooperation, and district-sea cooperation of warehouses will create a complete industrial chain and ecological chain of cross-border e-commerce. Golden Noon News| List of important developments at noon on January 31: 7:00-12:00 Keywords: patents, GO.Exchange, IBM, Germany 1. The encryption exchange GO.Exchange announced that it will be permanently closed on March 15; 2. Roger Thomas Clark, a key figure in the dark web Silk Road, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to conduct drug transactions; 3. IBM CEO Rometty will step down in April, and the new CEO has played an important role in blockchain and other technologies; 4. At least 30 5. Bison, an encrypted trading application owned by Germany's second largest stock exchange operator, has more than 80,000 users; 6. Released Encrypted content-ethexc rejected Twitter users suspect that Facebook has reviewed and banned encrypted content-ethexc again; 7. The Block research director questioned the authenticity of "Blockstack has 1 million verified users"; 8. The specificity of blockchain and other patent application review is stipulated. [2020/1/31] (3) Development goals. After 3 to 5 years of reform and exploration, we will strive to build a domestic first-class cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone with the basic characteristics of "cross-border trade + digital economy + industry-city integration" to realize cross-border e-commerce information flow, capital flow, goods flow, etc. The integrated development of "three streams in one" and "customs, taxation, remittance, commerce, goods, and finance" in logistics. By 2035, a leading region of cross-border e-commerce with global influence and competitiveness will be built, with full online and offline interaction, deep integration of trade industries, reasonable and effective resource allocation, and a comprehensive development pattern of domestic and international mutual promotion. (4) Scope of implementation. The implementation scope of the first phase is all kinds of market entities registered on the comprehensive service platform of the Xiongan New Area Comprehensive Test Zone and registered in the Xiongan New Area; Various market entities registered outside the Xiongan New Area. On-site | An Xinxin, partner of Jinse Finance: Need to explore the combination of blockchain and real economy from different directions: Jinse Finance live report, today, 2018 China International Blockchain Industry Integration Summit and Blockchain Products and Application Exhibition in Shijiazhuang At the roundtable forum titled "Blockchain Technology Achievements and Future Application Development Forum", An Xinxin, partner of Golden Finance and founder of Golden Academy, mentioned that blockchain empowers the real economy and needs to think about itself Different characteristics, from different directions to explore how to combine with the real economy. For example, Tencent's blockchain invoices apply the characteristics of blockchains that cannot be tampered with and are permanently recorded. [2018/9/21] 2. Main tasks (1) Build an online comprehensive service platform. Relying on the Hebei Electronic Port and in accordance with the principle of "one-point access", it provides standardized data interfaces for regulatory authorities and cross-border e-commerce companies, giving full play to the resource advantages of the China (Hebei) cross-border e-commerce public service platform, and realizing transportation, commerce, customs, Taxation, market supervision, foreign exchange, postal services, export credit insurance and other departments can exchange data and share information, and provide one-stop services for cross-border e-commerce companies, payment companies, logistics companies, talent training institutions, etc. who have entered the comprehensive service platform. Continuously improve the functions of the online comprehensive service platform, introduce platforms such as third-party transactions, foreign trade comprehensive services, and online goods supply, establish data and information exchange specifications, and create a modular and open platform covering the entire chain of cross-border e-commerce. (2) Build an offline industrial park platform. Adhere to the principle of equal emphasis on import and export, and focus on cross-border e-commerce business-to-business (B2B) exports, and improve the spatial layout of the cross-border e-commerce industry. Actively apply for the construction of Xiong'an Comprehensive Bonded Zone and the national cross-border e-commerce retail import pilot. In the Xiong'an area, Xiongxian, Rongcheng, and Anxin counties of the China (Hebei) Pilot Free Trade Zone, a number of cross-border e-commerce industrial parks and import and export commodity display and trading platforms are planned and constructed. Improve the cross-border e-commerce industry infrastructure, accelerate the establishment of cross-border e-commerce import and export express mail supervision places, and promote the establishment of Xiongan International Mail Exchange Bureau. Promote the linkage of the four areas of "New Area + Pilot Free Trade Zone + Comprehensive Experimental Zone + Comprehensive Bonded Zone" to achieve element integration, resource sharing, and synergy of effects, and promote the high-quality development of an open economy. Golden Finance live report Director of Technology Innovation Research Center of Tsinghua University: 2018 is the first year of the blockchain: Golden Finance live report, at the Tsinghua University Blockchain Education and Industry Innovation Summit and the founding meeting of the Ivy League, Tsinghua University Technology Chen Jin, director of the Innovation Research Center, said that in the first year of the blockchain in 2018, the technology gradually matured and the industry exploded. The blockchain solves the problem of trust. The blockchain has five characteristics: decentralization, openness, autonomy, security, and traceability. These five characteristics make the blockchain not limited to the financial field, and the application of the blockchain in In other fields, the blockchain will eventually rise to blockchain 2.0 and blockchain 3.0. [2018/5/27] (3) Establish an information sharing system. Relying on the smart city construction of Xiongan New District, establish a cross-border e-commerce enterprise record information sharing system, unify information standards, record certification, and management services, and realize one-time enterprise record, multi-subject sharing, and full-process use. Establish a cross-border e-commerce information exchange system to realize information interconnection among regulatory authorities, cross-border e-commerce companies, financial payment companies, and logistics and warehousing companies, and provide "three streams in one" for cross-border e-commerce information flow, capital flow, and goods flow Provide support to promote cross-departmental and cross-regional information exchange, mutual recognition of supervision, and mutual assistance in law enforcement. Explore the establishment of a traceability system for import and export commodity information, gather data information such as production, transaction, customs clearance, logistics, payment, settlement, evaluation, etc., and realize the traceability of the source, destination, risk control and responsibility of the whole process of cross-border e-commerce import and export study. (4) Establish a financial service system. Encourage the use of RMB pricing and settlement in cross-border e-commerce activities, and explore digital currency cross-border payments. Support the bold innovation of financial institutions, payment institutions, and third-party cross-border e-commerce platforms that meet the relevant qualifications, and provide risk-controllable financial services such as online payment settlement, online financing, and online guarantees for cross-border e-commerce transactions with real transaction backgrounds system. Increase the underwriting support of policy-based export credit insurance and expand the coverage of export credit insurance. Guide qualified non-bank payment institutions to innovate products and services, strengthen cooperation with cross-border e-commerce companies, and provide safe and efficient local and foreign currency payment and settlement services. Live report of Jinse Finance, Yuan Yuming, director of Huobi Research Institute: Not all products need to use blockchain: Live report of Jine Finance, Yuan Yuming, director of Huobi Research Institute, said at the GoldenBlock Consensus · Chain Future Forum that fully standardized A system with no bottleneck in product supply and supply does not require a blockchain, just like a normal sock manufacturer, they have a set of standardized processes and do not need a blockchain to do anything at all. [2018/4/10] (5) Establish a smart logistics system. Relying on the digital city construction of Xiong'an New District, promote the application of blockchain, Internet of Things, big data and other technologies, build an interconnected intelligent cloud logistics platform, and realize the verification and control of the entire logistics supply chain. Give full play to the advantages of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development, rely on the "four vertical and three horizontal" expressway network, strengthen connections with Tianjin Port, Huanghua Port and Capital International Airport, Beijing Daxing International Airport, Tianjin Binhai International Airport, Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport, build a cross-border A green channel for the import and export of cross-border e-commerce and cross-border delivery services. Cultivate third-party logistics companies, support powerful companies to build their own or jointly build overseas warehouses, and explore the establishment of a cross-border logistics distribution and distribution service system. (6) Establish an e-commerce credit system. Comprehensive multi-party credit basic data, establish a cross-border e-commerce credit data system integrating credit evaluation, credit supervision, and negative list management, record and accumulate basic data of cross-border e-commerce companies, trading platforms, logistics companies and other companies, and realize Classified supervision, departmental sharing, and orderly disclosure of cross-border e-commerce credit. Encourage regulatory authorities and third-party credit service agencies to establish cross-border e-commerce credit evaluation and mutual recognition mechanisms. Improve the credit joint reward and punishment mechanism to benefit the trustworthy and restrict the untrustworthy, creating a credible trading environment. (7) Establish a statistical monitoring system. Relying on the comprehensive public service platform, explore a cross-border e-commerce statistical monitoring system based on the declaration list and platform data, based on the full sample survey of market entities, and supplemented by platform transaction information and regulatory department data. Explore the establishment of a cross-border e-commerce big data center, and build a cross-border e-commerce automated data collection and statistical analysis system. Use big data, cloud computing and other technologies to analyze and monitor the massive data in the whole process of cross-border e-commerce, and provide decision-making consulting services for government supervision and business operations. (8) Establish a risk prevention and control system. Establish cross-border e-commerce risk information collection, evaluation and analysis, early warning and disposal, review and improvement mechanisms, strengthen risk monitoring with a focus on process nodes, effectively prevent and control economic risks such as money laundering, technical risks such as data storage and transaction payment, and product quality, Trading risks such as trade frictions. Establish a cross-border e-commerce import and export commodity traceability system and a public service platform for inspection and testing, and explore the application of blockchain and other technologies in the entire process of traceability. Conduct cross-border e-commerce network security assessments in a timely manner, and implement the national information security level protection system. (9) Build a talent guarantee system. Establish a cross-border e-commerce talent training system, encourage enterprises, social organizations and educational institutions to cooperate in running schools, promote the establishment of cross-border e-commerce majors in relevant colleges and universities, support leading enterprises and vocational schools to jointly build cross-border e-commerce colleges, and support vocational colleges Schools and training institutions carry out cross-border e-commerce application-oriented and technical-skilled talent training, and select talents for the construction and development of the comprehensive test area. Establish a cross-border e-commerce high-level talent introduction and incentive policy system, actively introduce international professional talents and excellent teams that are urgently needed for the construction and development of the comprehensive pilot zone, encourage qualified talents to settle down, and give priority to solving housing problems. Establish a cross-border e-commerce talent entrepreneurship and innovation support system, support colleges and universities, vocational colleges, scientific research institutions, training institutions and enterprises to carry out entrepreneurial innovation incubation, and promote cross-border e-commerce to become an important engine for the innovation-driven development of Xiong'an New Area. 3. Main innovative measures (1) Cultivate and gather market players in cross-border e-commerce. Accelerate the cultivation and introduction of a number of cross-border e-commerce leading enterprises. Actively undertake Beijing's non-capital function dispersal, absorb innovative and growing cross-border e-commerce platforms, logistics warehousing, financial payment and other enterprises and business types to settle down, guide the clustering of small, medium and micro cross-border e-commerce enterprises, and create a complete industrial chain of cross-border e-commerce , ecological chain .


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