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Golden Map | Overview of Sushiswap's development path



Since the appearance of Sushiswap at the end of August, there have been many storms in just half a month. Assets worth $700 million were locked in three days, and the locked-up volume exceeded $1 billion in five days. The founder sold his wallet tokens and returned 18,000 ETH after transferring control.

Golden Morning News|A list of important news overnight on July 6: 21:00-7:00 Keywords: Shenzhen, Compound, Augur, ransomware

1. The Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau launched the "Linkage Cloud Platform for Blockchain Bankruptcy Handling";

2. Security experts: Bitcoin lost about $1.4 billion due to ransomware attacks in the United States;

3. Compound community creation governance proposal 014 was created;

4. Former Bitcoin Foundation Director Brock Pierce announced that he is running for the 2020 President of the United States;

5. Augur users predict Trump has a 55% chance of winning re-election;

6. The number of ETH non-zero addresses reached a record high of 42.83 million;

7. Researcher of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment: actively develop the integration of green ecological and environmental protection industries with blockchain and other industries;

8. The Zhengzhou real estate registration department launched 'Zheng E Deng' to use blockchain technology to connect the real estate registration system and the banking system.

9. BTC is currently at $9,081.33, and the total market value of the current cryptocurrency market is $261.013 billion. [2020/7/6]

Just today, FTX founder SBF, Genesis Block founder Mick Hagen, and The Block research director Larry Cermak launched a new 0xMaki compensation plan: no upfront funding. This will be a 3-year award schedule. It will be unlocked block by block for 0xMaki using the Sablier protocol. If 0xMaki stops working for Sushi full-time, the community can vote to terminate this arrangement. At the sole discretion of the community, they can increase future bonuses based on performance (TVL/trading volume/revenue).

Analysis | Golden disk: BTC diving again, short-term should not intervene: Comprehensive analysis of golden disk: BTC dived again half an hour ago, with an amplitude of more than 100 US dollars. orderly state, so we stay on the sidelines, waiting for a clear trend to form. Investors are requested to view market fluctuations rationally and do a good job in risk control. [2018/9/21]

Jinse Finance takes you through a map to understand the development of Sushiswap.

Analysis | Golden disk: BTC will face a 2-hour technical divergence when it breaks upwards: Comprehensive analysis of the golden disk: The main force still chooses the most difficult direction. We said this at the end of August. The trend always chooses the easiest direction to break through. However, the main force of the bulls has to face the difficulties, which is not in line with the laws of nature. Let's look at the upper pressure, MA144, MACD divergence, which one is enough for the main bulls to drink a pot. I said before that the trading volume is the key, and the rise without heavy volume may be a deceiving line. So our intermission continues! Market risk, the investment need to be cautious. [2018/9/15]


The crypto market is replicating the 2017 bull run

Although the third quarter of each year is a bear market for Bitcoin.

Golden Observation丨Pantera Partner: DeFi on Polkadot

Golden Finance Blockchain, September 5th   Pantera Capital recently invested in Acala, a decentralized financial "Hub" based on the Polkdot network.

Sushiswap "wrong currency" incident: I wanted to save Gas fees but lost $400,000

DeFi liquidity mining became popular, and the old leeks who had been out of space before could not hold back and ended up one after another.But you never know, which one will come first.

Golden Map | Overview of Sushiswap's development path

Since the appearance of Sushiswap at the end of August, there have been many storms in just half a month. Assets worth $700 million were locked in three days.

First release | Stablecoin Report: Market value rises to $16.556 billion.

To help crypto market participants keep updated on the development status of stablecoins.

Can cross-chain mining aggregator Farmland participate in liquidity mining?

Since Compound launched the liquidity mining of COMP tokens on June 15, DeFi liquidity mining has become a key means for early projects to guide liquidity. After Compound, Balancer, Curve.

Despite a 12% plunge in Bitcoin, Reuters polls suggest a massive rebound may be coming

Over the past two days, Bitcoin appears to be in its most bearish state in over three months.Cryptocurrencies experienced a major sell-off on Wednesday that continued into the opening session of the New York stock mar.