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First release | OKLink launched the function of "eye on the chain"



In recent years, the difficulty of anti-fraud has become higher and higher. The rapid development of financial technology has improved the universality of people's access to financial services. At the same time, the injection of new vocabulary such as blockchain and financial technology has made financial fraud more scenario-based, and fraud methods more virtual and intelligent.

But fortunately, the gradual application of high technologies such as blockchain, AI, and big data in the field of anti-fraud is changing this unfavorable situation.

On September 1, Beijing time, OKLink officially released the function of "Sky Eye on the Chain". Based on the in-depth analysis and continuous update of massive data on the chain, "Sky Eye on the Chain" provides users with transaction graphs, address analysis, and on-chain monitoring functions. At the same time, it is also the first on-chain data monitoring and Trading behavior visualization tool.

OKLink's "Sky Eye on the Chain" aims to continue to expand the diversified application scenarios of the blockchain and promote the new infrastructure based on the blockchain Industry, giving new value to the industry for the exploration of "block chain +".

LBANK Blue Shell launched DORA at 18:00 on March 22, and opened USDT trading: According to the official announcement, at 18:00 on March 22, LBANK Blue Shell launched DORA (Dora Factory), opened USDT trading, and is now open for recharge.

According to the data, Dora Factory is a Polkadot-based DAO-as-a-service infrastructure, an open and programmable on-chain governance protocol platform based on Substrate, and provides quadratic voting, curve auctions, and Bounty for a new generation of decentralized organizations and developers. Pluggable governance functions such as incentives and cross-chain asset management. At the same time, developers can submit new governance modules to this DAO-as-a-service platform and receive continuous incentives. [2021/3/22 19:07:06]

First release | imKey officially supports Filecoin, becoming the first batch of Filecoin hardware wallets: On December 1, with the launch of imToken2.7.2, imKey supports Filecoin simultaneously, becoming the first batch of hardware wallets in the industry to officially support FIL. As one of the priority projects supported by imKey's multi-chain, Filecoin has become the fifth public chain after the four public chains of BTC, ETH, EOS and COSMOS.

It is reported that the imKey team has fully launched the multi-chain support plan in Q4, planning to implement all public chain projects that imToken has supported. This imKey upgrade update does not need to replace hardware, does not involve firmware upgrades, and can be automatically upgraded through the application (Applet). Realize imKey's support for Filecoin and FIL's token management. [2020/12/2 22:52:32]

Anonymity is one of the basic properties of the blockchain network, but this does not mean that we cannot analyze and trace the data on the chain. Taking Bitcoin as an example, every transaction record on the chain is stored on the Bitcoin network. These records are public and anyone can query through the OKLink block browser.

First release | Players who reach level 22 in "Let's Catch Monsters" will have access to exclusive cat gameplay: Today, Tencent launched the first blockchain game "Let's Catch Monsters". After verification by Jinse Finance, players who reach level 22 in the game will You will be exposed to the exclusive cat gameplay, not the level 15 previously announced by the official. Except for the 0-generation cats summoned by the cat-attracting bell and some exclusive cats rewarded through operating activities, all cats in the game are unlinked by default. Unchained cats cannot be sold, nor can they enter the market to be paired with other players; but you can use these cats to match with your QQ/WeChat friends to produce new kittens. Use the prop "Tianshu Pen" to record your cat to the blockchain. After the cats are recorded in the blockchain, these cats can enter the market, earn coupons through pairing, or sell to earn coupons. Whether the exclusive cat is chained or not does not affect its gain effect. But only after being on-chain, it can reproduce and trade with all players in the server.

The exclusive cat gameplay in "Let's Catch Monsters" is based on Tencent's blockchain technology, and the virtual digital assets in the game are effectively protected. In addition, based on Tencent's blockchain technology, cats can also breed freely, and use blockchain technology to store and never disappear. [2019/4/11]

Through OKLink's "Sky Eye on the Chain" function, users can more easily and quickly obtain the ins and outs of addresses and transactions, as well as the flow of funds. At the same time, relying on the rich address label data of the OKLink browser, the "Sky Eye on the Chain" function will give key reminders of the funds flowing into the exchange, which is convenient for users to track.

IMEOS debut EOS Go announces two new check-in conditions:According to Jinse Finance partner IMEOS report: Today, EOS Go announced two new check-in conditions on steemit:

1. Plan to ensure security: whether the candidate node publishes an article on steemit to introduce the node’s security method and plan. The “safety method” standard is an opportunity to show EOS voters the knowledge of security best practices and the organization’s implementation plan;

2. Position: Describe the position of the node to share inflation rewards and/or distribute dividends to EOS token holders (candidate nodes are published on steemit). The following two issues are mainly elaborated:

Will the organization provide payments to EOS token voters for any reason, including BP elections and community advice?

Does the organization have a written no-ticket payment policy? If so, please provide a link. [2018/4/27]

Transaction Graph

When we want to track the funds involved in a certain transaction, the common method is to continuously click on the transaction hash in the block browser to track the latest transaction step by step. This method is not only cumbersome, but also extremely user-unfriendly.

IMEOS’s first BM said that EOS contracts have integer overflow protection: According to IMEOS, a cooperative media of Jinse Finance, recently ETH has experienced multiple ERC20 smart contract processing overflow errors, and BM commented on Twitter: The new ETH contract bug may destroy the entire Token The supply of tokens allows holders to leave valueless Token. This is why the code cannot become law, and it immediately means that the EOS erc contract is not vulnerable to this attack. Some people in the EOS official group also expressed concern about whether EOS has integer overflow protection? BM Response: There are plenty of C++ template classes that encapsulate types and check for overflow. [2018/4/25]

And through the transaction map function of "Sky Eye on the Chain", we only need to input the transaction hash we want to query, set the corresponding parameters, and then we can easily get the visual map of the transaction, and easily understand the ins and outs of capital flow.

Let's take the address of PlusToken as an example to see in detail how to track the whereabouts of funds through the transaction hash.

First, we enter the transaction hash to be queried, and at the same time set the minimum value of the displayed amount in the chart and the number of transaction layers to be mined.

For the sake of demonstration, we set the transaction amount above 10 BTC this time, and view the related transactions on the last 4 layers of the transaction. Click "Generate Graph" to get a visual chart of the transaction's capital flow.

From the chart, we can clearly see the flow of funds involved in PlusToken.

The 15,000 BTC has flowed into multiple addresses after several split transfers. Click "Download" in the upper right corner to download the generated picture. If you need to track more deeply, you can continue to click the address in the picture above to view the flow of funds.

Through the address tracking function, we can easily obtain the flow of funds on the chain. This function has rich application scenarios in tracking stolen digital assets, transaction traceability and anti-money laundering AML.

Address Analysis

The transaction graph function can help us track the funds of a certain transaction, and the address analysis function can provide data and visualization charts after an address interacts with other addresses. Here we take the Bitcoin address in the Twitter hacking incident in July as an example.

First, we enter the address we want to query, and set the time interval we want to query, as well as the corresponding transaction threshold and number of mining layers, and choose at least one of the inflow and outflow directions. After setting, click "Start Analysis".

It can be seen that the address analysis function automatically provides relevant data corresponding to the address, including the balance of the current address, the time of the first transaction, the number of transactions, etc. This address has already carried out 399 transactions that meet the preset conditions, and has received a total of 12.87 BTC at the same time.

The yellow line segment in the figure is the transfer-out record of the address. Click the address in the line segment, and we can directly query the details of the address in the OKLink browser.

On-chain monitoring

Through the "transaction map" and "address analysis" functions, we can actively query the flow of funds and address information on the chain, but if we need to monitor certain addresses or funds and get prompts as soon as a transaction occurs, and How to deal with it? At this time, we can use the "on-chain monitoring" function.

The monitoring function on the chain is divided into two types: "address monitoring" and "transaction monitoring". The former can monitor the dynamics of certain addresses, while the latter can be used to monitor the funds involved in a certain transaction. the

Add the addresses or transactions that need to be monitored to the "On-Chain Monitoring" list, set the range of balance changes, and you can get the first email notification when the funds are transferred, eliminating the trouble of continuous human monitoring.

Technology drives finance, and finance benefits the public. We can foresee that the blockchain will play a greater role in financial anti-fraud in the future, build a new safe ecology of digital finance, and empower police intelligence.

The anti-fraud process is an ecological closed loop, which requires the organic combination of technology, scenarios and data. Data provides a strong guarantee for anti-fraud, and anti-fraud decisions are driven by data, and data mining and analysis cannot be separated from the support of anti-fraud technology. , these data and technologies will serve scenarios and users.

Relying on OKLink's business scenarios and multi-dimensional data, in terms of technology, OKLink has built a complete intelligent anti-fraud closed loop based on technologies such as big data, real-time computing, and graph computing, and can solve illegal address inquiries, tracking, and positioning in one stop Fraud problem.

By analyzing and processing massive amounts of data on the chain, OKLink combines its own technical advantages to build an ecological map of "big data + blockchain", providing users with accurate and reliable blockchain information services, and promoting the implementation and application of blockchain technology. Escort the healthy development of various industries.


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First release | OKLink launched the function of "eye on the chain"

In recent years, the difficulty of anti-fraud has become higher and higher. The rapid development of financial technology has improved the universality of people's access to financial services. At the same time.

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