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Huobi took the lead in launching "DeFi mining" to open the entrance for large-scale participation in DeFi



Recently, the entire cryptocurrency market has plummeted, and many users and investors have caused huge losses. At this time, Huobi quickly responded and announced that it will launch a series of new mining products - "DeFi mining" and "new currency mining".

On September 7th, Huobi announced that it will launch 2 new products "New Coin Mining" and "Lock HT/HPT to Participate in DeFi Liquidity Mining". Users only need to lock up 100HT to participate in New Coin Mining Activity.

Huobi took the lead in launching "DeFi mining" and "new currency mining", which once again aroused the market's enthusiasm for participation. Many CEXs are also competing to imitate, launching exchange platform currency DeFi mining one after another. The broader market has also temporarily entered a consolidation period.

It is worth noting that the "DeFi mining" and "new currency mining" pioneered by Huobi have also directly promoted the DeFi market from the first stage of competition of "DEX issuing coins, doll incentives" to "CEX as the traffic entrance". , the second stage of the large-scale entry of ordinary users into DeFi".'s first online project, Basis gold, has officially landed on Huobi: According to official news, the cumulative transaction volume of Basis gold on has exceeded 30 million US dollars since its launch, and BAGS has officially landed on Huobi for trading on January 13 , you can get BAGS by providing relevant liquidity LP on

It is understood that Basis Gold is an algorithmic stable currency protocol built on the Huobi ecological chain Heco, through which the currency supply can be dynamically adjusted to meet changes in currency demand. At the same time, BAG is an algorithmic stable currency on the Huobi ecological chain Heco. In the future, more projects will be introduced to build an ecosystem. is an automatic market-making decentralized exchange based on the concept of a capital pool. On this basis, it proposes and implements a dual-chain DEX model based on the Huobi ecological chain and Ethereum, and supports both liquidity and transactions. Mining mechanism. [2021/1/13 16:03:29]

The CROSS developed by CyberVein will land on the NFT platform of the Huobi Ecological Chain Heco: According to Huobi Ecology, the Huobi Ecological Chain Heco will start the "Tinder" public beta phase on December 21, and invite CyberVein CROSS as the first one to land on the Huobi Ecosystem Chain Heco's platform, so as to promote the ecological development of Heco and CROSS, and help Heco attract more high-quality project parties to land. In addition, Huobi Ecology stated: "After CROSS landed on Heco, it will have a role in promoting the ecological development of both parties that cannot be underestimated."

It is reported that CROSS, built by CyberVein, is a decentralized NFT issuance & trading platform with full-category financial derivatives (CeFi+DeFi) income, which can help big data holders and producers realize big data business and big data value. [2020/12/18 15:39:55]

Huobi builds an entrance for ordinary users to participate in DeFi on a large scale

The so-called DeFi mining, also known as lock-up mining, means that users deposit HT to lock-up and participate. Huobi helps users invest a corresponding amount of locked-up assets into popular mining projects in the market (Curve, etc.), and after obtaining mining income 100% returned to the user. At present, the annualized return of DeFi mining has reached 34%.  

Huobi Global has resumed ETC deposit service: According to the official announcement, Huobi Global has resumed ETC (Ethereum Classic) deposit service. [2020/10/30 11:15:56]

The so-called new currency mining is an innovation of Huobi based on the combination of Prime new + DeFi mining. When users deposit HT to lock positions to participate, Huobi will provide a certain amount of tokens to reward users who lock positions. At present, the annualized income of the first project of Huobi New Coin Mining has reached 280%. This is not only the highest yield among all Huobi’s current mortgage mining projects, but also the highest yield among mining projects in the entire industry.

People familiar with the matter said that due to the popularity of DeFi, in order to meet the general needs of users who are eager to participate in DeFi liquidity mining and solve the pain points of small and medium investors who are almost unable to start with high gas fees and complicated processes, Huobi will be the first In time, a channel service will be launched to help users participate in DeFi mining. At that time, users can directly put assets into the "mining channel", and Huobi will assist users in mining.

Huobi Market Report丨BTC breaks down in the evening or will test the integer mark below: According to the Huobi market, BTC ended the trend of shrinking and sideways last night, chose a direction, and fell below the integer mark of 10300USDT in a small amount. The lowest dropped to 10135.22USDT. At present, it can be confirmed that the previous wave of falling market has not established a bottom, and the short-term sideways market in the first two days may be just a relay market for the decline. As of 10:00, the specific performance of the mainstream coins on the Huobi platform is as follows: [2020/9/24]

From DeFi mining, to new currency mining, and then to "mining channel", Huobi fired the first shot of CEX entering the DeFi world, officially announcing that CEX has entered the wave of DeFi liquidity mining, and opened up the high-efficiency The industry-level entrance of "DeFi mining" with security, zero friction and generous rewards.

Since Huobi has the largest number of users and assets in the industry, and has been leading in spot and contracts for a long time, whether it is for retail investors, DeFi projects or the entire market, the entry of centralized exchanges such as Huobi will play an important role. positive impetus.

Announcement | Huobi Global Opens IOST New Coin Withdrawal Service: According to the announcement on the official website, the IOST mainnet switch has been completed, and Huobi Global will open the IOST new coin withdrawal service at 10:00 on March 14, 2019. The IOST main chain has been launched. Huobi Global will no longer support the withdrawal of old IOST coins. Users can only withdraw new IOST coins. Users need to use the withdrawal address of the IOST main chain to withdraw coins. [2019/3/14]

On the one hand, using centralized exchanges such as Huobi as a traffic entrance can effectively reduce the threshold for retail investors to enter the DeFi market, help more users directly access DeFi projects, and play a role in promoting the popularization and development of DeFi.

Prior to this, ordinary retail investors faced many difficulties in participating in DeFi mining: (1) Gas fees are high, and the Gas fee for a single transfer during peak periods can even be as high as 1 ETH, which is dozens of times the usual fee; (2) Network congestion, transactions sometimes fail If it is successful, it even needs to pay the Gas fee multiple times; (3) Users need to use web wallets to transfer funds, which is cumbersome and prone to mistakes. Previously, SushiSwap had received a wrong transfer of 400,000 USDT.

Today, users no longer need to operate on the chain, and can participate in liquidity mining through internal transfers in centralized exchanges, both in terms of ease of use and security.

On the other hand, the mining projects screened by the exchange are of higher quality and the security of the contract code is also guaranteed; retail investors can directly participate in mining without the need for a secondary market to take orders, and it also prevents DeFi projects from becoming a tool for large investors to harvest retail investors.

Whether it is SUSHI, CRV or YAM, it is very difficult for ordinary users to grab the top mine, which also means that the income is greatly reduced; for a wider range of retail investors, due to the high mining cost, they cannot participate, and basically only in the second level Market purchases, "digging-lifting-selling" orders for large investors. In addition, some mining projects have loopholes, smart contracts have not been audited, and security cannot be guaranteed. These chaos have seriously damaged the vital interests of investors.

Today, Huobi is the first to launch DeFi mining, and new currency mining, allowing retail investors and large investors to stand on the same starting line, directly participate in liquidity mining through HT, and the income is more stable and higher.

In general, Huobi’s many new measures have provided more convenient channels for many users who are still on the periphery of DeFi, and have also become a bridge for users to participate in the DeFi world.

Empowering the platform currency, HT becomes a high-quality ticket to connect to the DeFi world

In a sense, Huobi’s DeFi mining and new currency mining can be regarded as a counterattack against centralized exchanges (CEX).

When DeFi was hot before, some market arguments believed that CEX has always lagged behind DEX (decentralized exchange). Whether it is YFI, YFII, CRV, or YAM, they all went live on Uniswap first, and then landed on the three major exchanges. Many people even ridiculed that the three major exchanges are the last stop for DeFi coins to "cut leeks".

But for CEXs, due to traffic and competition considerations, they have to list popular DeFi tokens.

"Actually, in the field of DeFi, we are also very entangled. We have paid attention to DeFi for a long time. We have paid attention to DeFi for a long time. In the first half of the year, we did not dare to act on DeF. Stability is the priority, and we have found some balance points recently, such as Huobi’s establishment of a global observation area.” The CEO of Huobi Global described the relationship between DeFi and CEX in an interview with the media.

The popularity of the DeFi sector has driven the value support of the top exchanges to increase. The essence here is that no matter at any time, the connection between users and assets needs to be guided and educated, and Huobi has the most professional asset research team in the world, which can complete effective asset screening.

Today, Huobi has directly opened the DeFi entry channel, and the centralized exchange has turned from passive to active, from being led by the nose by DeFi projects to leading DeFi projects forward.

This mutual transfer of identities can help CEX to better grasp the development of the project and avoid the recurrence of the scene of YAM and CRV plummeting when they go online.

In addition, CEX also empowers the platform currency through the DeFi project, expanding the usage scenarios of the platform currency beyond Prime.

Taking Huobi as an example, users need to lock up HT when they participate in ACH and PHA new currency mining. Mining these two new projects alone will lock up 12 million HT.

Thanks to this, the platform currency that was left out in the DeFi boom has also recovered. On the day of the announcement on September 7, HT rose against the trend, with a maximum increase of nearly 10%.

If Huobi launches more new coin mining projects in the future, HT may reappear in 2019.

It seems that new currency mining seems to be a replica of IEO's use of platform currency. After Huobi launched new currency mining, many CEXs also competed to imitate and launched exchange platform currency DeFi mining. It can be expected that this model will become a strong driving force for the market to move forward in the future.


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Huobi took the lead in launching "DeFi mining" to open the entrance for large-scale participation in DeFi

Recently, the entire cryptocurrency market has plummeted, and many users and investors have caused huge losses. At this time.

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