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Blockchain elites will be hard to find, Xu Mingxing's Oukeyun Chain has become the main force for talent training



The blockchain track is hot, and all forces are eyeing it. Whether it is traditional Internet giants such as BAT, or industry natives such as Okey Cloud Chain, they are actively expanding their blockchain territory. However, what restricts them is the same problem - talent shortage. According to the prediction of Gartner, an international authoritative consulting organization, with the development of blockchain technology, China's blockchain talent gap will reach more than 750,000 in the next five years. This means that if the cultivation of blockchain talents is not strengthened, the development of the blockchain industry in the future will face the plight of insufficient manpower. The giants are clearly not sitting still. Take Ali’s Ant Group as an example. The group is setting up an X cooperation plan for universities around the world to increase the recruitment and training of blockchain core technical talents. The original enterprise in the blockchain industry, Ookeyun Chain, launched the "Kunpeng Project", which plans to cultivate 1,000+ blockchain elites in 3 years. All kinds of signs show that enterprises are becoming an important subject of blockchain talent training, and this has also become an important microcosm of the rapid development of my country's blockchain industry. BAT, China's three major Internet giants, is now a major blockchain employer. Taking Ali as an example, log in to the group's official recruitment website and search-ethexc for the keyword "blockchain", and a total of 10 pages of job listings will pop up, with a total of 93 related jobs, located in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities.   Ernst & Young Global Blockchain Leader: Major banks will start offering "selected DeFi services" within the next three months: According to news on September 22, Paul Brody, Ernst & Young Global Blockchain Leader, said that some major banks will "Selected DeFi (decentralized finance) services" will begin within the next three months. Accounting firm Ernst & Young Global said it is building technology and designing programs for some major banks and other major financial institutions to tokenize financial assets such as stocks, bonds and real estate. Asset tokenization refers to the process of issuing digital tokens on a blockchain representing digital or physical assets, in which investors can take partial ownership. (Market Watch)[2021/9/22 16:56:28] Source: Alibaba Group official website Ali releases new blockchain-related positions almost every day. While Ali is recruiting intensively, Baidu and Tencent are not idle. In public channels, the two Internet giants are also recruiting multiple blockchain positions, including blockchain engineers and blockchain product managers. In order to attract talents, the giants showed enough sincerity. Taking Baidu as an example, the company is recruiting trusted computing architects with a monthly salary of up to 60,000 yuan. Not only that, the display pages of all positions are marked with words such as "15 salary" and "stock options". News | French game giant Ubisoft and the blockchain game distribution platform Ultra cooperate to become the founding node: French game giant Ubisoft (Ubisoft) announced that it will cooperate with the blockchain game distribution platform Ultra, and Ubisoft will become the founder of the Ultra UOS blockchain One of the nodes will also provide Ultra with web-based services including querying data in the UOS blockchain and helping third parties send transactions in the blockchain. Ultra said that it believes that Ubisoft is in the leading position in the application of blockchain in games, and hopes to explore NFT (Non-Fungible Token) token technology with Ubisoft in the future. As previously reported, Ubisoft joined forces with Fig, Gimli, Alto and Ultra and other blockchain and game companies to form the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) at the end of 2018 to explore the use cases of blockchain in games. [2020/1/6] Behind the intensive recruitment of Internet giants, on the one hand, it is to actively respond to the country's blockchain development strategy, and on the other hand, it is to expand its own business boundaries. After all, the traditional Internet industry is already a red ocean. But in terms of talent recruitment, the giants still have to compete with the original army of blockchain. Take Okey Cloud Chain as an example. The group was founded by Xu Mingming, a leader in my country's blockchain industry. Since 2013, it has focused on the research and development and commercialization of blockchain technology, and has now developed into a global large-scale blockchain technology with service providers. In May of this year, Okey Cloud Chain released the "Kunpeng Plan", which released hundreds of jobs within the year, of which more than six became blockchain technology research, application landing and other related jobs, and simultaneously opened social recruitment and school recruitment channels. News | Neusoft Group has obtained more than 20 related patents for its blockchain layout: On December 6, the reporter learned from Neusoft Group Co., Ltd. that the company has successfully launched a blockchain application platform with independent intellectual property rights and obtained relevant patents More than 20 projects have been implemented in many fields such as medical care, food and drug safety, finance, and charity. Jin Zhu, Senior Architect of Technology Development Department of Neusoft Group, said, "The blockchain application platform developed by Neusoft is mainly to help enterprises build a decentralized trust system, build a blockchain application production environment, and provide one-stop blockchain application development. , management, and operation and maintenance capabilities." (Liaoning Daily) [2019/12/9] Compared with Internet giants such as BAT, the original blockchain army is at a disadvantage in terms of popularity and financial strength, but its influence in the industry But it should not be underestimated, because they have built a solid moat with years of accumulation. This can be seen from the recruitment transcripts of the original blockchain army. Recently, Okey Cloud Chain was reported by CCTV. The human resources director of the group revealed that in the first half of the year, nearly 300 blockchain talents of various types were introduced, an increase of 30% over the same period last year, including nearly 100 fresh graduates recruited through school recruitment. It has to be said that a "talent war" led by the Internet giants and the original blockchain army is being staged. Employers are thirsty for talents, and blockchain talents have ushered in the best era. According to the statistics of, comparing the blockchain recruitment situation in 2018 and 2019, we can see that the recruitment demand of large enterprises with more than 1,000 employees increased from 17.9% in 2018 to 24.5% in 2019. The proportion of demand for talents has increased, and this figure continues to increase this year. Voice | Australian Digital Transformation Institute: Blockchain is still an emerging technology Stakeholders should be pragmatic when evaluating its applications: According to itnews, the Australian Digital Transformation Institute (DTA) stated after research that blockchain is still an emerging technology. technology, gaps in its technical and operational deployment become apparent when applied to various pilots or when alternative technologies are considered. Blockchain is just one of many data storage and exchange solutions, while other "proven" and "more mature" solutions are available out of the box. The DTA also claimed that the append-only nature of blockchain means that data can only be added and not edited or deleted, which could lead to major problems. Therefore, relevant parties should be pragmatic when evaluating blockchain applications. It is reported that in October last year, the DTA expressed doubts about the government's use of blockchain. [2019/2/12] This is indeed the case. According to the "2020 New Infrastructure Talent Report" released by Lagou Big Data Research Institute, the talent demand index of the six major new infrastructure industries directly related to it has risen sharply, among which the talent demand in the blockchain industry has increased by 67%, which is the highest among new infrastructure related industries. . Source: The Lagou Big Data Research Institute report also pointed out that the average salary of new infrastructure talents is 17,895 yuan per month, and the salary of the blockchain industry exceeds this average——blockchain professionals are becoming the "sweet pastry" in the job market ". Voice | Sunshine Seven Stars Chairman Wu Zheng: Using blockchain to make digital assets requires comprehensive supervision and security protection: Sunshine Seven Stars Investment Group Chairman and CEO Wu Zheng said in an interview with China Business News that digital assets are determined by Due to the two major engines of artificial intelligence and blockchain, the big data technology based on these two engines has brought more revolutions to mankind than the previous technologies of the Internet era. Blockchain and artificial intelligence, that is, the technology of digital assetization bring more empowerment than subversion. Therefore, a particularly important sign of digital assetization is that it can help the huge stock of the traditional economy transform to digital. Wu Zheng believes that without digital currency as a unit of account, it is not a blockchain. At present, most of the currency issuance projects do not really use the blockchain technology in essence, but only use the banner of the blockchain to obtain valuations that are completely inconsistent with the actual value. The so-called innovation of some projects does not integrate with the real economy at all, and is divorced from the needs of the real economy. It is completely speculative or even fraudulent. It is feasible to use the blockchain to make digital assets, but it must have perfect supervision and security protection. For the supervision of digital assets, mechanisms such as ratings, risk control, and pledges need to be formed. [2018/7/21] However, according to the "Guangming Daily" report, due to the scarcity of blockchain practitioners, since the blockchain was included in the new infrastructure category this year, it will be "difficult to find" blockchain technical talents. "Guangming Daily" quoted the opinions of practitioners and pointed out that the blockchain industry is still in a relatively early start-up stage. At present, there are almost no separate disciplines for the blockchain industry in universities at home and abroad. remuneration, but job seekers who meet the requirements are rare. In a nutshell, the current rhythm of blockchain talent training lags behind the speed of industrial development. If action is not taken as soon as possible, the mismatch between the supply and demand of blockchain talents will become more serious. According to the forecast of Gartner, an international authoritative consulting organization, with the development of blockchain technology, China's blockchain talent gap will reach more than 750,000. In fact, the country is continuing to make efforts at the policy level. For example, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has added two new blockchain occupations, and many local governments have introduced special blockchain policies to clarify blockchain talent introduction and training plans. Many colleges and universities are also actively taking action. According to the "2020 China Blockchain Talent Development Research Report" jointly released by Interchain Pulse and Liepin, 33 universities across the country have offered blockchain courses, including Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University and other well-known universities. It is worth noting that Chengdu University of Information Science and Technology opened the country's first blockchain undergraduate major this year. However, the major only plans to enroll 150-200 students, and this batch of real major students will not be able to graduate until 2024. For employers, whether it is Internet giants such as BAT, or blockchain natives such as Okey Cloud Chain, if they just wait in place, no matter how high the salary is, they may still face the dilemma of no one available in the short term. Blockchain talents are in short supply, and the giants will obviously not stay out of it. According to public reports, employers such as Baidu, Ali, and Okey Cloud Chain have joined the army of talent training while extensively absorbing talents, and help more "blockchain newcomers" make their debuts by virtue of their resource advantages. Let's take a look at Baidu first. This veteran giant has made efforts from three levels of school education, social cultivation, and hosting events, including launching super chain training rooms, Baidu super chain academy, etc., to cultivate compound talents with theoretical knowledge and practical experience. At the same time, Baidu Super Chain also organizes various blockchain development competitions, which not only provide developers with good opportunities to "try their hands", but also promote the implementation of blockchain technology and talent mining. Let's look at Ali again. Judging from the recruitment information in public channels, Alibaba has the largest demand for blockchain talents. In order to increase the recruitment and training of blockchain core technical talents, Ali's Ant Group launched the X cooperation plan for universities around the world in July this year. It is understood that the plan will set up a technical team for the next 20 years, and invest in research and development around the core technologies of the blockchain, such as distributed ledgers, asymmetric encryption, and consensus mechanisms. At present, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, East China Normal University, Sun Yat-sen University and other well-known universities at home and abroad have joined the program. Unlike Baidu and Ali, Tencent has not recently launched a major plan for the cultivation of blockchain talents, but it can be inferred from public reports that Tencent has a long history of internal cultivation of blockchain talents. Cai Yige, former general manager of Tencent's blockchain business, said in an interview with "Chinese Entrepreneur" that technical talents are basically transformed from within Tencent, because the blockchain industry is very new, and few people have done blockchain work. chain. "Just like the arrival of the mobile network back then, it is very difficult for you to recruit Android and iOS developers. We all train ourselves." While Internet giants are actively making efforts in talent training, the original army of the blockchain industry is not to be outdone . In May of this year, Okey Cloud Chain clearly stated in its "Kunpeng Plan" that it will comprehensively assist the development of talents in the blockchain industry from the three dimensions of "talent expansion", "talent training" and "Bole Plan". Cultivate 1000+ blockchain elites. In terms of talent training, a special fund will be set up to invest in the training of potential blockchain talents. In the future, we will continue to strengthen cooperation with colleges and scientific research institutions to achieve more accurate matching of talents and explore more possibilities for China's blockchain talent training and technology application. It is worth mentioning that in July this year, CCTV reporters visited Okey Cloud Chain on the spot around the two newly added blockchain professions to fully understand the group's talent development strategy, which attracted follow-up reports from many mainstream media. It can be seen that the original blockchain army is not inferior to the big Internet giants in terms of talent training, and the ideas of all parties are basically the same. One is to strengthen internal talent training. The second is to absorb external talents, and the third is to seek cooperation with universities and scientific research institutions to explore a joint training model. In the short term, these attempts by employers will undoubtedly make up for the shortcomings of college education; in the long run, many entities, including the government, enterprises, and colleges, will become an indispensable part of blockchain talent training. In April this year, Tencent officially released the book "Industrial Blockchain". Ma Huateng pointed out in the preface that today's blockchain is expected to emerge from the halo of "Bitcoin", stay away from the fanatical hype, start from the bottom of the down-to-earth valley, and begin to climb the long slope of the industrial Internet. This is precisely the true portrayal of the current development of the blockchain industry. Since the blockchain was promoted to a national strategy in October last year, more and more supporting policies have been introduced, and the national blockchain industry has ushered in rare opportunities for development, and technological innovation and landing applications have become the mainstream. In this context, blockchain professionals have become in short supply. Internet giants represented by BAT, as well as blockchain-native enterprises such as Oukeyun Chain, rely on their own advantages to help the cultivation of industrial talents, which can not only alleviate the current shortage of talents, but also set an example for the industry and become a climbing industry Internet A new force in the long slope. In the future, it is expected that with the joint efforts of the government, enterprises, universities and other parties, my country will truly become a blockchain talent powerhouse and occupy the commanding heights of the global blockchain industry development.


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Blockchain elites will be hard to find, Xu Mingxing's Oukeyun Chain has become the main force for talent training

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