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The exchange BGOEX launched aggregate trading currency pairs to bring users a better trading experience



Why are decentralized exchanges so popular this year? Because the liquidity mining brought by DEFI has added a good depth, this is also the reason why many DEX exchanges appeared in the past two years but they were not popular at all. The poor trading depth and the large bid-ask spread greatly affect the trading experience. Of course, this problem will occur with some tokens on many centralized exchanges, especially some small currencies. Aggregating trading currency pairs is a good solution for centralized exchanges.

What is an aggregate trading currency pair?

When a user buys/sells coins on the management exchange, the aggregation trading system will hedge the purchase/sell on other exchanges in the same amount, so the assets purchased by the user are still real assets with sufficient reserves, and the user can trade with confidence. Aggregated trading is a very mature trading model in the industry. The purpose of launching aggregated trading by BGOEX is mainly to quickly meet the needs of users to trade new popular assets. The aggregation trading system of the management exchange BGOEX adopts the method of local matching and external hedging, so the transaction delay and experience are exactly the same as the local trading pairs. The management exchange BGOEX will evaluate the number of currency holders of the corresponding currency. After the currency of the aggregation transaction with a large amount of currency has passed the review, it will consider docking to support the wallet, so as to meet the deposit and withdrawal needs of currency holders.

BGOEX will launch QC (Qcash) at 18:00 on September 22: According to official news, BGOEX will launch QC (Qcash) on September 22 and open the QC/USDT trading pair at 18:00 on September 22 Officially open for trading. Qcash is a digital currency based on the Quantum Chain smart contract, an independent digital currency issued by the Qcash Foundation. Its price is $0.15 (1RMB). The QC Foundation can make part of it into circulation according to the form of digital currency mortgage. Circulating QC is mortgaged according to 100% of its value, and the collateral can be one of BTC, ETH, LTC, QTUM, etc. All users participate in the mortgage and public display. The collateral is evenly distributed, and the mortgage is uniformly controlled by the foundation. [2020/9/20]

How does the aggregation transaction realize the currency pair?

BGOEX: The current price of BTC is 11156USDT, with an increase of 10.75% in 24 hours: BGOEX data shows that the current price of BTC has risen in the short term to 11156USDT, with an increase of 10.75% in 24 hours. The mainstream currency has a good increase led by BTC, the altcoin has been sucked, and the hot DEFI concept has fallen by more than 30%. Investment is risky, the market fluctuates greatly, and transactions need to be cautious. [2020/7/28]

The aggregated trading platform is not a native platform, but uses API technology to integrate transaction data from other digital currency platforms, thus forming a platform that can provide users with stronger trading depth.

The management exchange BGOEX and the three-body chain TBC have reached an in-depth cooperation: According to official news, the management exchange BGOEX and the three-body chain TBC have officially reached an in-depth cooperation to jointly expand the ecological territory of the three-body chain. Three-Body Chain is a blockchain social ecology based on advanced mathematical models and economic thinking. It is committed to building a fair channel for wealth to rise, breaking through class barriers and assigning wealth to the majority of people to achieve a win-win community. In the later stage, BGOEX, the management exchange, will strongly empower the three-body chain TBC and help the ecological construction of the high-quality project three-body chain TBC. [2020/6/1]

 Advantages of aggregate trading currency pairs:

1. Stronger trading depth. The aggregation platform integrates the transaction data of other platforms, so its transaction depth is stronger. The management exchange BGOEX integrates the transaction data of other platforms, so the transaction depth of the management exchange BGOEX is stronger than other single platforms.

2. Smaller bid-ask spread. Since the aggregation platform integrates the transaction data of other platforms, users can obtain a smaller bid-ask price difference whether they are buying or selling on the aggregation trading platform.

At present, BGOEX has launched some aggregate trading currency pairs, such as SUSHI/USDT, YFI /USDT, YFII /USDT, YFV /USDT, CVP /USDT aggregate trading pairs, and more trading currency pairs will be launched in the future to improve more Good trading depth and smaller bid-ask spreads bring users a better trading experience.


BGOEX is a professional digital asset comprehensive trading platform, mainly engaged in innovative businesses such as digital asset currency transaction services, OTC transaction services, multi-currency contract transaction services, etc., and is committed to providing global users with the most secure digital assets Financial Services. In addition, BGOEX is also actively exploring the deployment of "mining coins" in the field of decentralization, open financial DIFI, and STO to help enterprises develop, etc., and deeply cultivates digital financial technology innovation services.

Financial licenses in six countries: the United States, Singapore, Canada, Malta, Estonia, Australia

Eight major investment institutions: Nuts Capital, Encryption Industry Fund, Acceleration Capital, Hong Kong Asia Investment Fund, Asia Industry Investment Fund, Hong Kong Thailand Industry Investment Fund, APL Capital


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The exchange BGOEX launched aggregate trading currency pairs to bring users a better trading experience

Why are decentralized exchanges so popular this year? Because the liquidity mining brought by DEFI has added a good depth.

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