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Many of DeFi are locked or mortgaged in a row, one prospers and one loses



Madman Says

Centralized exchanges are frantically launching new coins, and high-quality resources are scrambling to get them. Whoever arrives late means that someone else’s leek will become a taker. The popularity of Defi comes and goes quickly, and the ups and downs are instantaneous. What comes, cuts what comes later. Now centralized exchanges are not easy, and various research institutes are busy doing research, competing with who runs faster and has a more sensitive sense of smell. Among the recent major exchanges, GATE should be relatively the best. Compared with the three major exchanges, its listing speed is somewhat forward-looking, and therefore it has received a wave of good benefits. Madman lists the recent popular projects for your reference. Some radical investors can participate on their own. Before participating, be prepared to return to zero. After all, many projects have not been audited and may collapse at any time.

The projects that have been listed on major exchanges recently include: YAM, YFV, YFII, YFI, MTA, GNX, RING, CRV, SUSHI, etc. Among them, the most popular SUSHI was launched by several major exchanges at the same time, which shows its popularity, but these They have all been fired and entered the high-risk zone. The gate running in front of the three major exchanges will list MINI, CREAM, CVP, DF, RING, and KTON today. Among them, CVP has the highest expectation. Recently, the development of Defi is too fast, and it is basically impossible to sleep if you want to make money. If you do not have this condition, it is recommended that you take a good bit and ether. At most, others eat meat and we drink soup. As long as there is no loss, everything is easy to talk about. After all, risks and benefits coexist. Refusing to be greedy and earning money within your cognition is the safest.

The total lock-up volume of the DeFi protocol on the Avalanche chain is US$10.77 billion: According to Jinse Finance, according to data from DefiLlama, the total lock-up volume of the DeFi protocol on the Avalanche chain is currently US$10.77 billion, an increase of 0.54% in 24 hours. The top five locked assets are AAVE ($2.77 billion), TraderJoe ($1.46 billion), Benqi ($1.16 billion), Curve ($984 million), and Platypus Finance ($928 million). [2022/4/10 14:15:34]

Taking SUSHI as an example, the madman will tell you why the current market is unhealthy. SUSHI is also a way of pledging mining, but the assets he pledges are liquid assets on Uniswap. Investors mortgage Uniswap to make liquid asset certificates. Get SUSHI. Therefore, SUSHIswap can be regarded as the incentive layer of Uniswap. In order to obtain SUSHI, many investors pledge more assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and various stable coins to Uniswap, which promotes the rise of mainstream assets, and then The certificate is injected into SUSHIswap to obtain SUSHI, and then you can also use SUSHI and stable coins to provide liquidity for Uniswap to obtain more income. In other words, mainstream assets, Uniswap, and these liquidity are bound together, interlocking, as long as there is a problem in one link, the whole line will collapse. This is just the tip of the iceberg under Defi. Whether it is the recent hot YAM or YFI, it is similar to chain lock or mortgage. All are in the rhythm of prosperity and loss. It is against this background that V God also emphasized again: Defi's income is as unsustainable as the central bank's crazy money printing, and the bubble will eventually burst.

The DeFi currency SWINGBY on the CoinW platform led the rise: According to the market data of CoinWin, as of 10:00 today (GMT+8), the DeFi currency SWINGBY on the platform led the rise today, with an increase of 37.7% today, and the current price is 0.1761USDT; XAMP Today’s increase is 31.78%, and the current price is 0.0191USDT; KTON is increasing by 27.75%, and the current price is 168.2235USDT; UNC is increasing by 19.56%, and the current price is 0.0085USDT. Risk reminder: The market has fluctuated greatly recently, please pay attention to controlling risks. [2020/9/21]

Therefore, the trading volume of Uniswap exceeds that of Coinbase, and the assets locked in SUSHIswap account for 80% of the total assets of Uniswap. These data are not surprising, because these are the world under leverage and belong to irrational markets, so the madman has continuously reminded everyone that this This kind of risk, no one knows exactly when it will collapse, but when the tide recedes, please don’t fall in love with the battle, just pull up your pants and run!

99Ex and OKEx will simultaneously launch DeFi tokens DMG and CELO on July 17: 99Ex official announcement, DMG will officially launch 99Ex at 11:30 SGT on July 17, and open DMG/USDT trading pair; CELO will At 15:00 on the 17th, SGT officially launched 99Ex, and opened CELO/USDT, CELO/BTC trading pairs. 99Ex has listed four DeFi tokens: COMP, BTM (2X), KNC (3X), and BNT.

It is reported that DeFi Money Market (DMM) is a protocol designed to tokenize real-world asset pools to generate income from on-chain cryptocurrency deposits. CELO is an open and decentralized platform dedicated to helping everyone with a mobile phone enjoy financial services. 99Ex is a multilingual innovative digital asset trading platform based on the application of blockchain technology. It is strategically invested by OK CAPITAL, Keyin Capital, Lianhe Capital, and Lianxing Capital. It has a cumulative trading user of 1 million+ and an average daily trading user of 200,000+. [2020/7/17]

Tether continues to issue an additional 250 million USDT on the TRON network, which means that the TRON ecosystem has experienced explosive growth, and it should have an inseparable relationship with Justswap.

Voice | V God: DeFi applications are the easiest and will get the most users: Ethereum co-founder V God (Vitalik Buterin) said at the annual blockchain hackathon conference held in Colorado that DeFi applications are the easiest Simply, as it continues to grow, DeFi will gain the most users. Vitalik expressed optimism about the launch date of Ethereum 2.0, adding that he "thinks that ETH 2.0 has been released very quickly and with regularity over the past few months." However, Vitalik also noted that while Ethereum 2.0 is being tested and developed, new scaling solutions (such as rollups) are emerging that can provide some additional headroom for Ethereum’s continued growth. Additionally, he stated that Ethereum can survive without him, as he is futile in most of the debates in the community, which the Ethereum community is capable of addressing. (The Block)[2020/2/17]

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Market Analysis


The strength has exceeded expectations. The most essential logic is that it is mortgaged and locked by Defi. From the perspective of the market, it is obvious that there is no selling order, only buying, and the bulls have an absolute advantage. Today, I planned to pull back a wave, but it was pulled up abruptly. This kind of rise will continue in the short term, so it is best to hold it. The 12,000 integer mark may have psychological pressure, but it is difficult to become actual pressure.


The biggest beneficiary of Defi, because Uniswap is entirely operated on the Ethereum chain, the liquidity on Uniswap alone has 760 million US dollars of ETH, plus the mortgage and lock-up of various projects, Ethereum is really very It will be the strongest mainstream currency in the short term if it is difficult to fall. The ultra-short-term increase is too large, wait for a wave of correction before considering getting in the car.


I also pulled a lot today, but it is a follower, there is not much logic for the rise, and it has broken through an important pressure level, and the rebound is expected to continue.


It is difficult to fall if you are led, and it is expected that there will be a rebound after the support is found out.


The trend is relatively good, you can continue to hold.


It has risen, and it is still below the pressure zone. I don't see any continuous expectations, so I don't participate.


It is expected to reach a new high. This round is very fierce, and the holding is the main one.


New highs are expected.


Out of the downtrend, is expected to continue to rebound.

Let’s not talk about small coins, the pace is too fast, and it is easy to lead everyone into a ditch. For the same article, some people follow to buy and earn 30%, while others follow and buy and lose 20%. To participate in small currency investment, you must invest in popular currencies. Those old coins that no one pays attention to have no imagination, so just throw them away. In addition, Defi has entered a relatively crazy stage, and everyone must always bear in mind the risk of a crash that may come at any time.

That's all for today, see you tomorrow~!


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