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Integrating the financial and stock markets of various countries: QCG's blockchain landscape



In the past year, the Federal Reserve cut interest rates three times, leading central banks in more than 30 countries around the world to follow up with interest rate cuts. Finally, the money market interest rate fell to the lowest level in decades, and more than 20 trillion US dollars of liquidity was injected into the global market.

A dynamic review shows that in addition to the relationship between supply and demand, the main factors affecting the international financial market in the coming year also come from four key forces, namely economic growth, monetary policy, fiscal policy and geopolitics. The resonance and linkage of multiple factors will eventually create The basic ecology and general trend of the market.

Looking at the historical dimension, the global stock market and the Fed's monetary policy often maintain a very close relationship. The data shows that historically, the Federal Reserve has launched five rounds of interest rate cut cycles, and the center of the monetary benchmark interest rate has continued to move downward. The loose monetary policy will push the stock price to a new level. In 2019, the U.S. stock market repeatedly hit new highs. The Dow Jones rose by 22.34%, the Nasdaq rose by 35.23%, and the S&P 500 rose by 28.88%. New Zealand's 50 Index hit record highs one after another; among the emerging market camps, India's Mumbai 30 Index broke through 40,000 points for the first time in history in the past year, and successfully touched the highest point in history, while Brazil's BOVEXPA also rose with a huge annual increase. to an all-time high.

Tribe DAO passed the TIP-121a proposal and began to integrate assets in PCV: On August 29th, Tribe DAO passed the on-chain vote of the TIP-121a proposal, and began to integrate the assets owned by the agreement, converting WETH, LUSD, etc. into DAI.

This vote is the first part of the TIP-121 proposal proposed by Fei Labs. TIP-121 includes three parts: asset integration, compensation for Fuse hacking losses, and final redemption. After completing the first two tasks, FEI will redeem 1:1 for DAI, while TRIBE can redeem the remaining assets in PCV in proportion. When all the work is completed, it also means the complete dissolution of Tribe DAO. [2022/8/29 12:55:22]

Galaxy Digital CEO: Telegram should integrate Bitcoin and stablecoins: Jinse Finance reported that in response to Telegram’s delay of the TON launch date to April 2021, Galaxy Digital CEO Michael Novogratz said that Telegram should enable Bitcoin on its platform. coins and stablecoins. We don't need another blockchain, we don't need another cryptocurrency. Telegram has a great community of messaging users, now is the time to turn them into consumers. [2020/5/1]

The positive market has made the status of stock exchanges more and more important, and stock exchanges around the world have played a role in fueling the bull market. QCG (Quàdro CyberGenesis) integrates the global stock and financial markets into the interior, and can map the world's major stock exchanges to the QCG blockchain virtual city, realize the integration and synchronization of transactions, and realize value connection with QCG.

News | Investors File Motions to Consolidate Five Cases Against Overstock, Appoint Lead Counsel: Investors filed motions earlier this week to consolidate five cases against Overstock, as well as appoint lead counsel. So far, eight law firms have offered to lead the lawsuit. Benjamin Ha from Block & Leviton LLP claims that Overstock created tZERO to punish short sellers who dumped Overstock stock at a time when the company’s dominance in the home e-commerce market was declining. The related lawsuit was filed on September 27 this year, accusing Overstock of securities fraud. Benjamin Ha will represent investors who bought shares in the company between May 9 and September 23 this year. The lawsuit says that because Overstock "was hopelessly competing for market share" with, the company reported no profits for about three years. That's why it launched a blockchain strategy to restructure its business to artificially inflate the stock price through a "short squeeze". (Bitcoinist)[2019/11/30]

QCG has been deeply involved in the financial field and has launched a number of financial market mechanisms:

At present, the hot fund companies collect the funds of many scattered investors, entrust investment experts, and the investment management experts conduct unified investment management according to their investment strategies. Embody benefit sharing and risk sharing. Fund companies can be set up in the QCG virtual city, and qualified institutions can establish fund companies in the city after the platform review. Supplemented by QCG's integrated fund company process, from 1. pooling QCG user funds into a fund; 2. entrusting investment experts to the fund; 3. fund management personnel distribute investment income to QCG users after professional financial management. The three-step standardization of fund companies and the transparent features of the blockchain make the investment process more open and easy to be accepted by users and the market.

The QCG virtual city also supports the establishment of a stock exchange. As the "engine" of the stock market, the importance of the stock exchange is self-evident. The stock exchange in QCG will 1. Open a securities account; 2. Open a capital account; 3. Entrust trading; 4. Order; 5. Accept entrustment; The whole process is moved to the QCG supported by blockchain technology to ensure the safety of financial-grade products. QCG users can freely trade stocks on the stock exchanges in the city. Because of the security, transparency and non-tamperable characteristics of the blockchain, the trust model between the financial systems will no longer rely on intermediaries, avoiding intermediaries between countries. Advanced financial protection mechanism, layer upon layer of handling fees. Maximize the benefits to the users. Through diversified services and characteristic operations, QCG will surely become a dark horse in the field of blockchain digital economy.


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Integrating the financial and stock markets of various countries: QCG's blockchain landscape

In the past year, the Federal Reserve cut interest rates three times, leading central banks in more than 30 countries around the world to follow up with interest rate cuts. Finally.

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