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Shumai Distribution Technology Co., Ltd.and "Zhejiang University-Shumaician R&D Center" officially landed in Hainan to participate in the construction of Wenchang International Space City



On the morning of September 1, the "Hainan Free Trade Port Aerospace Industry Investment Promotion Conference and Project Concentrated Signing Ceremony" was officially held in Wenchang International Aerospace City. A total of 12 projects were signed in this signing event, involving aerospace technology, marine ecology, and cultural tourism. , agriculture, health care and other fields. Shenzhen Shumai Distribution Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shumai Distribution Technology) and "Zhejiang University-Shumai Chain R&D Center" as strategic partners attended the signing ceremony and officially landed in Hainan Free Trade Port, becoming the plan of Wenchang Aerospace City An important member of the construction, together with dozens of Fortune 500 companies, has contributed to the construction of Hainan Free Trade Zone and Wenchang International Space City.

Windows media player Winamp adds support for music NFT on Ethereum and Polygon chains: Jinse Finance reported that Windows media player Winamp announced the launch of a new version V 5.9.1, which will support music NFT on Ethereum and Polygon chains, music hobbies Users can link their Metamask wallet to Winamp through Brave, Chrome or Firefox browsers, which already supports audio and video files based on Ethereum and Polygon blockchains and following the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards. [2022/12/7 21:27:38]

As one of the 11 key parks in Hainan Free Trade Port, Wenchang International Space City has a planned area of 18,000 mu. A vibrant industrial highland, a hot spot for investment, and a blessed place for business development. The park is dominated by aerospace science and technology, focusing on the development of aerospace launches and supporting services, R&D and manufacturing of high-end aerospace products, development and application of aerospace big data, international aerospace exchanges and cooperation, and other industries involved in "Aerospace +".

The US judge ordered the case of Musk's acquisition of Twitter to be heard from October 17 to 21: According to news on July 29, the US judge ordered the hearing of Musk's acquisition of Twitter from October 17 to 21. (Golden Ten)[2022/7/29 2:46:28]

According to the relevant spirit of this strategic cooperation agreement, in line with the principles of equality, mutual benefit, and win-win cooperation, in the construction of Wenchang International Space City, Shumai Distribution Technology and "Zhejiang University - Shumai Chain R&D Center" participated in the construction of Wenchang International Space City , relying on its excellent scientific research and innovation strength, jointly assist Wenchang City to implement the development around the industrial positioning of "four bases and one center". And the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.

Arbitrum One has fully integrated the DeFi platform Parsec: On December 11, the DeFi platform Parsec announced that Arbitrum One has fully integrated Parsec, and its Uniswap V3 Analytics is now fully compatible with Arbitrum deployments. [2021/12/11 7:32:29]

Shumai Distribution Technology provides Wenchang with the overall planning ideas and construction plans of the Wenchang Aerospace City International Collaborative Smart Innovation Demonstration Zone. With the help of the scientific research strength of "Zhejiang University-Shumalink R&D Center", based on the practice and application of data science, Create a 100 billion-level aerospace science and technology industrial city, leading, integrating and promoting the innovation chain, industrial chain and urban service chain with the capital chain. The following is the specific cooperation content-ethexc between Shumai Distribution Technology and Wenchang International Space City:

(1) Build a data middle platform - "Zhejiang University-Dumailian R&D Center" is mainly responsible for technical support tasks, build a global federated learning middle platform, and provide impetus for Wenchang smart city construction and Wenchang industry-university-research research. At the same time, it will also develop and provide data services such as data governance, data model building, and data asset management for the full lifecycle governance of big data, so as to build the center of Wenchang's smart brain operation, providing functions such as intelligent decision-making, intelligent intervention, and intelligent control. To realize the digital economic transformation of Wenchang Aerospace City by empowering the real economy.

(2) Building a study and research base - by virtue of being settled in the "Zhejiang University-Dumailian R&D Center" to drive scientific research, build an international innovation laboratory, a high-end think tank, and a service platform for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, attract scientific and technological talents, and promote the research and development of the central platform of global federated learning And landing, enhance the credibility of the global federated learning platform, and make Wenchang's smart brain construction process more professional and authoritative.

(3) Drive digital finance - the global federated learning platform can provide integrated services or customized services for financial data collection, management, storage, research, and use, so that data assets can be better operated and utilized, and data can become a financial asset. A sharp tool for the digital transformation of institutions, to build an international digital financial collaborative exchange demonstration zone.

(4) Develop science and technology exhibitions and trades—build a convention and exhibition center and a smart demonstration area, and form a demonstration area with regional coordination and driving effects. Create a global science and technology industry exhibition center and convention center that can focus on displaying aerospace technology, characteristic smart industries and information technology, and become an important window for foreign exchanges and investment attraction through digital, intelligent and international exhibitions and conferences.

Wenchang International Aerospace City is one of the three key science and technology cities of "land, sea and air" in Hainan Province, with a series of major policy support. Wenchang International Aerospace City, as a brand-new highland for innovative and integrated development, has no previous chapters to follow, and everything must be explored. However, with the strong scientific research and innovation strength of "Zhejiang University-Shumalink R&D Center", Shumai Distribution Technology is very confident in building Wenchang's smart brain, enabling Wenchang to advance the goal of becoming a powerful country, and the glorious overall situation is set——Wenchang Aerospace, the top of the world .


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Shumai Distribution Technology Co., Ltd.and "Zhejiang University-Shumaician R&D Center" officially landed in Hainan to participate in the construction of Wenchang International Space City

On the morning of September 1, the "Hainan Free Trade Port Aerospace Industry Investment Promotion Conference and Project Concentrated Signing Ceremony" was officially held in Wenchang International Aerospace City. A.

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