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The OKLink browser of OKLink is heavily upgraded, and one-click triggers data visualization on the chain.



On September 9, 2020, Beijing time, the OKLink block browser of OKLink was upgraded heavily, and the data chart section on the Ethereum chain was officially launched, providing visualized data charts of Ethereum addresses, transactions and network status data, providing users with More accurate, timely and professional data services.

OKLink block browser supports on-chain data retrieval and query of multiple mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and provides users with multi-dimensional blockchain big data services. The data visualization chart on the Ethereum chain launched this time further enriches the indicators and data on the Ethereum chain, aiming to provide users with more comprehensive data retrieval and query tools on the chain.

Nine new languages have been added to OKLink's official website: On December 14, OKLink's official website officially launched nine languages to provide blockchain big data services for global users. In this official website update, Okey Cloud Chain has added nine languages, including Russian, German, Turkish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese, on the basis of the original Chinese (simplified and traditional) and English. While serving millions of users in China, it is also expanding overseas, providing blockchain big data/blockchain security services for more than 50 million blockchain industry users and entities around the world.

Zhang Chao, vice president of Okey Cloud Chain, said that creating world-class products and services and adhering to the internationalization strategy are Okey Cloud Chain's requirements and goals for itself. In August of this year, Okey Cloud Chain has successively joined the Global Digital Finance Organization (GDF) and the American Digital Chamber of Commerce (CDC). [2021/12/14 7:38:36]

The Ethereum chart section launched by OKLink this time shows the real-time status of the Ethereum network in detail, and provides the entire network computing power and mining difficulty of the Ethereum network, Gas price and utilization rate, the number of transactions on the chain, and large transaction statistics, etc. Common data and indicators. By paying attention to the fluctuations of these indicators, users can have a more intuitive and comprehensive understanding of the current state and historical development trajectory of the Ethereum network.

Hong Kong stocks closed: Outech Cloud Chain closed up 25.25%, Huobi Technology closed up 22.25%: Hong Kong stocks closed today, the Hang Seng Index closed at 26343.1 points, up 0.86%; Ou Ke Cloud Chain (01499.HK) reported 0.248 Hong Kong dollars, closed up 25.25%; Huobi Technology (01611.HK) reported 5 Hong Kong dollars, closed up 22.25%. [2020/12/23 16:15:52]

Zhang Chao, vice president of Okey Cloud Chain: 5G is blood, IOT is eyes, blockchain is an artery, and artificial intelligence is the brain: On October 13, Zhang Chao, vice president of Okey Cloud Chain, held the third digital China in Fuzhou The construction summit pointed out that blockchain technology, 5G, IOT (Internet of Things), artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies are all part of the information system, and should be used in a coordinated way to maximize its value. It said that 5G means faster network transmission speed, as a channel for data transmission, it is blood; IOT means more data collection entrances, perception layers, as the infrastructure of informationization in the real world, it is eyes; blockchain It is the artery that can solve the interaction logic and data transmission rules between various role subjects; artificial intelligence can achieve better system services based on data and models with less development cost, it is the brain. [2020/10/13]

The previous upsurge in the DeFi market caused congestion on the Ethereum network, which led to a continuous rise in Gas prices, and the Gas price once hit a record high, exceeding 500Gwei. As the market tide has subsided in recent days, Gas prices have also gradually dropped.

We can clearly see the trend of GasPrice through [Daily Average GasPrice] on the OKLink Ethereum browser data page. When transferring money or calling a contract, set a reasonable transfer price to avoid waiting for the transaction to be confirmed on the chain and reduce the handling fee.

The on-chain chart section of Ethereum not only provides transfer transactions and visual charts of Gas prices, but also includes practical chains such as the circulation of ERC-20 USDT on the Ethereum chain, the number of pending transactions on the entire network, and the number of active-ethexc addresses on the chain. The data on the chain aims to provide users with all-round and multi-perspective on-chain data and indicators.

OKLink has successively completed the full-cycle data statistics and mining of each asset, and established a wealth of tags for the transaction characteristics of the address. The recently launched "Sky Eye on the Chain" function effectively empowers the credible digitization of the "anti-criminal" industry.

In subsequent product iterations, OKLink will continue to enrich on-chain data, realize fine-grained monitoring and address portraits of all transactions that occur on the chain, and provide users with more accurate and diversified on-chain data services.

In the wave of new infrastructure, OKLink will further closely integrate high-tech technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, and contribute to the exploration of "blockchain +" to give new value to the industry.


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The OKLink browser of OKLink is heavily upgraded, and one-click triggers data visualization on the chain.

On September 9, 2020, Beijing time, the OKLink block browser of OKLink was upgraded heavily, and the data chart section on the Ethereum chain was officially launched.

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