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9.8 morning market: BTC bottomed out twice, and the next operation is as follows



The market continued to bottom out yesterday, and reached below $9,900 at the lowest point, but it did not reach a new low, and then rebounded quickly. It was a relatively obvious second bottoming and it was effective. It made another effort in the morning, and once broke through nearly two days The downward trend line and the daily line structure also formed a reversal pattern of bottoming out and rising, which also laid a good foundation for today's trend. The macd column red has a tendency to shorten, and the signs of shock have become more and more obvious, but still the same sentence, it is not certain that it is a bottom shock at present, and the probability of a down relay shock also exists.

SOL’s 24-hour net outflow of funds is 1.981 billion yuan: Jinse Finance’s monitoring data shows that the top three in the cryptocurrency market’s 24-hour net outflows are [2021/9/1 22:53:13]

Recently, the sound of defi has been much quieter, but what is certain is that if the defi disease does not go home, it will be silent. On the contrary, in the past two days, the three major exchanges have started to launch lock-up mining, which has made the three platforms have a good increase in comparison, and this lock-up It is the platform currency itself. If the activity is successful, it will be beneficial to the platform currency in the long run. Of course, if the three major platforms do this, other second- and third-tier platforms will follow suit, so we must carefully identify and stay away from platforms that are not strong in security, especially those with high returns. The higher the return, the greater the risk is an eternal theorem. People who stare at the high interest are indeed staring at your principal.

The community development team initiated a proposal to apply for $98,000 to Aave for the development of mobile applications: On August 18th, the 2001 DeFi team initiated a $98,000 fund application proposal in Aave Grant DAO, planning to develop React Native technology for the Aave protocol The mobile application supports iOS and Android systems. The team hopes to introduce more new users of the Aave protocol by developing a mobile app, and make it easier to access the Aave protocol to view community proposals and voting progress. The proposal currently has 100% support, and voting ends on August 20. [2021/8/18 22:22:13]

AOFEX perpetual contract traded 2.98 billion USDT in 24H, and the number of BTC thousand times contract short sellers dominated: AOFEX transaction big data shows that as of 10:30 today, the transaction volume of perpetual contract reached 2.98 billion USDT, of which ETH/USDT perpetual contract transaction volume It is 654 million, and the current quotation is 526.8 USDT. The trading volume of BTC/USDT perpetual contract is 1.256 billion, and the current quotation is 17257.4USDT. The trading volume of BTC thousand times contracts is 241 million, and the ratio of long and short positions is 0.96, and the number of short sellers in the market is temporarily dominant.

AOFEX digital currency financial derivatives exchange aims to provide users with high-quality services and asset security. [2020/11/27 22:18:12]


YAM V3 is coming, can you still eat sweet potatoes that have been reheated?

Last time, Blue Fox Notes mentioned "YAM's Restart Road", and YAM is now preparing to open the road to V3.YAM is a completely decentralized community governance. In the process of launching YAM V3.

Stamp the notice with a "trust stamp" AntChain and EMS trace the source of the university admission notice

With the start of the school year approaching, the admission notices of major colleges and universities have been delivered to candidates one after another. In order to avoid problems such as falsification of admissio.

After the Defi heat wave, will cross-chain become a new hot spot?

The autumn wind came overnight, and the hearts of the people were cold. I don't know if it was the dealer's response to 94. When I woke up.

9.8 morning market: BTC bottomed out twice, and the next operation is as follows

The market continued to bottom out yesterday, and reached below $9,900 at the lowest point, but it did not reach a new low.

Ethan Ng, CEO of BiKi Southeast Asia, was elected as a member of the Forbes Financial Council

According to official news, Ethan Ng, CEO of BiKi Southeast Asia, recently won the Forbes Finance Council (Forbes Finance Council) Membership qualifications.

The medium and short-term decline pattern is intact, and the trend is king.

The nature of each level: daily line - consolidation, 4 hours - down, 1 hour - downThe screenshot is from the 2-hour chart of OKEX BTC/USDT perpetual combination: For the market, there are two angles.

Collins Capital Cheng Jianbo: The mining industry needs to be de-monopolized

On August 22, the "2020 Global Blockchain Computing Power Conference and New Infrastructure Mining Summit" opened in Chenghua District, Chengdu. This conference focuses on industry hot topics such as blockchain.