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Ethan Ng, CEO of BiKi Southeast Asia, was elected as a member of the Forbes Financial Council



According to official news, Ethan Ng, CEO of BiKi Southeast Asia, recently won the Forbes Finance Council (Forbes Finance Council) Membership qualifications, and representing BiKi to become a Forbes Finance Council member can start a series of cooperation with top elites in the global industry and establish strategic partnerships.

Forbes Finance Council is an elite community that invites only senior executives of financial series companies. The community will assess whether a company meets the membership criteria through development potential, capital amount, income, etc., and allows senior executives of the company to join the Forbes Finance Council in the name of individuals or companies.

ODIN on the BiKi platform increased by 37.84% in 24h: According to BiKi market data, as of 14:30 today (GMT+8), the currency on the platform ODIN increased by 37.84% in 24h, and the current price of ODIN is 0.3603USDT. The market fluctuates greatly, please pay attention to risk control. [2020/7/13]

The founder of Forbes Finance Council, Scott Gerber (Scott Gerber), believes that the mission of Forbes Finance Council is to bring together "leaders" who have experience in the development of each industry, and jointly create a A community with the power of capital and capital to help every member and user grow and contribute to the financial development of the world.

Similarly, Ethan Ng believes that there are many differences of opinion and pain points in the current blockchain industry, and it is difficult for competing products in the industry to share their own experience with each other to conduct strategic cooperation discussions. The establishment of the Forbes Finance Council has narrowed the distance between industries. Everyone can exchange high-quality experience in the same community, share blockchain technology, and truly jointly overcome industry pain points and promote the positive development of blockchain.

BiKi contract market report: BTC long-short positions accounted for 19%: 81%: According to BiKi contract official data, as of June 9th 24:00 (GMT+8), the total contract positions accounted for 49% of long-short positions %: 51%. The proportion of long and short positions in BTC is 19%: 81%; ETH is 84%: 16%; BCH is 46%: 54%; EOS is 41%: 59%; XRP is 49%: 51%; BSV is 46%: 54%; LTC is 55%: 45%.

BiKi now supports cross-margin and isolated-margin modes with 1-150 times leverage. BiKi perpetual contracts have launched three major functions: stop profit and stop loss, lightning liquidation, and simulated contracts. [2020/6/10]

Forbes Finance Council has three elements to help members grow quickly:

IRIS will be listed on BiKi at 15:00 on March 24: According to the official announcement, IRIS (IRIS Network) will be listed on BiKi at 15:00 on March 24 (GMT+8), open the IRIS/USDT trading pair, and open withdrawal at the same time Business, recharge service will be available at 17:00 (GMT+8) on March 23.

According to the official introduction, IRISnet (mainnet IRIS Hub) is a cross-chain service hub that supports various complex distributed applications such as DeFi. IRIS Hub is developed using the Cosmos SDK and is the first self-evolving BPoS network. Its development team includes Bianjie, which has won multiple technological innovation awards, and Tendermint, the core development team of Cosmos. IRISnet provides a variety of basic modules that support the development of DeFi applications, and can support the seamless integration between public chains, alliance chains, and traditional business systems, enabling data and complex calculations to be interconnected across heterogeneous networks to achieve cross-chain calls for services . [2020/3/23]

1. Exposure has the highest quality investment fans. When other people focus on the same work, you only need to share and publish some of your advice or expert content-ethexc on through the help of Forbes Finance Council on a regular basis. Help you create more business value. is the authority on business news, considered an exclusive franchise, and has a lot of influence. has authoritative resources and potential partners, and high-quality sharing will attract them.

2. Connectivity has elites from all over the industry with massive professional knowledge. In the community of Forbes Finance Council, you can find or contact all the resources you want to solve your most urgent tasks in business. Forbes Finance Council hopes that the establishment of the community can better help companies or individuals raise and solve the pain points that exist in the industry, which is shared.

3. Growth

Forbes Finance Council is a global business community, which brings together elite executives from all over the world. It has the authoritative certification of financial media here, and the selection of BiKi is also a recognition of its strength. BiKi was established in 2018, and its team members include outstanding talents from various fields such as international top financial institutions, social media, and electronic technology. It covers digital asset transactions, derivatives, blockchain technology research and development, blockchain industry investment and other businesses, and is a global blockchain technology and service provider.

BiKi is committed to providing a safe and reliable service experience for global users, and its pioneering community partner fission system coincides with Forbes Finance Council's views to a certain extent.

This time, Ethan Ng, as the CEO of BiKi Southeast Asia, was invited to become a member of the Forbes Finance Council. On behalf of BiKi, he will extensively cooperate with other industry elites in the community, actively share BiKi's major events in product planning and operation layout, and let more Quality investors see the dynamics of BiKi in the cryptocurrency market.

In addition, BiKi will continue to explore potential partners, provide each other with their own valuable experience in business, and jointly solve the pain points in the industry; continue to strengthen the business level of the platform, and accelerate the process of global strategic cooperation.


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Ethan Ng, CEO of BiKi Southeast Asia, was elected as a member of the Forbes Financial Council

According to official news, Ethan Ng, CEO of BiKi Southeast Asia, recently won the Forbes Finance Council (Forbes Finance Council) Membership qualifications.

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