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The mainstream currency and DeFi are both blooming, and Bitcoin ushers in a rising catalyst



As mentioned in yesterday’s article, the current wave of DeFi has once again become a hot spot in the market. There are two main killers. The first is YFI introduced yesterday, and the second is Uniswap to be introduced today.

If YFI uses the currency price to give people the most direct sensory impact, then Uniswap makes everyone see infinite hope.

First look at the many nicknames of Uniswap, the cradle of Onocoin (the kind that can issue coins for $43), decentralized authority, the leader of DEX (decentralized exchange), the most obvious label on Uniswap is to go Centralized exchanges.

In the past, our deepest impression of decentralized exchanges was that the transaction volume was small, orders could not be placed, and transactions could not be executed. Therefore, at that time, the market believed that decentralized exchanges could not shake the core position of centralized exchanges. However, the Uniswap 24-hour The trading volume has surpassed that of Coinbase, the largest digital currency exchange in the United States. This is enough to make those centralized exchanges panic. Yesterday morning, the three major exchanges Huobi, OK and Binance were frightened.

EOS was removed from the mainstream currency index list on the OKEx homepage, and BSV was added: On September 7, EOS was removed from the mainstream currency index list on the homepage of the OKEx trading platform, and BSV was added to the list. [2020/9/7]

One of the important reasons why Uniswap's trading volume can surpass Coinbase this time is because SushiSwap, as can be seen from the name, is another Uniswap imitation disk, but this imitation disk has launched the governance token Sushi, plus other DeFi governance tokens. With the rise of currency prices, the trading volume of Uniswap has naturally increased. Although Sushi helped Uniswap to a certain extent, Uniswap cannot be said to like Sushi.

Because Sushiswap is prying the corner of Uniswap, Sushiswap is known as the evolution of Uniswap, which is equivalent to Uniswap+liquidity mining. Its mechanism is basically the same as Uniswap, but in some respects, Sushiswap will be more favorable, for example, SushiSwap transactions The handling fee is 0.3%, of which 0.25% is allocated to liquidity providers, and the remaining 0.05% is converted into SUSHI tokens and distributed to liquidity providers. In contrast, Uniswap liquidity providers can only get a 0.3% fee reward when they provide liquidity, and once they stop providing liquidity, the reward will stop.

TokenBetter mainstream currency market data: BTC rose 1.44% in 24 hours: TokenBetter official market data, as of 9:35 on May 6, BTC rose 1.44% in 24 hours, and the current price is 8963.37USDT;

ETH rose 0.28% in 24 hours to 203.77USDT;

EOS rose 0.2% in 24 hours to 2.7515 USDT;

BCH rose 0.38% in 24 hours to 244.98 USDT;

BSV rose 0.76% in 24 hours to 205.63 USDT;

LTC rose 0.15% in 24 hours to 46.39USDT;

XRP rose 0.28% in 24 hours to 0.21597 USDT;

ETC rose 15.06% in 24 hours to 8.11USDT.

On Wednesday, the three major U.S. stock indexes closed up. DJIA rose 0.56% in 24 hours to 23883.09 points; NDX rose 1.13% in 24 hours to 8809.12 points; SPX rose 0.9% in 24 hours to 2868.44 points. [2020/5/6]

Another most important point is that mining can be realized on Sushiswap, and the mined mine is Sushi, the governance token of Sushiswap, which is not available on Uniswap for the time being, so when the same two products are placed in front of you, one is in the mature stage, One has only been online for three days and there are opportunities everywhere. One can only be traded, and the other can be mined for cash while trading. Which one would you choose?

MXC Matcha mainstream currency market data: BTC rose 5.31% in 24 hours and is now reported at 6560.04USDT: According to MXC Matcha market data, as of 10:00 on March 24, 2020, BTC rose 5.31% in 24 hours to 6560.04USDT, and ETH rose 4.31% in 24 hours. It is now reported at 134.94USDT, EOS is up 2.81% in 24 hours, and is now at 2.29USDT, BCH is up 4.06% in 24 hours, and is now at 222.79USDT, BSV is up 5.74% in 24 hours, and is now at 175.28USDT, LTC is up 2.2% in 24 hours, and is now at 38.93USDT, XRP24 It rose by 3.07% in an hour, and is now reported at 0.159USDT. ETC rose by 1.92% in 24 hours, and is now reported at 4.97USDT. As of now, USDT is quoted at 7.22 yuan off-site at MXC, with a premium rate of 1.69%. Last night, the Federal Reserve announced that it would buy unlimited U.S. bonds and MBS on demand and other "water release" measures. The market responded quickly, and BTC rose by 6% in half an hour. After the bulls took a short break, it helped the BTC price to stand above 6500U this morning. (The above views do not constitute investment advice, pay attention to investment risks) [2020/3/24]

The temptation of this point to investors is infinitely magnified, causing customers on Uniswap to mortgage their own tokens to Sushiswap for mining. It can be said that Sushiswap is stealing Uniswap’s liquidity. It has only been online for three days. The daily trading volume of Sushiswap has exceeded 30 million US dollars, becoming a new star on the DEX track.

The mainstream currencies all rose, and the total market value of cryptocurrencies returned to 330 billion U.S. dollars: According to coinmarketcap data, the total market value of cryptocurrencies is now 332.663 billion U.S. dollars, and the 24-hour trading volume is 19.222 billion U.S. dollars. The top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization are all on the rise today. [2018/5/30]

In addition, there is another interesting thing about Sushi. Our article yesterday mentioned the cooperation between YFI and the FTX centralized exchange. The CEO of the FTX exchange slept in the office a few days ago and frantically dug Sushi. Crazy smashing during the day.

Many people think whether Sushiswap will surpass Uniswap according to this momentum. At present, Sushiswap’s momentum is indeed very strong, but Sushiswap’s own problems must also be taken seriously, such as unlimited issuance of tokens, no audit of governance tokens, etc. .

More importantly, the main reason for the theft of Uniswap is the issue of tokens. It is no exaggeration to say that the big names who are concerned about DeFi all over the world are now concerned about when Uniswap will be able to issue coins. As the leader of the decentralized exchange, Once the currency is issued, it will only be a routine operation to attract people to snap up it.

The latest 12-hour currency situation of mainstream currencies: ethereum increased by 8.99%: according to data from, the latest transaction price of bitcoin was RMB 7,030, with a maximum increase of 2.11% within 12 hours. The highest price was RMB 7,130.1 and the lowest price was RMB 6,613 ; The latest transaction price of ethereum is RMB 409, with a maximum increase of 3.58% within 12 hours, the highest price is RMB 419, and the lowest price is RMB 368; the latest transaction price of ripple is RMB 0.51, the highest increase of 2.76% within 12 hours, the highest The price is RMB 0.52, the lowest price is RMB 0.47; the latest transaction price of litecoin is RMB 122.06, with a maximum increase of 4% within 12 hours, the highest price is RMB 124.26, and the lowest price is RMB 112.52; the latest transaction price of dash is RMB 323.95 yuan, the highest increase of 2.89% within 12 hours, the highest price is 328 yuan, and the lowest price is 301.1 yuan. [2018/3/31]

Finally, back to the threat to centralized exchanges, many people are expecting that Uniswap will surpass the three major centralized exchanges one day, but this is actually very difficult.

Chinese players account for a very large part of the currency circle, and the main channels for Chinese players to speculate in coins are the three centralized exchanges. Although DeFi is busy during this period, most domestic traders still focus on project tokens and mining. There are not many domestic investors, and the channels for everyone to buy DeFi project tokens are still the three major exchanges. Although they came out earlier on decentralized exchanges, they are basically traded on decentralized exchanges. At that time, the three major exchanges will launch tokens, so most domestic investors have trading opportunities. After all, decentralized exchanges still have some thresholds for ordinary players.

This has formed a process. DeFi projects issue coins - go to the decentralized exchange - the transaction is hot - the three major exchanges go online - domestic investors invest, at least at this stage, most ordinary domestic investors The way to participate in DeFi projects is to purchase tokens through the three major exchanges, so the more popular DeFi governance tokens are, the three major exchanges can instead earn traffic on these tokens.

Unless one day the user education of DeFi is done very well and the popularity is relatively wide, will there be intermediaries similar to guiding users to conduct DeFi transactions on the Internet? Neither do we know. But what everyone needs to know is that when the tokens on the token DeFi are transferred to the three major exchanges for trading, the risk of smashing the market is actually very high, so if you want to share the DeFi pie, it is recommended to learn more DeFi knowledge, it is more cost-effective to directly participate in mining, and the risk is smaller than direct transactions.

Today's market is quite lively. The DeFi market is eating "Sushi (Sushi)", Bitcoin is also hitting 12,000 US dollars, and ETH has already rushed to 460. For $460, you can see the hope of getting rid of the set.

Back to the topic, today the market is running at full speed and has reached above 11,900 US dollars, and it will immediately head towards 12,000 US dollars. As we said in yesterday's article, the daily line level is still a little more optimistic this week.

The current daily chart is actually not very interesting. It is roughly the same as yesterday. The K-line rebounded upward along the moving average. The MACD looks like a golden cross. Today's volume energy will be much greater than yesterday's volume energy, which is the performance of both volume and price.

What is more interesting is the hourly line. When the market opened this morning, there was a wave of rapid dips. Unexpectedly, after falling out of the previous upward channel, it quickly rebounded, and directly broke the original upward channel. squinted.

At present, the upward channel has been broken, and the next main step is to step back. Stepping back on the upper track supports the effectiveness, and it may not be able to support it. There is also a probability that, like this morning, you will come back immediately after taking a risk outside, so that It is said that the main reason is that it is not easy to chase high at present, and there is still more than half of the time to close the line today, and there are too many variables.

I still remember how we used to treat the hourly line level rising too fast in the past. The important sign of intervention is to look back to find the support of the moving average, preferably the 30-day moving average. The probability of continuing to rise after a successful step back is relatively high, and the risk is relatively small.

In fact, there is no need to worry too much about the market in the short term. Recently, there are two obvious signs that indicate that funds have entered the market. One is that Tether has recently started to issue more, and today it issued an additional 250 million Usdt. The second is that Usdt has a positive premium again, which is a sign of retail funds entering the market.


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The article is contributed by Biquan Beiming, the columnist of Jinse Finance and Economics, and his remarks only represent his personal views.

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