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Golden Outpost丨Huobi Launches "New Coin Mining" Lock HT/HPT to Participate in DeFi Liquidity Mining



According to DeBank statistics, as of September 2, the total lock-up volume of DeFi exceeded 12.3 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of more than 1600% during the year; the total market value of DeFi projects also ushered in an explosion, from 1.5 billion U.S. dollars at the beginning of the year to 17.3 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of more than 1000 %.

Although the overall number of DEX active-ethexc users is on the rise, the daily active-ethexc users in the past two months have reached a maximum of 40,000. There are indications that although DeFi is hot, most investors have not really participated in it. For ordinary users, they not only have to overcome high barriers to entry and learn a variety of mining rules, but also have to bear slippage losses and high gas fees. In addition, many DEX platforms are flooded with counterfeit coins. Some investors have bluntly stated that they have lost millions due to charging wrong coins.

Analysis | Golden disk: BTC fluctuates at a high level, maintaining the bullish trend: exclusive analysis of the golden disk: the main force of the long and short markets in the night market is fiercely competing for $6,700. The loss was heavy, but so far, the battle for $6,700 has not ended. In the short term, the 4-hour track change has been completed, but the bulls have no intention of repairing it. OK's long main contract position account has reached a historical high of 73%. At the current position, bulls cannot afford to lose. Once they fail to challenge the mid-range of the daily line, they may lose everything. From a multi-period perspective, there is no large-scale top signal here, maintaining a good upward trend, and stepping back on the 4-hour MA6 will be a signal for another attack. Investors are requested to view market fluctuations rationally and do a good job in risk control. [2018/9/22]

Under the influence of the wealth effect, more and more funds are pouring in. As far as funds are concerned, how to enter with a low threshold and maximize utilization during the market frenzy period is the most realistic problem at present. The entry of centralized exchanges has become an important link linking the mainstream market and the DeFi ecosystem.

Jinse Finance exclusively analyzed two interpretations of the giant’s transfer of blockchain-related shares: the profitability of the invested company is reflected in the investment profit and loss of the giant company, and the risk of profitability will directly cause risks to its financial statements, which is what shareholders value place. Giant’s sale of OKC’s shares is reasonable and sufficient for the reason of “protecting investors” due to “uncertainty”. The transfer consideration of US$28.5 million accounts for about 2%. At the general meeting of shareholders, the giant also made the same explanation to related parties in accordance with the procedures, and the assets were not undervalued and sold at a low price, which fully met the requirements.

However, there are two interpretations of "uncertainty". If it is interpreted as a risk, Shi Yuzhu and others have naturally shown their responsibility and selflessness; if it is interpreted as a potential benefit, then the profits brought about by OKC's successful transformation will not be enjoyed by the majority of shareholders of the giant company. Others don't know what Shi Yuzhu and the board of directors are thinking, but at least, the reduction of "blockchain"-related equity this time does not explain the bad news of OKC or the concept of blockchain. If it is really a huge risk, there is no need to sell it to "stakeholders". It is more accurate to explain the "disagreement" between Shi Yuzhu and the shareholders' meeting. And it is worth noting that OKC is from operating currency to engaging in blockchain "industry", which is more in line with the policy, and there are reasons for this to be positive news. [2018/3/24]

Golden Finance News: According to Adguard's report, many TOP websites around the world hide digital currency mining codes, and 500 million computers are occupied. [2017/10/17]

According to official news, Huobi Global will launch ACH (Alchemy Pay) for the first time at 20:00 on September 7 (GMT+8), and open ACH currency transactions (ACH/USDT, ACH/BTC, ACH/ETH); currently Huobi has opened the deposit service of ACH. Huobi official will launch the first phase of "Locking HT to participate in new currency mining" at the same time when ACH is open for trading at 20:00, and will provide 100 million ACH tokens to reward users who lock positions participating in new currency mining activities . Users only need to lock up a minimum of 100HT to participate in new currency mining activities, and the reward is ACH tokens obtained from participating in new currency mining. The total lockup limit for this event is 8 million HT.

At the same time, Huobi Global will launch the first phase of "Locking HT/HPT to participate in DeFi liquidity mining" at 16:00 on September 7 (GMT+8). The first phase of the activity will provide 5 million USDT equivalent Blockchain assets are used for DeFi liquidity mining (the first phase of 10 million USDT will be launched in batches). All rewards generated by mining will be given back to users who participate in the event to lock HT and HPT. According to the announcement, users only need 100HT or 100,000 HPT to start investing.

Market analysts believe that it is estimated that the reward rate (accumulated over 365 days) for users to lock HT to participate in DeFi liquidity mining is about 50%~300%. Mining", "Locking HT to participate in new currency mining" will increase the demand for buying HT in a short period of time. The two activities are expected to lock more than 10 million HT.


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Golden Outpost丨Huobi Launches "New Coin Mining" Lock HT/HPT to Participate in DeFi Liquidity Mining

According to DeBank statistics, as of September 2, the total lock-up volume of DeFi exceeded 12.3 billion U.S. dollars.

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