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What to do with the exchanged DCEP? Don't worry this can be returned



On August 29, the CCB digital currency personal wallet was launched on the APP. Enter "number" in the search-ethexc box and two sub-menus "digital wallet recharge" and "digital currency" will appear. Users can bind their bank cards to open directly. Digital currency wallets have a unique code. According to the user agreement, the services provided by the digital RMB wallet include: inquiry, payment, redemption, redemption, transfer, credit card repayment and other services.

Image source: China Construction Bank APP

Monitoring: The Genesis dormant address transferred 20,000 ETH two days ago and exchanged it for wstETH: According to the news on January 3, PeckShield monitoring showed that two days ago, the dormant address marked as Genesis (beginning with 0x815c) transferred 2 Ten thousand ETH (approximately US$24 million) was transferred to the address starting with 0x0e77, and then nearly 20,000 ETH were converted into wstETH. During the period, the stETH/ETH exchange rate once fell to 0.985 on December 31. [2023/1/3 22:22:24]

Subsequently, a reporter from our newspaper dialed the customer service number of CCB, and the staff said that users in the online areas can open it by searching for "digital currency" in the CCB APP. Opening requires information such as name, ID number, mobile phone number, etc. In addition, digital currency wallets are divided into 4 categories according to their grades, and different grades have different limit requirements. Currently, the online opening is a second-class digital currency account, and a first-class digital currency is handled. Accounts need to go to China Construction Bank to handle.

Security Team: Ankr attackers have exchanged 10 trillion aBNB for 5,500 BNB and 5.34 million USDC: On December 2, according to CertiK data monitoring, Ankr attackers have exchanged 10 trillion aBNB for 5,500 BNB and 534 10,000 USDC (about 7 million USD in total), and the attacker’s address still holds about 6 trillion aBNB and 100 BNB.

So far, 900 BNB have been sent to Tornado Cash, 3.7 million USDC have been sent to Celer Network cBridge, and 1.64 million USDC have been sent to address 0xd1C596. [2022/12/2 21:18:23]

In the evening, our reporter dialed the customer service number of CCB again and asked questions such as the system could not be opened and how to deal with the recharged funds. Funds will be returned to the original savings account by August 30.

HECO Stablecoin Management Protocol Depth launched OTC exchange: According to the official announcement, HECO Stablecoin Management Protocol Depth officially launched the Depth OTC bulk currency exchange business on May 24. Users can trade between multiple currencies with 0 slippage in Depth OTC , both parties who complete the exchange of specific assets can share DEP rewards every day.

Depth OTC supports bulk exchange between multiple currencies, and users can conduct point-to-point currency transactions with zero slippage without registration, deposit, or custody. Among them, Taker needs to pay 0.12% transaction fee, which will be remitted to the DAO pool to provide xDEP holders with income. Both parties who successfully complete a specific asset transaction will be rewarded with DEP. Assets that are known to participate in DEP rewards in Depth OTC include mainstream assets such as HBTC, ETH, and DOGE, popular HECO assets such as MDX, FilDA, and LHB, and the Pilot pToken zone.

Depth is a safe and efficient stablecoin asset management protocol, developed based on the HECO ecological chain. As the steward of HECO's safe assets, Depth can allow assets to be saved and traded in a safe, stable, low-slip, deep, and low-fee on-chain environment. Depth introduced the concept of DAO, which will carry out long-term, efficient governance and fair income distribution in a hybrid governance manner. [2021/5/24 22:39:18]

May cause trouble after going online

Two Chinese Bitcoin OTC Exchangers Sanctioned by U.S. for Helping North Korean Hacking Team Launder Money: The U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced on Monday that two Chinese nationals have been sanctioned for helping North Korea’s Lazarus hacking team launder money. The two Chinese nationals run a bitcoin over-the-counter (OTC) business, helping customers convert bitcoin into fiat currencies. The Chinese citizens sanctioned this time are Mr. Tian from Nanjing, Jiangsu and Mr. Li from Anshan, Liaoning. The U.S. Treasury Department announced that Tian and Li received more than $91 million in cryptocurrency from North Korean hackers. According to the announcement, the money was stolen in an attack in April 2018 in which hackers stole a total of $250 million worth of cryptocurrencies. It is reported that Tian Yinyin transferred $34 million worth of illegal funds through the RMB bank account associated with his Bitcoin address, and also transferred nearly $1.4 million worth of bitcoins to prepaid Apple iTunes gift cards, which were used to purchase bitcoins. . [2020/3/3]

"I exchanged 10 yuan of DCEP", "I exchanged 88 yuan of DCEP", "I exchanged 1 yuan of DCEP", in a central bank encrypted currency WeChat discussion group, everyone was discussing jokingly. Suddenly a message in the group attracted everyone's attention, "I rushed into the second-class digital currency account with more than 100,000 online, and now the system cannot be accessed; according to the relevant requirements, it is impossible to transfer so much, and it will be successful without knowing the result." But I will definitely come back, so don’t worry.” During this wave of operations by the bank, everyone speculated that the system was malfunctioning, and the user page was closed for debugging?

According to the third wallet classification of the "China Construction Bank Digital RMB Wallet Personal Customer Service Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement"), the types of "digital RMB wallets" are divided into four categories: first-class wallets, second-class wallets, third-class wallets and Four types of wallets. For the first, second and third types of wallets, individual customers can only open one wallet of each type in all institutions under the jurisdiction of the bank. The difference between the four types of "digital RMB wallets" is: the upper limit of the balance of the second type of wallet is 10,000 yuan, the upper limit of a single payment is 5,000 yuan, the daily cumulative payment limit is 10,000 yuan, and the annual cumulative payment limit is 300,000 yuan; the third type of wallet The upper limit of the balance is 2,000 yuan, the upper limit of a single payment is 2,000 yuan, the daily cumulative payment limit is 2,000 yuan, and the annual cumulative payment limit is 50,000 yuan; the upper limit of the balance of the four types of wallets is 1,000 yuan, and the single payment limit is 500 yuan. The payment limit is 1,000 yuan, and the annual cumulative payment limit is 10,000 yuan.

According to the agreement, the balance of the second-class digital currency account of the above-mentioned CCB users cannot exceed 10,000. How can they exchange and transfer tens of thousands? Otherwise, in addition to the huge failure of the background system, it also led to the offline of CCB's digital currency wallet system.

Multiple user screenshots in the above WeChat group all show this part. The picture shows a single transaction limit of 50,000 yuan and a daily limit of 100,000 yuan, which is not in line with the provisions of the "Agreement".

It is reported that the "Agreement" has attached special agreed terms during the pilot period. A similar situation was mentioned in the article, saying that during the pilot period, CCB may change the service content-ethexc or stop providing services without prior notice. In this case, CCB will assist Party A to complete related operations such as fund withdrawal and wallet cancellation to ensure the safety of Party A’s funds.

During the pilot period, Party B does not rule out abnormal situations such as system failures, service interruptions, and capital errors. In the event of such an abnormal situation, Party A agrees that Party B has the right to unilaterally take remedial measures such as system upgrades and fund error adjustments, and give a customer service number to solve related problems. However, the call has not been answered after repeated calls by our reporter Pass.

Progress in an orderly manner

At present, the digital renminbi pilot is still "4+1". At the State Council’s regular policy briefing on August 25, Sun Guofeng, director of the Monetary Policy Department of the People’s Bank of China, revealed the latest situation: At present, the research and development of digital renminbi is being carried out in Shenzhen, Suzhou, Xiong’an, Chengdu and the future Winter Olympics scene Internal closed pilot test to test theoretical reliability, system stability, function availability, process convenience, scenario applicability and risk controllability.

CCTV has also recently reported on DCEP related news, and various tests and preparations for the central bank's digital currency are progressing in an orderly manner. In Shenzhen, the internal testing of digital currency is being carried out in an orderly manner; in Suzhou, some civil servants have received part of their salary in the form of digital currency; in Xiongan New District, 19 companies including McDonald's have begun to pilot digital currency.

According to the statistics of our reporter, as of now, the four major banks of Industry, Agriculture, China, and Construction have news about the DCEP test. Even though the China Construction Bank digital currency wallet has not been fully opened in the pilot program this time, and it seems that the system has also experienced related failures, this also means that the large-scale testing of DCEP has made new progress.

China Times ( reporter Ran Xuedong and trainee reporter Wang Yongfei reported from Beijing

Responsible Editor: Meng Junlian Chief Editor: Ran Xue


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What to do with the exchanged DCEP? Don't worry this can be returned

On August 29, the CCB digital currency personal wallet was launched on the APP. Enter "number" in the search-ethexc box and two sub-menus "digital wallet recharge" and "digital currency" will appear. Users can bind their ban.

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