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5 must-read articles in the evening | The dust of sushi control has settled, and the transaction volume of DEX continued to rise last week



One picture to understand the latest DeFi data: UMA liquidity mining income is as high as 64 times

Last week, DEX trading volume rose by more than 161%, and the weekly trading volume approached 10 billion US dollars. UMA's liquidity mining income is as high as 6473.76%, which is the project with the highest yield mining income. The second is the Sushi-ETH pool with a yield of 1325.33%. The BZX lending business is online, and the deposit interest rate is significantly higher than other lending agreements; for more data, just look at this picture. click to read

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of October 2: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Europe, Trump, Beijing Fourth Board Market, BitMEX

1. U.S. President Trump and the first lady tested positive for the new crown virus;

2. The Central Bank of Estonia launches a digital currency research project;

3. BitMEX’s XBTUSD open interest decreased by 20% after the US officials took action;

4. The ECB will hold public consultations and trials on a digital euro;

5. Vitalik updates the Ethereum roadmap centered on rollup construction;

6. European Central Bank executive member Panetta: The European Central Bank should be able to issue a digital euro if necessary;

7. The blockchain registration and custody system landed on the Beijing Fourth Board Market;

8. Vice President of the European Central Bank: the digital euro has become more necessary;

9. Bybit: It is not under the jurisdiction of the United States and will not face the risks encountered by BitMEX. [2020/10/2]

Who is FTX and its founder SBF who have gained control of Sushi?

Golden Evening News|A list of important news on the evening of July 10: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Zhejiang New Infrastructure, Ant Group, HT destruction, Compound, USDC address

1. Zhejiang New Infrastructure Three-year Action: Focus on core areas such as blockchain infrastructure.

2. Ant Group cooperates with Yunnan International Trust to apply blockchain to supply chain finance.

3. The first part of the Nerve Network mainnet function was launched on July 10.

4. Huobi Qiye: Huobi option contract products will be launched soon, and the income will be included in the scope of HT destruction.

5. General Counsel of Compound: The world does not need a CBDC but an encrypted dollar.

6. Fudan Zhang Chunxin: Central bank digital currency can help small and micro enterprises and vulnerable groups.

7. YouTube reproduces the encryption scam involving V God and the Winklevoss brothers.

8. The blacklisting of the USDC address has caused industry concerns about the development of the DeFi industry.

9. The Port of Rotterdam will launch a blockchain pilot project for container-ethexc handling without PIN verification. [2020/7/10]

In the past weekend, along with the "skyrocketing and plummeting" of prices, the control of DeFi star Sushi has been settled. On September 6, SushiSwap founder Chef Nomi tweeted that he had sent the SushiSwap time lock management control authority to FTX founder Sam Bankman Fried (SBF) and was transferring control to SBF. click to read

Quotes| Evening digital currency market report: According to the Huobi trading platform data, the latest transaction price of BTC is 8399.99 US dollars, the highest price is 8427 US dollars, the lowest price is 8274.75 US dollars, the transaction volume is 13,900, an increase of 0.34%; the latest transaction price of ETH is 183.56 US dollars, the highest The price reached US$184.33, the lowest price was US$178.3, and the transaction volume was 248,900, an increase of 0.25%. [2019/10/13]

New Leek Adventures: Uncle Sao (SYFI) Twelve Hours

Recently, the new leeks seem to be moving forward bravely. Compared with the old leeks and the old people in the currency circle, the way of fighting is much more brutal and bloody. Give it a try, otherwise how can I feel the depth of the risk firsthand? This kind of content-ethexc has a texture of sharing joys and sorrows. Shennong tasted all kinds of herbs and wrote articles with money. click to read

An article to understand the decentralized autonomous organization: DAO

Early explorations of DAOs focused more on their technical development and less on their social impact, leading to a series of failures while exposing the limitations of a rigid, "code is law" approach to DAO design. In this paper, we explore a more holistic approach to DAOs, one that combines technical engineering with social design. We call this approach the institutional view. click to read

Filecoin Mining Guide (2): The Apocalypse of the Rapid Expansion of Computing Power in the Space Race

After the stored data reaches a certain volume, the retrieval miners will gradually increase, because in addition to storing data, IPFS also needs to operate the data to reflect the value of the data.

So what are retrieval miners? And how to deploy a multi-node cluster? What's the latest on the space race? Click to read


Wang Yongli: The Essence and Context of "Digital Currency"

Right now, the digital currency that is about to emerge has once again become the focus of public opinion from all walks of life. It started in early 2009.

British high fashion brand Alexander McQueen launched a blockchain-based digital platform

British high fashion house Alexander McQueen has launched a blockchain-based digital platform. This week the brand announced the launch of MYMCQ.

Pilots in Shenzhen, Chengdu, Suzhou, Xiongan New District and other places How will the digital renminbi affect you and me?

Residents use smart medical multi-functional self-service machines to pay medical expenses at the People's Hospital of Wuxing District, Huzhou City.

5 must-read articles in the evening | The dust of sushi control has settled, and the transaction volume of DEX continued to rise last week

One picture to understand the latest DeFi data: UMA liquidity mining income is as high as 64 timesLast week, DEX trading volume rose by more than 161%.

Semi-annual report of 262 blockchain concept stocks: less than 10% of the applications are implemented, collectively avoid talking about blockchain revenue.

Through the semi-annual report that has been disclosed, the situation of listed companies' deployment of blockchain has gradually surfaced. Generally speaking.

Golden Outpost|Compound's new proposal intends to increase the market borrowing limit

On the morning of September 9, Compound Labs officially tweeted that the community has submitted COMP proposal 022, which plans to increase the market lending limit.At present.

5 must-reads in the evening | In addition to mining tutorial DeFi also pay attention to the community

1. Understand the Curve fork project Swerve in one article. Who will be forked next?Recently Curve was also forked by Swerve.