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Semi-annual report of 262 blockchain concept stocks: less than 10% of the applications are implemented, collectively avoid talking about blockchain revenue.



Through the semi-annual report that has been disclosed, the situation of listed companies' deployment of blockchain has gradually surfaced. Generally speaking, listed companies generally do not fully disclose information related to the blockchain business. Most of them avoid talking about it or mention it briefly, making it difficult to provide investors with valuable information.

The semi-annual report of listed companies shows that among the 262 blockchain concept stocks, most companies did not mention the word "blockchain". Among the companies that mentioned the blockchain, only 23 had practical applications, and only one company disclosed specific business income. From this point of view, there is still a long way to go for listed companies focusing on blockchain to realize the transformation from "concept stocks" to "value stocks".

For related listed companies, the sudden outbreak is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it has directly affected the income of blockchain business, causing some companies to fail. On the other hand, the prevention and control of the epidemic has forced the rapid development of blockchain technology, and the government affairs field has become the breakthrough and main battlefield of blockchain applications.

In the first half of this year, the life of blockchain concept stocks was a bit difficult.

Data: 262,413,821 XRPs were transferred from an unknown wallet to another unknown wallet: Jinse Finance reported that according to Whale Alert monitoring data, 262,413,821 XRPs (worth about $91,522,289) were transferred from an unknown wallet to another unknown wallet. [2022/12/18 21:51:08]

Since the blockchain was promoted to a national strategic technology at the end of October last year, the blockchain industry has ushered in unprecedented development, and listed companies are gearing up to seize new technological heights. However, the good times didn’t last long. The sudden outbreak of the epidemic disrupted the rhythm of listed companies, and many listed companies that planned to “go further” had no choice but to return to the original point, resulting in a large number of blockchain projects being put on hold.

Even under such circumstances, it is quite surprising that only one of the 262 listed companies disclosed the results of blockchain business revenue in the first half of the year. "Securities Daily" reporter combed the data of Oriental Fortune Choice and found that in the first half of this year, among the 262 blockchain concept stocks, only Yuanguang Software disclosed information that the company's blockchain business revenue fell by 100% year-on-year, which means that The relevant income is 0.

BTC fell below the $26,200 mark: According to data from Huobi Global, BTC has fallen below the $26,200 mark in the short term, and is now at $26,190.32, with an intraday increase of 2.21%. The market fluctuates greatly, so please do a good job in risk control. [2020/12/27 16:37:29]

Compared with other blockchain concept stocks, Yuanguang Software is one of the few listed companies that has actually achieved blockchain revenue. According to the relevant annual report data released by the company, Yuanguang Software’s blockchain business achieved revenue of 19.8925 million yuan in 2019, a year-on-year increase of 3886.03%.

Regarding the reason why the blockchain has no revenue in the first half of this year, Yuanguang Software stated in the announcement, "The main reason is that due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the time for customer project approval in the first half of the year was delayed, and the project approval and bidding for projects under construction were relatively delayed. Revenue will be reflected in the second half of the year."

Regarding the layout of the blockchain in the future, Huang Zhaoci, general manager of Yuanguang Software’s blockchain application business department, revealed to the reporter of the Securities Daily that the company’s blockchain business revolves around the blockchain enterprise application service platform V3.0. At present, there are many The two main application ecology of public certificate deposit and energy finance in the Bay Area. In the future, Yuanguang Software will build three major systems, namely "Logistics Traceability System", "Electronic Voucher System" and "Financial Settlement System". The empowerment of blockchain technology to application scenarios and the entire industry.

MXC Matcha listed ESD, opening up 262.22%: According to official news, at 15:00 on December 18, MXC Matcha assessment area launched ESD (Empty Set Dollar), and opened USDT trading. The opening price of ESD is 0.45USDT, and the current highest quotation is 1.63USDT, with a maximum increase of 262.22%.

According to the data, Empty Set Dollar is a decentralized algorithmic stabilization protocol, and its mechanism is a hybrid of Basis and Ampleforth; the bond model is introduced to achieve deflation, similar to Basis; inflation is obtained by staking, similar to Ampleforth.

Note: The information is for sharing only and does not constitute any investment advice. [2020/12/18 15:41:20]

Listed companies are secretive about blockchain business revenue. One of the main factors is the negative impact of the sudden outbreak of the epidemic. A number of listed companies stated in their semi-annual reports that uncertainties such as the recurrence of the epidemic, interruption of enterprise production, and difficulties in supply and demand recovery still exist, and development in the second half of the year still faces challenges. In addition, the data-thin blockchain business income is not mandatory to disclose, which has become one of the main reasons why many companies avoid talking about it.

The total market value of global cryptocurrencies is about 262.148 billion U.S. dollars: Jinse Finance reported that AICoin data shows that the total global market value of cryptocurrencies is about 262.148 billion U.S. dollars. In the cryptocurrency market, BTC ranks first, with a market value of approximately US$165.7 billion, accounting for 63.22% of the current market value; ETH ranks second, with a market value of approximately US$25.5 billion, accounting for 9.73% of the market value; Ripple ranks Third, the total market value is about 10.5 billion US dollars, accounting for 4.01% of the market value. [2020/3/5]

Affected by factors such as the epidemic, not only are listed companies not disclosing much blockchain business revenue, but there are also few companies disclosing specific applications. According to the "Securities Daily" reporter, among the 262 blockchain concept stocks, only 23 companies, including Ping An, Yijian, Neusoft, and Annie, mentioned the implementation results of blockchain applications in their semi-annual reports, accounting for Less than one-tenth of the ratio.

From the perspective of application fields, the blockchain application landing scenarios of 23 companies are mainly concentrated in government affairs, supply chain finance, medical care, copyright and other fields. Among them, the government affairs field has become the most important landing field, and 6 companies have related achievements.

News | 26,272 unconfirmed transactions on the Bitcoin network: According to data, the current number of unconfirmed transactions on the Bitcoin network is 26,272, and the 24-hour transaction rate is 3.78 txs/s. At present, the difficulty of the entire network is 15.47 T. It is predicted that the next difficulty will increase by 0.63% to 15.56 T, and there are 11 hours left before the adjustment. As of now, the global average price of Bitcoin is 9827.03 US dollars, a drop of 2.32% in the last 24 hours. [2020/2/11]

The "Blue Book of Blockchain Application Innovation in Beijing Municipal Service Field" pointed out that according to the role of blockchain technology in scenario applications and the emphasis on solving problems, blockchain applications in the field of government services can be divided into "data sharing and exchange"" Business Collaborative Handling" and "Electronic Deposit of Certificates and Photos".

The "Securities Daily" reporter found that most of the above-mentioned 6 companies were deployed around these three types of subdivided application scenarios. For example, Nanwei Software used the blockchain electronic certificate technology to create a "blockchain certificate pass" for Fujian, which is a typical application scenario of "electronic certificate storage". Using the distributed ledger and traceability features of the blockchain, Stech has created a "product data management and control platform" for operators' landing application scenarios, which can enable multi-system product data sharing and data consistency monitoring and early warning, which belongs to the "data Shared exchange” application scenario. Jincai Internet provides an online financial and tax custody service product "Jincai Cloud Merchant" based on blockchain technology. This product integrates online services such as industrial and commercial registration, bank account opening, tax registration, invoicing, bookkeeping, and tax declaration. The personnel do not need to be present Completing all business links online is a concrete manifestation of the application scenario of "business collaboration".

"The field of government affairs is becoming one of the main battlefields for blockchain applications." Fan Jingang, executive deputy secretary-general of the Blockchain Branch of the Chinese Institute of Electronics and CEO of Beijing Liangguan Network Technology Co., Ltd., told the "Securities Daily" reporter that in the field of government affairs , The blockchain will be able to give full play to its own technical concept advantages, namely data sharing, business collaboration, confirmation of rights and responsibilities, and open innovation, highlighting the important value of this core technology.

With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the demand for innovation and application of blockchain technology has risen instead of falling. At present, many provinces and cities have launched special blockchain policies to accelerate the development of blockchain in the field of government affairs. The purchasers of government blockchain applications are local governments, and the encouragement of policies and the support of real money have become an important incentive for listed companies to concentrate on the deployment of blockchain.

"Blockchain is a technology, and its development will not be hindered by a temporary epidemic." Zhao Wei, director of the Blockchain Special Committee of China Intellectual Property Development Alliance and the Blockchain Special Committee of Tsinghua Internet Industry Research Institute, said that the new crown epidemic has brought Changes in business relationships, social and economic life, and consumption scenarios may bring opportunities to blockchain technology. Under normal social conditions, advanced technologies can promote social governance, economic development, industrial integration, and consumption upgrades. Advanced technologies such as blockchain will undoubtedly receive more attention.

The reporter of "Securities Daily" sorted out the public information and found that in the first half of this year, at least 11 provinces and cities across the country issued special support policies for blockchain, and local governments have pressed the policy "accelerator" for the development of the blockchain industry. Among them, Hunan, Changsha, Guangzhou, Ningbo, and Beijing have formulated three-year development plans for the blockchain respectively.

The blockchain-specific policies issued by 11 provinces and cities mainly revolve around the main tone of blockchain empowering the real economy, and use government affairs scenarios as a breakthrough to drive other scenarios to go on-chain. For example, Beijing proposed to promote "data sharing and business collaboration" in government services; Hainan Province proposed that e-government projects using blockchain technology should be included in the annual construction plan first; Hunan Province proposed to encourage qualified cities to build city-level Government blockchain network.

At present, the government affairs field is one of the earliest and most mature scenarios where the blockchain is implemented. In the field of government affairs, blockchain has played a huge role in promoting data sharing, optimizing business processes, reducing operating costs, improving collaboration efficiency, and building a credible system. It can help the government improve the level of digitalization, intelligence, and precision in social governance.

Liu Mingrui, Chief Blockchain Solution Architect of Ernst & Young Hua Ming Accounting Firm (Special General Partnership), told the Securities Daily reporter that with the development and maturity of blockchain technology and the improvement of related infrastructure, national policy dividends With the support of the blockchain, a group of representative blockchain technology companies and blockchain application scenarios will be born, and even promote the change of business models, thereby promoting the stable growth of listed companies' performance. Only such listed companies can truly grow from the "blockchain Chain concept stocks" into "block chain value stocks".


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Semi-annual report of 262 blockchain concept stocks: less than 10% of the applications are implemented, collectively avoid talking about blockchain revenue.

Through the semi-annual report that has been disclosed, the situation of listed companies' deployment of blockchain has gradually surfaced. Generally speaking.

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