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Digital Link and Kingsoft Cloud, a well-known Chinese cloud computing service provider, have reached a strategic cooperation to jointly create a comprehensive big data service ecosystem



Datalink adds good news of ecological cooperation

Recently, CyberVein signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Kingsoft Cloud. Kingsoft Cloud is a subsidiary of Kingsoft Group and a well-known cloud computing service provider in China. CyberVein has advanced and innovative enterprise-level data middle platform technology, and is one of the few blockchain projects in China that has successfully had multiple application scenarios and product landings. This year, CyberVein has achieved fruitful results in the deployment of B-side application scenarios, and is also committed to the promotion of product landing. The improvement and creation of the whole ecology has entered the stage of "steady and progressive" and has applied for related technical patents, so that more people can enjoy the technology. Come live the good life.

Excellent technical products and perfect service capabilities are the basis for the cooperation between the two parties. Strong business resources and customer relationship networks are the decisive factors to promote the strategic cooperation and win-win situation between the two parties. CyberVein and Kingsoft Cloud will give full play to their respective industry and resource advantages to promote mutual cooperation. In-depth cooperation in innovative fields such as big data management, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing platforms will contribute to the cultivation of a high-end and efficient smart economy.

The intraday increase of the U.S. dollar index DXY expanded to 0.50%, and it is now at 98.21: The market shows that the intraday increase of the U.S. dollar index DXY expanded to 0.50%, and it is now at 98.21. [2022/3/4 13:37:54]

Datalink and Kingsoft Cloud jointly build a comprehensive big data solution

In recent years, all walks of life have a strong demand for digital transformation, and at the same time, research on big data has gradually deepened. CyberVein combines the advantages of Kingsoft Cloud's own open and shared, agile, efficient, safe and reliable intelligent ecological data and IoT smart home smart devices to provide users in the ecosystem with big data services based on directed acyclic graph architecture and blockchain underlying technology. Work together to solve the macro problems of storage, management, research and application in the data field, build a new industrial ecology, and provide customers with safe, intelligent and comprehensive big data solutions.

Data: Top U.S. financial institutions have added about 1,000 crypto-related jobs since 2018: Nov. 2, according to data from Revelio Labs, some of the largest U.S. banks and financial companies have added about 1,000 crypto-related jobs since 2018 Currency-related jobs (data from LinkedIn). The top three with the largest number of recruits are JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs. The companies have moved up the rankings as demand for the fast-growing virtual currency surges. At the same time, financial institutions are offering lucrative bonuses to attract crypto talent, with HR consulting firm Johnson Associates estimating that salaries for crypto jobs are 20% to 30% higher than similar positions unrelated to digital currencies. The firm added that many of the senior roles in cryptocurrency offer salary increases of up to 50% compared to other similar positions. (Bloomberg) [2021/11/2 6:26:25]

Data: 2,000 BTCs were transferred from multiple Xapo addresses to Binance, worth more than 100 million U.S. dollars: November 27 news, Whale Alert data showed that at 23:36:34 Beijing time, 2,000 BTCs were transferred from multiple Xapo addresses Binance, worth $109,060,380, transaction hash: e299cf37f5d7420519bb43d701cb4c0222b8634891992902d7a6ef1f984b260a. [2021/11/27 0:08:51]

Datalink and Kingsoft Cloud join hands to upgrade smart life

Kingsoft Cloud and CyberVein have joined hands to lay out the data ecology. This cooperation will use federated learning encryption technology and IoT pan-sensing technology in the development and production of a variety of "blockchain + smart home" products, providing technical support and ecological support for related equipment. With built-in big data analysis support, the first batch of products will be tested in the programmer community.

R&D background: In the survey of the top 10 cancer mortality rates published every year, lung cancer has ranked first among women for more than 30 years. In addition to being closely related to life and eating habits, air pollution is also a factor that cannot be ignored. Most of them are women Staying in the kitchen for a long time, cooking fume is also one of the reasons that affect health.

Product advantages: super long service life, high-end IoT sensors, energy saving and environmental protection, data uplink encryption, remote real-time monitoring, artificial intelligence system matching, not only suitable for smart buildings and homes, but also suitable for shopping malls, hotels, medical beauty, fitness clubs .

Product Significance: As a smart assistant, it uses new sensors, Internet of Things, blockchain and other technologies combined with modern home concepts to realize high-level perception and interconnection of blockchain devices, and is people-oriented. In addition to being able to detect family health, it can also conduct encrypted learning based on monitoring data and provide a comprehensive health solution. It is a truly practical and easy-to-use "blockchain +" landing product.

The first release of this product is open to programmers. Users can upload their own data to the blockchain distributed storage system. After opening the permissions, use the federated learning encrypted data flow technology for data modeling, so as to obtain the corresponding award. At the same time, all behavioral data is strictly protected through blockchain technology, and the rights and value of user data belong to the user itself, preventing malicious interference.

The two parties work together to create a digital ecosystem

The digital ecology is open and diverse. Only by empowering each other with excellent partners to realize resource sharing and value delivery can we bring better services to customers. CyberVein will join hands with Kingsoft Cloud to jointly build a digital ecosystem with more partners, carry out active-ethexc and pragmatic cooperation at more levels, accelerate the optimization and upgrading of cloud technology through technological innovation, help various industries become bigger and stronger, and strive to create an industry A new situation of transformation and upgrading. Only by improving big data innovation capabilities and providing excellent comprehensive big data services for industry customers' digital and intelligent upgrades can we create a mutually beneficial and win-win digital ecosystem and create a new situation of mutual benefit and win-win results.


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