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Golden Charts | Overview of the latest DeFi data in one picture: YFI unit price breaks through $30,000



Jinse Finance and DappBirds exclusively release the latest weekly data list of "DeFi Data"

According to DappBirds DeFi special data, the multi-dimensional data of the DeFi sector rose sharply last week. The circulation market value of DeFi Token rose by more than 29% in a week, and the unit price of YFI exceeded 30,000 US dollars; the transaction volume of DEX continued to increase, and the single-day transaction volume of Uniswap exceeded 500 million US dollars. , surpassed the Coinbase centralized exchange for the first time; for more data, just look at this picture:

Golden Salon | Pan Chao: For the application layer of the non-bottom public chain, the dual-currency mechanism is necessary: In the golden salon with the theme of "MakerDAO-How to Achieve Greater Development of the Dual-currency Mechanism" held today, MakerDAO China Pan Chao, the person in charge, said that there are two types of tokens in the MakerDAO system. One is the stable currency Dai, and the other is the governance and equity token MKR. Dai can be understood as a Maker product, and MKR is the stock of the system. MKR holders manage the stability of the Dai system, gain benefits when the system is running well, and automatically take out when the system is not well managed. This is a reasonable incentive mechanism.

For the application layer of the non-underlying public chain, the dual currency mechanism is required. Trying to capture and secure the value of an entire application (especially a financial application) with a single token either has no product currently available, or no one will be responsible for the product in the future. [2020/4/22]

Golden Morning News | The Libra Association appointed a board of directors and 21 organizations signed the association's charter: 1. The number of open contracts for CME Bitcoin futures in the third quarter increased by 61% compared with the same period last year.

2. The Libra Association has appointed a board of directors, and 21 organizations have signed the association's charter.

3. Booking Holdings announced its withdrawal from the Libra Association.

4. Binance Q3 is expected to burn 12.35 million USD in BNB and Huobi may burn 30 million USD in HT.

5. U.S. Treasury Secretary: Visa and other partners withdrew from Libra because the project has not yet met regulatory standards.

6. Telegram's "force majeure" clause may curb its compensation to investors.

7. Group of Seven (G7): No stablecoin project should start operating without adequately addressing regulatory and other challenges.

8. Honda, Renault, BMW, General Motors and Ford will test a blockchain vehicle identification system in the United States next month. [2019/10/15]

Golden Quick Review | SEC’s suspension of tracking transactions is actually ETF-like products that have nothing to do with digital currencies: According to foreign media reports, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said that it will suspend Bitcoin tracking transactions and Ethereum tracking transactions from now until September 20 two products. This news caused market volatility, and BTC fell by more than 1% in an instant. Jinse Finance’s research on this found that the topic of the SEC’s Sunday meeting mainly focused on the nature of these two tracking trading products. They believed that the above products were actually ETF-like products. But so far, the SEC has not approved any digital currency ETF, so it has made a decision to suspend this kind of "edge ball" product. Although these two products are listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm exchange outside the United States, transactions are mainly conducted off-exchange in the United States. This avoids regulation to a certain extent, and the transaction risk is higher than ETF. The SEC’s move to suspend ETF-like fund products has nothing to do with BTC and ETH. Investors are advised to view relevant news rationally, invest cautiously, and do a good job in risk control. [2018/9/10]


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Golden Charts | Overview of the latest DeFi data in one picture: YFI unit price breaks through $30,000

Jinse Finance and DappBirds exclusively release the latest weekly data list of "DeFi Data"According to DappBirds DeFi special data.

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