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Record of Filecoin Engineering Economics Symposium: The latest answer to the space race and economic model



At 10 a.m. Beijing time this morning, Filecoin officially held the Filecoin Engineering Economics Seminar online. At the meeting, discussions were held around the economic mechanism and model, and issues raised by the community. The Q&A record of this online meeting is organized by Canton as follows: Question 1: How to manage the concurrency of miners? How to adjust the scheduler? Answer: The scheduler is designed to automatically manage the concurrency of miners. We know it's not perfect! If you notice any issues, especially deadlocks, resource shortages, or worker idling, please file an issue using the sealed issue template: We welcome any Suggestions on how to improve the scheduler! Question 2: I'm new to Filecoin and Web3, but I know this is the future. What can I do to ensure I get the most out of the APOLLO program? Answer: The best way to get the most out of the APOLLO project ( Make sure you attend all meetings , and complete related reading and tutorials. This is a great opportunity to build relationships with others and the team. FIL breaks through the $36 mark with an intraday increase of 0.42%: Ouyi OKEx data shows that FIL has risen in the short term, breaking through the $36 mark, and is now at $36.01, with an intraday increase of 0.42%. The market fluctuates greatly, so please do a good job in risk control. [2021/2/28 18:00:57] For those unfamiliar with the APOLLO project, it is a 6-week event for entrepreneurs, builders, and makers interested in the Filecoin ecosystem And by design, they can continue their original work, or start new projects using the Filecoin and Web3 ecosystem. Question 3: How do we solve the transaction order problem in the judgment? Since lotus upgraded to version 0.5.6, most miners have encountered this problem. A: A recent dashboard upgrade added the ability to view pending transactions - previously, it only showed completed transactions, which made troubleshooting for miners a bit difficult. If you see storage transactions remaining "pending" on the dashboard for a long time, but they show up as "proof" in your system, this is the fault of the billing bot (not Lotus). We are aware of this and are working on a fix. has completed the conversion and distribution of FIL tokens today, with a total of about 13,000 pieces: According to the official announcement, has completed the distribution of FIL today (October 23) according to the user's FIL6 holdings, with a total of about 13,000 pieces. Details can be viewed in Account Statements. At present, already supports a full range of products and services such as Filecoin (FIL) spot trading, deposit and withdrawal, leveraged trading, currency management, perpetual contract trading, and triple ETF trading. For details, click the original link. [2020/10/23] Question 4: Why do I lose all my computing power every day, and only to-do items are displayed on the log? Answer: This is usually caused by the failure to submit PoSt. This can happen for a number of reasons - due to a custom configuration, your hardware is too slow, or it's tied to other tasks. If you do not find any logs in your miner indicating that you cannot generate or submit articles, please file an issue on GitHub, including your Lotus version and miner ID. Question 5: For the sake of convenience, please leave a link of the officially recommended mining machine specifications suitable for mining, thank you. Is a GPU necessary? Answer: You can find our hardware recommendations here: has reached a strategic cooperation with Filecoin technology service provider Chuxun: It is reported that ELA The cloud community Elephant team has reached a strategic cooperation with Filecoin technology service provider Chuxun. The two parties will discuss the Elastos decentralized storage solution Elastos Hive and the integration of Elastos ecological projects and Filecoin storage technology. Chu Xun will use the Elephant Wallet as the preferred wallet for FIL coins, and explore the follow-up application cooperation between ELA and FIL. Chu Xun has core hardware and software technologies in high-performance storage, distributed storage cluster management, and underlying I/O optimization, especially in the fields of RDMA acceleration, large-scale storage cluster management, and optimization solutions based on IPFS/Filecoin. technical advantages. [2020/7/28] You can also find community-generated benchmark results here: is a must-have for storage mining (earning block rewards). Problem 6: My scheduler is not assigning work to some of my nodes! When I do a lotus-miner sector commit, it appears briefly, but then disappears. What should I do? XFIL is listed on P network, with the highest increase of 341% in 24 hours: P network (Poloniex) will list Filecoin (IOU) (XFIL) at 0:00 on June 20, 2020 Hong Kong time and open XFIL/ USDT and XFIL/ BTC Two trading pairs. At present, XFIL's latest quotation is 44.14USDT, a 24-hour increase of 341%. Filecoin [IOU] (XFIL) is a tradable IOU token on the P network. Users who hold XFIL have the right to obtain Filecoin (FIL) at a specified time in the future. According to the token ownership schedule, the XFIL tokens on the P network will be locked for 6 months after the launch of the Filecoin mainnet. At the moment when the tokens are unlocked, Pnet will take a snapshot of all XFIL balances and issue Filecoin (FIL) to customers in a 1:1 ratio. P network Poloniex is the world's oldest digital asset exchange. Recently, P network has launched two alternate domain names, pwangzh and pwangcn, to facilitate web users to access P network without barriers. [2020/6/20] Answer: Thank you for your concern! We are actively investigating this issue, please follow up and update: Question 7: Where will the code be When is it frozen? Answer: We think that the characteristics of the Lotus code are frozen and close to the mainnet. At this point, we're fully focused on fixing bugs, improving performance, and improving user experience and documentation. The speed of these changes should slow down in the next few weeks as we approach the launch of the mainnet! Filecoin officially launched a dark horse challenge, or will win £10,000: On June 12, Filecoin officially announced an agreement with Spark University Strategic cooperation, an 8-week online challenge will be held in the Spark UniversityHackathon event, which will bring together developers from universities around the world to learn and build new applications and storage solutions for the Filecoin network. Challenge 1: Build a system for storing, retrieving and validating scientific or other research data on Filecoin. Challenge 2: Build a system or application based on IPFS and Filecoin network. For details of the competition, please check the original text [2020/6/13] Question 8: I have the first wrong sector, what is the penalty for the wrong sector, and how can we solve it? Answer: Every day when the sector is in an error state, a sector failure fee will be charged (2.14 days of block rewards). This failure fee is set so that once storage reliability exceeds a reasonable threshold, the risk of that loss quickly diminishes. Miners are encouraged to monitor and report failures as soon as possible (currently automatic in Lotus, but it is recommended that miners have their own monitoring and reporting toolchain). If the chain detects that a sector is faulty, the miner will be fined a sector fault detection fee for that sector. Miners are incentivized to recover from failures as quickly as possible and announce recovery when the industry is fixed. Question 9: I saw in slack that some people mentioned that storage transactions favored 1475? Answer: No, trading bots are randomly selected from all miners. For storage transactions, the robot chooses from all miners with at least one closed area. For retrieving transactions, the bot chooses from all miners that have at least one successfully stored transaction. If you want more details, here is the dealbot code: Remember, competition rewards transaction success rate, not transaction volume. Question 10: Miners in China are facing crazy DDOS attacks, while those miners scattered elsewhere are reaping benefits. is this fair A: DDoS mitigation is specific to your personal setup, but the same strategies available in cloud infrastructure (such as rate limiting per IP or prioritizing certain IPs) also apply to Filecoin mining. Given how decentralized the network is, launching a DDoS attack on a network as large as Filecoin would be prohibitively expensive. If you have a firewall set up to restrict traffic, and even block IPs when they show abusive patterns, then you should be able to defeat most common DDoS potential attacks. It will be well worth your time to figure this out, because in mainnet you need to stay connected too. Question 11: Is there a limit of 2349 sectors per partition? What is the correlation between the number of storage disks and the number of partitions? I see they match. Answer: For the 64GiB protocol, the upper limit of the partition is 2349 sectors, and the number varies according to the sector size. You can find them here, along with some explanations: Issue 12: Space What is the total amount of rewards for the competition? Why is it changing so often? A: The potential total incentive pool for Space Race has increased from 4 million FIL to 4.5 million FIL today. The reason for increasing the reward is that the participation rate is far beyond our imagination, and we want to give miners a bigger goal! Note that these are potential total rewards, as miners increase storage on the network, they unlock higher reward targets. Question 13: Can you give us a detailed explanation about the EIP1559 extension of Filecoin? Answer: EIP1559 introduces the concept of network fees and a dynamic fee adjustment mechanism for spam protection. Gas is a measure of how much storage or computing resources an on-chain message consumes. Therefore, consume GasUsage*BaseFee to compensate the network. In addition, the message sender also specifies a Gas surcharge, which is the fee for miners to package messages first, and has nothing to do with Gas usage (this is the difference between Filecoin and EIP1559). Therefore, the profit that miners get from packaging information has not changed, and incentives should become easier. Question 14: What is the official end date/time of the Space Race? Answer: The Space Race will end on Monday, September 14th at 21:59 UTC. You can see the full rules here: We take ranking snapshots multiple times a day, so if the network is very competitive at the end, Don't worry - we still have enough information to calculate rewards correctly. Question 15: If a node is abandoned and cannot submit windowposts indefinitely, can this node continue to withdraw FIL from the miner's wallet? Answer: If you shut down a mining machine, it will never receive FIL from the owner or the miner Address extraction FIL. You will slash the collateral of your entire sector, because we forfeit your entire transaction collateral, so you should not do this! Question 16: We have registered, but it does not show the miner ID. Then we try again and it says "miner ID already registered". What is the reason for this and what should we do next? Answer: Please post this question in the official space race channel with your miner id so we can investigate. Question 17: Will a sector go from being removed to being removed? How long will it take? Answer: Yes, a sector that is being removed will automatically go to Sector Removed (or Sector Removed Failed. It should happen soon.


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Record of Filecoin Engineering Economics Symposium: The latest answer to the space race and economic model

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