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Golden Outpost | BitcoinABC will fork away from BCH, and new coins will be airdropped to BCH holders for free



BitcoinABC and Deadalnix (ABC lead developer Amaury Sechet) will fork away from BCH on November 15.

It is reported that the BitcoinABC team plans to introduce IFPCoinbase rules in the BCH November upgrade, that is, 8% of block rewards will be awarded to ABC-related addresses to support team development. However, this matter continues to arouse community controversy and is opposed by most development teams such as BCHN. , There are even members of the BCH community who have written to hope that the chief developer of ABC, Amaury, will step down.

Amuary Sechet, lead developer at Bitcoin ABC, said the new upgrade is partly to provide critical development funding to enable Bitcoin Cash to compete with Bitcoin and Ethereum. The update will introduce a new difficulty adjustment algorithm, ASERT, in response to extended block times, along with the controversial feature of transferring 8% of rewards if not transferred to a wallet designated to fund the continued development of the ABC protocol , all newly mined blocks will be rejected, this is known as the "coinbase rule".

Golden Evening News | List of important developments on the evening of December 11: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Russia, Cover Protocol, Swedish government, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, SoftBank

1. Central Bank: Promote the use of LEI to identify transaction participants in digital RMB-related system messages.

2. Putin signed an order requiring Russian public officials to disclose their encrypted asset holdings.

3. Cover Protocol launched a new proposal to provide insurance coverage for Nexus Mutual.

4. People familiar with the matter: Didi has completed the test of the first DCEP order in the country under the Qingju bicycle scene.

5. Governor of the Bank of England: Stable currencies need to be as safe as existing currencies.

6. DBS Bank and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank signed the "Memorandum of Understanding on Fintech Cooperation".

7. Macau Monetary Authority: It will study the feasibility of issuing digital currency in due course.

8. The 3iQ Ethereum Fund has raised $76.5 million after its successful IPO.

9. The Swedish government is exploring the feasibility of transitioning to digital currency. The relevant assessment will be completed by the end of November 2022.

10. Three giants including SoftBank invested 60 million US dollars in the blockchain payment company Chai. [2020/12/11 14:57:49]

Sechet predicted that without the coinbase rule, BCH's future would "slowly become irrelevant," but said that the divisions in the community go far beyond this one issue. While some attribute BCH tensions to coinbase rules, "Even a month ago, it was just a matter of adjusting the difficulty...the details aren't very relevant. The split happens first at the community level, and then finds the way to continue the split." reason.” He added, “I don’t think anything can be done at this time to reunite the community.” In addition, BCHN supporter NilacTheGrim recently posted a post calling for Amaury to abdicate.

Analysis | Golden disk: USDT discount and premium index continues to fall: Comprehensive analysis of the golden disk: The latest value of USDT discount and premium index is 99.47, and the discount rate has dropped. The lowest index reached 98.8 yesterday. Continue to fall, but we consider that the premium will trigger arbitrage behavior, so we should pay close attention to changes in the discount rate. [2018/8/29]

Nevertheless, on August 27, the BitcoinABC official website announced that the BCH Global Network Council was officially established to guide and manage the funds of the BCH ecosystem. The official said that on November 15th, BCH will usher in a new network upgrade and will introduce Coinbase reward rules. The Coinbase reward rules will secure sustainable funding for the BCH team. In order to establish a framework for the use of funds with high transparency, accountability and maximum supervision, a council was established.

Jinqiu Technology CEO Zuo Peng: Jinqiu Technology CEO Zuo Peng: In the 3.0 era, there will be many DAPP projects: Jinqiu Technology CEO Zuo Peng said at the 2018 Global Blockchain Elite Summit: 3.0 era will Explore cross-chain, there will be many DAPP projects. In DPoS, the available consensus should be balanced in terms of security and performance. The current super node campaign may also have commercial implications. The advantage of DPoS is high efficiency, but how to promote security and avoid attacks requires research on new algorithms. In the smart economy, it is difficult for all public chains to support even simple games. EOS holds great promise for us. In terms of interconnection, whether it is a public chain or a consortium chain, the intercommunication between chains is necessary, and interconnection is the most basic thing of the value Internet. The threat of quantum computing to the blockchain industry is subversive. In a few minutes, our bitcoins may be stolen. Therefore, anti-quantum computing is very important. The above four points are what we should pay attention to in the future. [2018/4/28]

It is worth mentioning that Roger Ver, a BCH supporter and founder of, also tweeted to criticize the IFPCoinbase rules of the BitcoinABC team, saying that part of the BCH block rewards was used to pay a development team, which was a Soviet-style central planner. Visions come true. Please stop this program.

BitcoinABC stated that although part of the funds of the BCH Fund will be used to support the basic work of the BitcoinABC code, the official realizes that BCH has now become a network composed of a series of important stakeholders. So far, in the next few weeks, BitcoinABC will announce a plan to involve all BCH stakeholders in the design and implementation of the Coinbase protocol and the fund. BitcoinABC will strive to achieve high transparency and accountability in fund management.

Although not only Roger Ver also tweeted against the IFP Coinbase rules of the Bitcoin ABC team. But now it's a foregone conclusion. On September 2nd, Roger Ver, a BCH supporter and founder of, just tweeted: "BitcoinABC and Deadalnix announced that they will fork away from BCH on November 15th, good luck with their new tokens, and thank them for free Airdrop to all BCH holders."


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Golden Outpost | BitcoinABC will fork away from BCH, and new coins will be airdropped to BCH holders for free

BitcoinABC and Deadalnix (ABC lead developer Amaury Sechet) will fork away from BCH on November 15.It is reported that the BitcoinABC team plans to introduce IFPCoinbase rules in the BCH November upgrade, that is.

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