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Golden Trend丨The monthly line is about to close, a crucial day for BTC



Today's monthly line closes, today is a more critical day. Why do we say that, we can study the past trend of BTC in history. The picture above shows the long-term monthly trend of BTC from 2010 to 2020. Through the research, we can find that the price of BTC before each halving is at the Fibonacci of the last round of bull market peak fall. Qi 0.5 runs below the suppression line, the first time in 2012, the second time in 2016 and the third time in 2020 before the start of the halving. In the band market of 10,500 US dollars, both of the top monthly lines failed to break through and stand firm. In the 19-year Mavericks market, although the highest price reached around 14,000 US dollars, the monthly line closed at 11,150 US dollars, and the entity was not valid. Break through above the 0.5-point Fibonacci level of $11,450 that came down from the apex of the 17-year bull market.

Golden Morning News | January 18 Overnight Important Updates: 21:00-7:00 Keywords: voice, Kenya, US SEC, Rizhao Port

1. Foreign media: The social network Voice will not run on the EOS mainnet.

2. The senator proposes the creation of a cryptocurrency custodian chartered by the state of Oklahoma.

3. The Kenya Capital Markets Authority warns investors against participating in unregulated ICOs.

4. Member of the CPPCC Shanxi Province: Rural revitalization is a key area for the integration and development of blockchain technology and economy and society.

5. The US SEC accused Boaz Manor and others of raising more than 30 million US dollars through a fraudulent ICO.

6. US SEC Commissioner: I hope the SEC can propose a safe harbor framework for token projects.

7. The Hainan Sanya Marathon started in February, and the first blockchain digital certification medals were launched.

8. Rizhao Port Business Center signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Blue Ocean Bank to promote the financial service model of "Port Blockchain Electronic Warehouse Receipt".

9. Swedish crypto exchange BTCX is planning an IPO in 2020.

10. A U.S. magistrate judge ruled that the IRS’s crypto tax investigation of Coinbase users only covered 2016. [2020/1/18]

Moreover, within 3 months after the first two halvings, the price of BTC dropped rapidly after the halving was implemented. After a period of adjustment and gaining momentum, it will reverse and continue to climb upwards, and break through the peak of the previous round of bull market and fall back Once the monthly line breaks through and stands firm, there will be a monthly line in the back, and the big bull market will start from this. This has been verified in the bull market in 2013 and 2017. At present, BTC is also on May 12. After the third halving on the 1st, the price has been in the range of 9000-10000 US dollars for repeated consolidation. After gaining momentum, it launched this round of 9000-12500 US dollars. The last day is about to close the monthly line. According to the past trend pattern, once it stands above 11,450 US dollars, the probability of starting a long-term upward bull market will be greatly enhanced, and it is also expected to go out of the monthly rising market, so this after halving A few months are more critical, and it may be the last opportunity to buy low before the start of the long-term bull market. The medium and long-term operation is recommended to be distributed in batches when there is a sharp drop.

Scene | Jinse Finance European study tour team participated in the Paris Blockchain Week sub-session Building the New Web: Jinse Finance European study tour team participated in the Building New Web sub-session session in Paris Blockchain Week, and participants included Algorand chief engineer Naveed Ihsanullah, GEO Protocol Chief Architect Dima Chizhevsky, Solana Business Development Director Dominic Tsang, and Chromapolis Co-Founder Henrik Hjelte participated in this conference. discussed. [2019/4/15]

Golden Relativity | Founder of China Wanwang: No matter how the market changes in investing in the blockchain, as long as there are core values, you will not be afraid: In this issue of the Golden Theory of Relativity: Treasurer Investigation Bureau, in view of the current investment layout and investment principles in the blockchain, Zhang Xiangdong, the founder of China Wanwang, said: Jieyi’s investment covers all fields of blockchain, because this is a new thing, and very valuable projects may appear in every link. We have invested in public chains, exchanges, applications, etc. Our investment principles are: (1) The project is reliable (2) The team is reliable (3) The application scenarios of blockchain and tokens are logical (4) The valuation is appropriate. No matter how the market changes, as long as you have core values, you are not afraid. [2019/4/11]


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Golden Trend丨The monthly line is about to close, a crucial day for BTC

Today's monthly line closes, today is a more critical day. Why do we say that.

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