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Firelink Technology released the "Blockchain +" strategy in three steps to promote the digitalization of the physical industry



On the morning of September 8, the "Blockchain + Service Trade and Application Conference and the Founding Conference of the China Chamber of International Commerce Blockchain Innovation Service Industry Committee" was hosted by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and hosted by the China Chamber of International Commerce and the China Association for Trade in Services. Held at the Beijing National Convention Center.

At the meeting, Firelink Technology, a leading blockchain company, released its latest strategy, proposing strategic goals and implementation paths for future development. At the same time, in order to create a "blockchain +" application benchmark based on the practice of various parts of the country, Yuan Yuming, CEO of Firechain Technology, announced on the spot the launch of the "Firechain China Tour" activity, and will work with the first batch of strategic partners to strengthen blockchain in various scenarios In-depth application of the blockchain industry, launch education and training cooperation, and jointly create an ecology for the application of the blockchain industry.

Yuan Yuming said that Firelink Technology will focus on the integration of blockchain production, education and research in the future, actively promote the digitization of real industries and the industrialization of digital technology, and demonstrate China's strength in blockchain, thereby promoting the overall development of "blockchain +".

NFT developer Dapper Labs laid off 22% of its employees during the reorganization, reaching 134 employees: According to news on November 3, according to foreign media reports, NFT developer Dapper Labs laid off 22% of its employees, or 134 employees, during its strategic refocusing and restructuring. Previously, the number of employees was 613. Dapper Labs CEO Roham Gharegozlou said in a letter to employees about layoffs: "We know that Web3 and cryptocurrency are the future of many industries. From the perspective of mainstream application and impact, it has 1000 times the potential, but today's macroeconomic Circumstances mean we don't have full control over timing, and layoffs are the last thing we want to do, but it's necessary for the long-term health of our business and our community."

In addition to the layoffs, Dapper Labs is revamping its product strategy, and Gharegozlou will share details with employees at an all-hands meeting on Thursday. (BetaKit) [2022/11/3 12:11:42]

The new strategy of Firelink Technology will promote the development of blockchain technology industry

AAVE breaks through $90: According to Jinse Finance, AAVE breaks through $90 and is now reported at $90.01, an intraday increase of 6.71%. The market fluctuates greatly, so please do a good job in risk control. [2022/9/2 13:05:34]

Today, the digital transformation of the global economy is the general trend, and the digital economy has become a key driving force for the transformation and development of the national economy.

Zhu Jiaming, a well-known economist and president of the Digital Asset Research Institute, said in his keynote speech on "The Global Technological Revolution Entering a New Stage" that 2021-2025 is the key five years in the future. In the next five years, the scientific and technological revolution will begin to superimpose. The future will no longer experience evolution, but an explosion. Digitalization, digital economy and digital society are accelerating. Data will be a major challenge that human science and technology will face. Only blockchain can challenge data and make data accept rules.

In order to help China's blockchain application companies go global and enhance the international competitiveness of my country's blockchain industry, at this meeting, the China International Chamber of Commerce, together with the China Investment Association Digital Asset Research Center and other related units, jointly initiated the establishment of the China International Chamber of Commerce District Blockchain Innovation Service Industry Committee, Huolian Technology officially became a member unit, and was invited to serve as the first rotating vice chairman.

Russian media: Putin signed a decree on the delisting of Russian companies from foreign stock markets: On April 16, according to the Russian Satellite News Agency, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law prohibiting the placement and circulation of stock depositary receipts of Russian issuers in foreign stock markets. Russian companies and banks trading abroad will have to go through a delisting process and exchange receipts for shares, the report said. All decisions related to the termination of circulation of depositary receipts on foreign stock markets are taken by the responsible persons of the company and do not require the approval of the Board of Directors or the General Meeting of Shareholders. Receipt holders can exchange them for shares traded on the Russian stock market. (Golden Ten) [2022/4/17 14:28:50]

Ke Liangdong, vice chairman of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, said in his speech that blockchain, as a representative of the new generation of information technology, will create a more disruptive and transformative Internet era. The China International Chamber of Commerce Blockchain Innovation Service Committee was established, hoping to actively explore the innovative development and service application of blockchain technology, take root in the integration of technology research and industrial economy, empower the construction of the blockchain industry in the field of international trade and investment, and promote the construction of a global Digital trade service platform.

Meta Panda launched the first phase of the internal community channel MTXM/USDT exchange function: Official news, Meta Panda opened the first phase of the MTXM/USDT community internal channel exchange function yesterday, which lasted for 7 days. At the same time, a 100 million MTXM incentive plan was launched to 100,000 Meta Panda community users around the world. All users can obtain the dapp address on the official Telegram or Twitter to submit applications. At present, the number of applicants has reached nearly 40,000.

It is reported that the Meta Panda ecological chain game will be officially launched in the Q1 quarter. As a panda-themed metaverse project, Meta Panda takes DeFi, NFT, and chain games as the entry point, and has received technical financing support from many companies. [2022/1/21 9:04:34]

"Blockchain will be the cornerstone of the future digital economy era, and the digitization of the real industry and the industrialization of digital technology are the direction of the industry." Yuan Yuming said in the release of the Huolian technology strategy. According to him, Firelink Technology takes "one chain, two modernizations and three steps" as its new strategic goal, through the precipitation of blockchain technology, business integration and ecological construction, it will comprehensively promote industrial upgrading and empower the real economy.  

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tom Brady Gives Fan a Bitcoin: Oct. 26 News Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan Byron Kennedy returned one of Tom Brady's 600th touchdowns on Sunday Passed the ball, resulting in "a huge harvest," including signed memorabilia and season tickets to Tampa's home games. On Monday, Brady also prepared a gift for Kennedy. Brady claims he gave Kennedy a bitcoin while on "Monday Night Football" with Peyton and Eli Manning. (SI) [2021/10/26 20:57:38]

Specifically, "one chain" refers to the fire chain technology platform, which is the underlying technical support for realizing business strategies; "two modernizations" refers to the digitization of real industries and the industrialization of digital technology, which fire chain technology has always upheld and worked hard to practice Enterprise Vision; "Three Steps" refers to the three steps of knowing the chain, going to the chain and using the chain. It is the specific implementation path for Fire Chain Technology to strive to realize the corporate vision, promote the research and education of the blockchain industry, and promote all walks of life, All kinds of assets are on the chain, helping governments and enterprises to take advantage of blockchain technology to create a new chain ecology and business organization model.

Only when the blockchain is combined with the real economy can it exert its greatest value, and Firelink Technology is also actively implementing the ecological layout of the blockchain. Yuan Yuming said that relying on the four major business segments of research institutes, universities, industry empowerment centers, and Labs, Firelink Technology creates professional services for the entire life cycle of the blockchain industry. At the same time, using the practical experience accumulated in the application of blockchain technology, Huolian Technology has also carried out regional development in more than 20 fields such as real estate, retail, fast-moving consumer goods, e-commerce, Internet of Things, tourism, and intellectual property protection. Blockchain empowerment practice.

In Yuan Yuming's view, the new launch of Firelink Technology and joining the China International Chamber of Commerce Blockchain Innovation Service Industry Committee all mean that Firelink Technology has reached a new stage in the development of the blockchain to help the digital economy, accelerating the promotion of the blockchain Develop from cutting-edge technology to a technology industry, and strive to build a blockchain industry ecology.

Launch the "Firelink China Tour" plan to achieve an ecological breakthrough

In fact, from the popularization of the concept of the blockchain to the implementation of industrial applications, practitioners are going through a difficult process of exploration. Especially small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs, in order to achieve breakthroughs, they need to think from three aspects: thinking, circle, and ecology. It is necessary to combine the blockchain technology to enhance its own advantages in existing industrial competition, and to actively explore the link between the two circles of the industry and the blockchain field, closely follow the ecological layout of leading enterprises, achieve ecological breakthroughs, and become an ecological construction recipients and beneficiaries.

To this end, Firelink Technology announced the official launch of the "Firelink China Tour" activity. In Hainan, Beijing, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai and other core cities, we will carry out in-depth practice around the innovative application of blockchain, expecting to build a bridge linking industries and cutting-edge technologies, and help blockchain technology empower all walks of life .

At the same time, Firelink Technology also welcomed the first batch of strategic partners. At the conference, Firelink Technology signed a tripartite strategic agreement with China Silk Road Group Co., Ltd. Industry resources and team advantages, jointly explore the in-depth application of blockchain technology in various scenarios of cross-border trade, carry out education and training cooperation, and jointly create a blockchain industry application landing ecology.

It is understood that Silk Road Group is a comprehensive multinational group oriented to the "Belt and Road". With industrial financial business as the core, it provides consulting and risk management services for enterprises and organizations related to projects, and tailor-made for government agencies and large enterprises in relevant countries Customized and specialized comprehensive solutions. Weiwei Technology is a third-party blockchain business technology ecological operation company co-founded by the former IBM China executive team.

In addition, Huolian Technology and Hengqin International Intellectual Property Exchange Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hengqin Intellectual Property Exchange Center") will also conduct in-depth cooperation in the protection of intellectual property rights empowered by blockchain technology. Established in December 2014, the Hengqin Intellectual Property Trading Center undertakes the construction and operation of the national intellectual property operation Hengqin financial and international characteristic pilot platform, and is an important component of the national "1+2+20+N" intellectual property operation system part.

"In the future, Firelink Technology will use the platform of the China International Chamber of Commerce Blockchain Innovation Service Industry Committee to explore the innovative application of blockchain together with all partners, build the Chinese power of blockchain, and promote the development of blockchain + All-round development." Yuan Yuming said.


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Firelink Technology released the "Blockchain +" strategy in three steps to promote the digitalization of the physical industry

On the morning of September 8, the "Blockchain + Service Trade and Application Conference and the Founding Conference of the China Chamber of International Commerce Blockchain Innovation Service Industry Committee" wa.

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