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AAX Exchange August 2020 Business Monthly Report



Key points of this issue:

*AAX Mission Center is newly launched, AAB can be fully deducted for currency transaction and contract transaction fees when you sign in.

*AAX wealth management treasure is launched, the first minute interest calculation, zero fee for deposit and withdrawal.

*AAX APP&WEB has been newly revised, with more complete functions, more convenient use, and a better trading experience.

*AAX platform token AAB snap-up activity is hot, and the free-order snap-up will continue in September!

*AAX is a colorful August, with endless activities and bonuses! More events are coming in September!

1. AAX Mission Center, the more you play, the more you get

AAX joins the global digital financial organization GDF: On March 9, the digital asset exchange and financial service provider AAX announced that it has officially joined the global digital financial organization GDF. As an industry organization, GDF focuses on promoting the adoption of best practices and codes of conduct for cryptocurrencies, digital assets and financial technology, and has won the trust of the encryption community, regulators and policy makers, providing a unique platform for all stakeholders entry point. AAX Director of Research and Strategy Ben Caselin said that AAX is very happy to participate in this dialogue and looks forward to contributing to the progress and development of the industry. AAX has also signed the GDF's self-certification, committing to maintaining industry standards in matters such as market integrity, KYC/AML, token sales and issuance. [2021/3/9 18:29:14]

In August, each person can receive a maximum of 410 AAB

AAX platform token AAB summer rush sale second round event sold out in 7 minutes: According to AAX official news, at 20:00 on September 2, the summer rush sale event was sold out in 7 minutes. A total of 1,418 users successfully made an appointment for the second round of AAB snap-up activity. The snap-up event is limited to 500 people, and each person is limited to 1,000 AABs. Half of the users, 250 people, will receive free orders. Announced within. The third round of AAB snap-up will be held on September 9th. For more information, please check AAX official news. [2020/9/2]

AAX Exchange has reached a cooperation with Mercuryo, and the number of currencies supported by fiat currency deposits and withdrawals has increased to 25: According to official news, in order to meet the needs of users in different regions to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with local currencies, AAX and Mercuryo have reached a cooperation to enrich the existing fiat currency deposits and withdrawals of AAX Exchange golden channel. The Mercuryo channel will support the purchase of cryptocurrencies in Euro, US Dollar, British Pound, Russian Ruble, Turkish Lira and Ukrainian Hryvnia. With the addition of Mercuryo, AAX's "One-Click Buy Coin" function has been further enhanced. Currently, the AAX exchange supports 25 fiat currencies. [2020/7/21]

2. AAX Wealth Management 2.0, the first minute interest calculation, zero fee for deposit and withdrawal

3. New upgrade of AAX WEB & APP

New Homepage

New UI design, smooth operation experience

APP optimization and upgrade

Super value benefits in April and August

AAB snapping up a limited-time comeback event

Snap up Yield 20.98%

AAB rush price: 0.3650USDT

AAB latest price: 0. 4416USDT (closing price on August 31)

AAX Trading Festival, prize pool upgrade

A bonus of 46,500 USDT will be issued in August

Futures Contracts and Spot Trading Contest

August spot trading competition, 933 people registered to participate, unlocking a total prize pool of 10BTC

August futures contract trading competition, 742 participants registered to unlock a total prize pool of 10BTC

5. AAX Platform Token AAB Monthly Statistics

New trading pairs in June and August

7. More exciting September to continue


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AAX Exchange August 2020 Business Monthly Report

Key points of this issue: *AAX Mission Center is newly launched, AAB can be fully deducted for currency transaction and contract transaction fees when you sign in.*AAX wealth management treasure is launched.

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