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Filecoin Space Race 37 Question: The network will be upgraded after the space race is over and the mainnet is launched



As part of the Space Race event program, the Filecoin team hosts weekly live AMAs with the Filecoin community. The team hosted two AMAs, answering multiple questions about the space race, cryptoeconomics, and Filecoin mining. In addition, it also helps miners to solve certain problems. Below is a summary of the answers to the Q&A. Most questions and answers are quoted directly, some have been edited for readability. Q1: How do we tune the Filecoin mining scheduler to manage worker concurrency? A: The scheduler is designed to automatically manage the concurrency of workers. For a detailed explanation of how it works, watch a recent seminar. We know it's not perfect yet! If you notice any issues, especially jank, resource starvation, or idle workers, please submit an issue using the "sealed issue" template. We also invite suggestions on how to improve the scheduler. Please share your suggestions here. Q2: Why did my miner suddenly lose its storage capacity? A: Typically, this is caused by failing to submit a PoSt. There could be many reasons for this, your hardware could be too slow or tied to other tasks due to custom configuration. If you cannot find any logs in the miner indicating that PoSts cannot be generated or submitted, please file an issue on GitHub, including your Lotus version and miner ID. Q3: For your convenience, please leave a link to start storage mining What are the minimum and recommended specs, do I need a GPU? A: You can find our hardware recommendations here. You can also find community-generated benchmark results here. GPUs are required for storage mining (to earn block rewards). Q4: Does the sector change from "deleted" to "deleted"? How long does this take? A: Sectors in "Delete" will automatically enter SectorRemoved (or SectorRemoveFailed). It should happen soon. LBank Blue Shell will launch the sale of 333T Filecoin standard full storage computing power on March 8: According to the official announcement, LBank Blue Shell will start the sale of 333T Filecoin standard full storage computing power at 16:00 on March 8. The amount of this sale is equivalent to 300,000 USDT of Filecoin's full storage computing power, and users will get the only certificate SFIL representing the full storage computing power. The total sales quantity is 333T. This sale is divided into two sessions, "LBK Special Session and USDT Special Session", and adopts a weighted and evenly distributed subscription model. Users participating in the subscription must pass KYC real-name authentication. After the completion of the sale, it is expected to be traded online at 18:00 on March 9. According to the data, SFIL is a standard full-deposit computing power certificate that anchors Filecoin computing power. Each SFIL anchors 0.01T Filecoin full-deposit computing power, and users can obtain corresponding Filecoin mining income by holding SFIL. At the same time, users can also trade SFIL in the secondary market to release their liquidity at any time. For details, please click the official announcement. [2021/3/2 18:07:23] Q5: When will the code freeze? Answer: We believe that the characteristics of the Lotus code are fixed and close to supporting the main network. At this point, we're fully focused on fixing bugs, improving performance, and improving user experience and documentation. The pace of these changes should slow down over the next few weeks as we get closer to the mainnet launch! Q6: When is the last day to sign up for the Space Race? A: Standard registration (already mined miners) closes on Monday, August 31st at 22:00 UTC. Late registration (for new miners not previously seen on-chain and with no other miners in the competition) is open until Thursday 10 September at 22:00 UTC. Q7: Can you give us an extended explanation of EIP 1559 for Filecoin? A: EIP1559 introduces the concept of network fees and a dynamic fee adjustment mechanism for spam protection. Gas is a measure of how much storage or computing resources an on-chain message consumes. Therefore, GasUsage * BaseFee is burned to compensate the network. In addition, the sender of the message specifies GasPremium, which is the priority fee for miners to collect messages, and has nothing to do with Gas usage (this is the difference between Filecoin and EIP1559). Therefore, miners' profit from information inclusion has not changed, and it should be easier to reason about incentives. Filecoin technology company Heiben Technology received an investment of 100 million yuan: According to news on March 2, Filecoin technology company Heiben Technology recently received an investment of more than 100 million yuan. According to insiders, the investment form is mainly based on hardware equipment equipped with AMD chips and high-performance GPUs, which enables Heiben Technology to increase the packaging capacity of Filecoin to at least 2.5PiB/day, which can meet the packaging needs of more Filecoin miners. need. [2021/3/2 18:07:03]Q8: Is there an upper limit of 2349 sectors per partition? What is the relationship between the number of storage disks and the number of partitions? I see they match. A: The partition limit for 64 GiB transactions is 2349 sectors, and this number varies based on the sector size. You can find them here, along with some instructions. Q9: Does the Space Race trading bot favor specific miners? Answer: No, trading bots are randomly selected from all miners. For storage transactions, the bot chooses from all miners with at least one sealed sector. For retrieval transactions, the bot selects at least one successful storage transaction from all miners. If you want to know in more detail, please have a look at the trading robot code below. Remember, competition rewards trade success, not trade volume. Q10: My first faulty sector, what is the penalty for the faulty sector? How do we fix them? A: A sector failure fee will be charged for each day that the sector is in a failure state (2.14 days of block rewards). This failure fee is set so that once storage reliability exceeds a reasonable threshold, the risk of that loss quickly diminishes. Miners are encouraged to monitor and report failures as soon as possible (currently automatic in Lotus, but it is recommended that miners have their own monitoring and reporting toolchain). If the chain detects that a sector is faulty, the miner will be fined a sector fault detection fee for that sector. Miners are incentivized to recover from failures as quickly as possible and announce recovery when the industry is fixed. Q11: If a miner is abandoned and unable to submit an indefinite release window, will the miner continue to withdraw FIL from its owner's wallet? A: No, if you shut down a miner, it will never withdraw FIL from owner or worker addresses. However, your sector-staked total collateral as well as your transaction total collateral will be slashed. The current total pledge amount of the Filecoin network is about 23.84 million FIL: According to, Filfox browser data shows that the current block height of the Filecoin network is 332253, the effective computing power of the entire network is 1.44EiB, and the total pledge amount is about 23.84 million FIL, the number of active-ethexc miners is 871, the reward per block is 16.0782FIL, the output in the past 24 hours is 218607FIL, the average mining income in 24 hours is 0.1461FIL/TiB, and the current circulation of FIL is 55519628FIL. At present, the top three effective computing power are: F02770 (Space-Time Cloud & Smart) temporarily ranks first with 72.63PiB, F01248 (Zhihe Yunzh) ranks second with 68.05PiB, and F09652 (RRmine) ranks with 35.66PiB third. [2020/12/18 15:40:23] Q12: What is the total reward for the space race? Why was it increased? A: The total potential reward pool for Space Race is 4.5MM FIL, which has been increased from 4.0MM FIL today. Additional potential rewards are that because participation goes well beyond expectations, they unlock higher reward tiers. Note that these are potential rewards, and as miners increase network capacity, they unlock higher reward tiers. Q13: What is the official end date/time for the space race? A: The Space Race ends on Monday, September 14 at 21:59 UTC. You can view the full rules here. We take daily snapshots of the rankings, so if eventually the network gets too excited, don't worry, we'll still have plenty of information to calculate rewards correctly. At 1:00 am on September 10th, Beijing time, Filecoin officially held the AMA Q&A activity for the second space race, mainly answering some questions encountered in the space race. Q14: When will the mainnet be launched? A: You can check out the latest update to the Filecoin August 2020 roadmap ( Filecoin's current effective computing power of the entire network is 1.04EiB: According to, Filfox browser data shows that the current block height of the Filecoin network is 260,280, the effective computing power of the entire network is 1.04 EiB, and the total pledge amount is about 18,445,463 million FIL , the number of active-ethexc miners is 689, the reward per block is 13.7713 FIL, the output in the past 24 hours is 184,303 FIL, and the average mining income in 24 hours is 0.1714 FIL/TiB. At present, the top three effective computing power are: F02770 (Space-Time Cloud & Smart) temporarily ranks first with 62.54 PiB, F01248 (Zhihe Yunzh) ranks second with 59.45 PiB, and F09037 (SeedPlan-Saturn) with 27.99 PiB ranked third. [2020/11/23 21:47:30] The latest timetable can also be found in the public project roadmap ( As of September 28, 2020, the tentative mainnet launch window will end, although this time is subject to change. Q15: Will the algorithm change after the mainnet launch? A: After the mainnet launch, we will upgrade the network, introduce new proof types, user-defined contracts, specs-actors improvements, and more. Question 16: In the economic model of Filecoin, how do small and medium miners survive? Answer: Same as Big Miner! In reality, Filecoin's economies of scale aren't all that compelling, and its reliance on commodity hardware means large companies don't have the same scaling advantages as some other web companies. Mining Filecoin does now require active-ethexc technical management, which may benefit teams with better resources, but this is improving rapidly and will continue to improve in the future. If you have an idea for a dev grant to improve the miner UX and help smaller miners, please let us know! Q17: How do you transfer funds from miner to worker? A: The "lotus-miner actor withdraw" CLI command will withdraw all available funds to your owner address. You can then transfer these funds to your worker or control address with a simple send. Golden Micro Interview | Dialogue with Maggie Lin: Will the market's high expectations for Filecoin become a kind of harm? : Recently, as the futures price of Filecoin continues to rise, the popularity of IPFS has risen, and it is regarded by major platforms and investors as the most profitable opportunity in the second half of 2020! Behind the high expectations of Filecoin is a crisis or an opportunity? When is the best time to invest in IPFS? In what way should I get a share of the Filecoin head mine? At 20:00 on July 21st, Maggie Lin, vice president of Golden Hashrate Cloud, will be a guest in the live broadcast room of Golden Cloud to give a comprehensive interpretation of the investment logic, investment timing and investment strategy behind Filecoin. In addition, Golden Hashrate Cloud also airdropped many Filecoin investment benefits for this live broadcast, come and scan the QR code to grab it! [2020/7/21] Q18: As the third week is coming to an end, is there any celebration after the end of the space race? Answer: Yes, we will be at 11:00pm (UTC) / 4:00 pm (PST) / Closing ceremony on Tuesday at 7:00 am (CST). More details will be posted here soon: Q19: Do we have any thoughts on mainnet fees/costs? Wondering how much FIL a miner can have on hand to start working. A: Assuming you mean gas fees and costs on mainnet, the BaseFee will depend on the fee market, which is the balance between what the network can handle and what participants are willing to pay. On top of this, there is a GasPremium, which is the priority fee that the message sender is willing to pay and is specified by the sender. We are also exploring ways to improve chain bandwidth resource allocation. For other fees, such as fault fines, were specified in a recent cryptoecon report. Updates to parameters are included in the code and a summary table may be published. Q20: Will the official team come to Shanghai before the mainnet goes live? A: The Filecoin team is excited to meet with the Filecoin community around the world once travel restrictions are lifted, and it is safe to do so. At the same time, we will host and participate in online events, such as Shanghai Blockchain Week in October. Q21: What are the advantages of the official hard drive for mining on the mainnet? Especially at the beginning, especially when there may be only a few real users compared to miners? A: There is no official hard drive. You may be referring to DumboDrop which uses hard drives as a cheap and efficient way to transfer data offline, but the hard drives themselves don't give miners any additional advantage. DumboDrop is one of many certified customers, and transactions from certified customers will give miners greater incentives to adjust quality. Verified customer transactions will go live when details are announced.


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