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Golden Observation|What else do "SUSHIs" need to experience?



The popularity of SUSHI has faded, mainly because the price has dropped. In just 3 days, the price of SUSHI has experienced the test of peaks and troughs.

Two days ago, the three major exchanges robbed SUSHI. Practitioners all said that there had never been such a precedent. The three major exchanges robbed such a brand-new project. This is a historic moment, and a lot of thinking and speculation can be drawn from this historical moment.

From the emergence of YFI, COMP, YFII to YAM, Defi has frequently surprised the circle. For a practitioner, 2020 is a year full of changes. In the field of Defi, the daily changes are full of uncertainties.

This uncertainty actually brings two extreme feedbacks: excitement and panic. The excitement is that there are ways to invest and make profits every day, and the panic may face changes in the unknown at any time, which may be the stampede of currency prices, or the safety of assets. This is indeed a normal phenomenon in a bull market.

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Those who hold more capital can always give more opportunities in such a market, not to mention that Defi's product model is particularly friendly to large capital investment.

YFI has been several times higher than BTC, YFII is also catching up with BTC, and the newly emerged PEARL has also seen a high price of 4,000 US dollars. These skyrocketing prices are all due to the vigorous promotion of big-money players in the industry.

There is no shortage of money in this industry, but before that, most of the funds were static. In the bull market, a large amount of funds moved, but I am afraid that most of the coins are still in the addresses of exchanges and personal wallets.

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The Defi products of SUSHI have changed the flow of funds, changed the distribution mechanism of tokens, and changed the main force of the token control bureau.

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This changes the circle rules.

Among them, SUSHI let a lot of funds flow out of the exchange account from the exchange, which may cause a run on the exchange funds, and also make the exchange and the project team lose the opportunity to become the main force of the token in the early stage.

2 days ago, SUSHI surged briefly, and the price displayed by Binance was extremely high. However, judging from the trading volume and inflow of the exchange, the turnover rate of SUSHI on the exchange was extremely high, and the price of SUSHI plummeted the next day. In the community, investors who have already participated in SUSHI mining said that the price of the exchange fluctuates, much like the exchange is absorbing goods. Sushiswap, the main body of SUSHI, will compete with uniswap in the future. Centralized exchanges can now rationally use SUSHI to curb uniswap.

These are all related thoughts, most of which are speculations, not confirmed facts. But some logic can be confirmed.

SUSHI, as new currencies, necessarily needs repeated value verification in the entire secondary market. Of course, the most important thing is to experience price fluctuations.

For example, the performance of SUSHI in the past two days has obvious spikes and declines. However, when it was first launched, the circulation on the exchange was not all. The next day experienced huge selling pressure, which was also a test of the value recognition of SUSHI by holders. At this time, judging from the disk, what selling can achieve is to buy low, but how do the main players get the bargaining chips? Therefore, if the decline after listing SUSHI on the three major exchanges, if the main force sells and waits to buy low, it is the long-term strategy of the main force. org's products are obtained by staking.

But in any case, during this decline, the institutions that need to raise chips and the holders of the selling have their own gains, and the subsequent investment behavior will slowly unfold, which will also be the supply and demand of tokens in the secondary market. A constant balancing process.

This is true for SUSHI, and so are other tokens. In the SUSHI mining discussion group, although many people mine SUSHI, they don’t believe that SUSHI has a support foundation, but there are still investors who trust SUSHI. Their belief in a token is not It can be formed in a short period of time. Some coins, you can believe it when you hold it, and you will never buy some coins again if you hold it.

Shushi still have a long way to go, but the biggest difficulty ahead is not product competition, but the repeated verification of their value by the secondary market.


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Golden Observation|What else do "SUSHIs" need to experience?

The popularity of SUSHI has faded, mainly because the price has dropped. In just 3 days, the price of SUSHI has experienced the test of peaks and troughs.Two days ago.

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