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The most complete list of token holdings of crypto investment institutions in history: a16z, Coinbase, Huobi capital



The fascinating feature of crypto assets is that anyone, anywhere in the world can participate or invest. The open encryption network feature has greatly eliminated the restriction that the early investment stage must be an institutional investor, and anyone can participate. Of course, institutional investors have their own advantages, they usually have a dedicated team and industry relations. Examining the portfolio of successful institutional investors in this field can help everyone see what is the next big trend. Examining the Portfolios of Crypto Hedge and Venture Capital Funds We tracked many of the top VC firms and hedge funds in the crypto space, documenting their liquidity portfolios. Of course, this may miss out on equity investment projects, as well as investments in networks that are not yet online. The list below is as of 17:00 on September 1, 2020. Investment institution: 1confirmation Investment institution: a16z Investment institution: Arrington XRP Capital Data: Bitcoin mining difficulty will usher in the largest drop in history in 4 days and 22 hours: According to BTC browser data, the difficulty of Bitcoin mining on the entire network will decrease After 4 days and 22 hours, it was lowered by 23.35% to 15.28T, a record low. The current number of unconfirmed bitcoin transactions is 46,246, the computing power of the entire network is 91.42EH/s, and the 24-hour transaction speed is 1.67txs/s. [2021/6/28 0:11:59] Investment Institution: Binance Labs Investment Institution: Blockchain Capital Investment Institution: BoostVC Coin Metrics Co-Founder: This plunge is the worst day in ETH trading history: Coin Metrics Co-Founder Nic Carter tweeted today: "In my opinion, this is the second worst day in the history of Bitcoin's entire public market trading history. And Ethereum as a financial asset, this is the worst day ever. -43% (then narrowed to -27%)." Since last week, ETH prices have fallen by more than 45%, falling to $127.23. The sell-off caused ETH transaction volume to grow to $30 billion, reaching peak Ethereum transaction activity. At the same time, the plunge of Ethereum has also had an impact on the entire encryption ecosystem, leading to asset liquidation on DeFi platforms. (Bitcoinist) [2020/3/13] Investment Institution: Coinbase Ventures Investment Institution: Digital Currency Group Investment Institution: Dragonfly Capital Voice | Author of "Currency War": Bitcoin is the biggest fraud in history The second-generation cryptocurrency deserves attention: According to Jin Ten data news, James Rickards (James Rickards), author of the book "Currency War", issued an article saying that Bitcoin is the largest fraud in history, and it has no use except speculation. However, Rickards has always been a critic of Bitcoin. He believes that the technical analysis of Bitcoin is meaningless, and it is only the hype target of miners. He believes that in recent years, Bitcoin-related technologies have not made any progress, and the second-generation cryptocurrency stands out with a more complete model, higher security, and ease of use. The influence of centralized financial giants, then their value can be measured in trillions of dollars. [2019/5/23] Investment Institution: Electric Capital Investment Institution: Fabric Ventures Investment Institution: Huobi Capital/Exchange Voice | Bitcoin Foundation Founder: This bear market is the worst in the history of cryptocurrency: according to cryptoglobe news , Charlie Shrem, founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, said, "This bear market is the worst in the history of cryptocurrency, but 2019 will see many phoenixes reborn from the ashes, and many projects will be built in 2019. I have always Owning cryptocurrency is my future.” [2019/1/22] Investment institution: Multicoin Capital Investment institution: Pantera Capital Investment institution: Placeholder Ventures Voice | Doctor Doom: Digital assets and cryptocurrency markets contain the largest Manipulation of scale: As reported by ambcrypto, Dr. Doom Nouriel Roubini recently tweeted that the digital asset and cryptocurrency market contains the largest manipulation in human history. He also dubbed these digital assets "shitcoins," equal to zero. [2018/12/22] Investment institution: Polychain Capital Investment institution: Three Arrows Capital Investment institution: Union Square Ventures Investment institution: Winklevoss Capital For the vast majority of "screeners", we have added Bitcoin and Ethereum. Because, first, most companies are invested in these two assets; second, they serve as a kind of benchmark. Review Portfolio Liquidity Most of the companies on the list are complete long-term investors. At the same time, some funds such as Multicoin Capital and Three Arrows Capital operate as hedge funds and venture funds. Beyond strategy, liquidity tokens can offer an important advantage over traditional venture funds, namely the ability for funds to adapt and change their investment themes in real time. When DeFi became popular, many crypto funds turned to invest in tokens that fixed those networks from the bottom layer, switching from existing token projects that seemed to have limited applications. The two most liquid combinations are Pantera and DCG, mostly because of their overall size. Pantera Capital has one of the largest portfolios in the crypto space. As a capital with a long history of development in this field, Pantera covers from DeFi to web3, and then to the combination of smart contracts. In terms of the number of investments, Digital Currency Group (DCG) is also on the top of the list, and they have a fairly good amount of investment in the field of liquid tokens. Other notably large, liquid token portfolios include: Of all the portfolios we track, the most illiquid portfolio—majority equity investment—is Coinbase Ventures. Coinbase has more than 50 venture capitals including Messari, and less than 10 liquid investments. Coinbase's equity portfolio is good for companies it may acquire in the future, including multiple data providers, security platforms and other Coinbase-adjacent lines of business. Reversed equity investment theme After the bull market in 2017, token investment suffered a bad reputation, and investors prioritized investing in equity rounds. Premium projects like OpenSea, Uniswap, and others have cemented on the theme that crypto companies have succeeded without a single token. The outbreak of the DeFi market this year has allowed investors to regain their "love" for tokens. While some existing institutions such as Placeholder have participated in this trend, newer funds such as Three Arrows Capita have spearheaded the DeFi token charge. This is not to say that older funds have completely missed this opportunity, but that new funds are clearly focused on DeFi assets, and the combination of Multicoin or Electric Capital is concentrated on smart contract platforms. Further, due to venture capital regulatory rules, the Union Square Ventures class of funds has chosen to invest in a variety of funds, such as Autonomous Partners, BlockTower, Polychain Capital, and Placeholder Ventures. A16Z (Andreessen Horowitz) investment funds have given up their VC licenses in order to double down on crypto investments. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) stipulates that venture capital funds cannot invest more than 20% of the total fund in the "high risk" category, and tokens fall into the "high risk" category. Because the encryption industry continues to push the boundaries of finance and technology, the SEC will either continue to press to increase restrictions, or it is more likely that funds will change to a structure that does not limit their investment. New venture capital and new narratives This trend will actually repeat itself, with new venture capital allocating capital to Web3, decentralized governance, NFT/gaming, or other emerging narratives. Crypto veteran, former A16Z investment partner Jesse Walden, has created a new fund to invest in companies that promote an "economy of ownership." Electric Capital, which recently completed the second round of USD 110 million in crypto fundraising, explained that its team is exploring investment opportunities in all markets including layer 1 protocols, DeFi, privacy, and communities. As the crypto market develops, more "targeted track" funds may emerge that will be able to differentiate themselves. Community-governed fund structures like the LAO are engaging retail investors and will undoubtedly change the dynamics of early-stage crypto investment. In the traditional venture capital ecosystem, equity investment generally cannot flow for 3-10 years, sometimes longer, such as Airbnb. Although platforms like Carta have improved the trading capabilities of illiquid equity, the market is still within the scope of accredited investors. The public pass can make this "playing field" equal to everyone, as long as everyone has a smartphone and a computer. Hopefully, over time, this will result in a better distribution of capital; and, by opening up industries that for too long have restricted access to the wealthy few, greatly lowering the barriers to mass participation.


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