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5 must-reads in the evening | What will happen to popular DeFi projects? How does CEX fight back?



What else do "SUSHIs" need to experience?

The popularity of SUSHI has faded, mainly because the price has dropped. In just 3 days, the price of SUSHI has experienced the test of peaks and troughs.

Two days ago, the three major exchanges robbed SUSHI. Practitioners all said that there had never been such a precedent. The three major exchanges robbed such a brand-new project. This is a historic moment, and a lot of thinking and speculation can be drawn from this historical moment. click to read

Golden Evening News | List of important developments on the evening of October 23: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Central Bank Opinion Draft, Ethereum 2.0, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology R3, Zhejiang Jiaxing Court

1. The Central Bank’s Opinion Draft: Any unit or individual is prohibited from producing and selling token coupons and digital tokens.

2. Ethereum 2.0 project leader: The Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract will be launched within two weeks.

3. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology News Library: Accelerate the application of next-generation information technologies such as blockchain in the industrial Internet.

4. Liu Guiping, President of CCB: Will actively explore frontier fields such as digital finance and digital currency.

5. Bank of Japan official: The issuance of digital currency first requires public support.

6. The police cracked a USDT cross-border online gambling case worth 120 million RMB, and 77 people were arrested.

7. Russian President’s Information Technology Advisor: If developed now, the Central Bank of Russia’s CBDC will become a reality within three to seven years.

8. Zhejiang Jiaxing Court used blockchain technology to realize data management of physical evidence. [2020/10/23]

How far can the DeFi enclosure movement spread to CEX?

Quotes | Evening digital currency market report: According to data from the Huobi trading platform, the latest transaction price of BTC is $8,042.72, the highest price is $8,114.95, and the lowest price is $7,917.14. The transaction volume is 22,300, an increase of 1.15%. The highest price was $177.67, the lowest price was $171.89, and the transaction volume was 387,000, an increase of 1.71%. [2019/10/17]

This wave of "decentralization" initiated by the technology party and driven by capital has attracted all the attention of the currency circle, even the centralized exchanges, with its unimaginable wealth creation effect. In the face of the strong DeFi, the exchanges quickly responded, no longer blindly passively listing coins, and started their own counterattack. click to read

IOTA was attacked last Friday night and users lost about $4 million: IOTA is currently suffering criticism from social media and community forums. The technology behind IOTA has reportedly been accused of allowing an apparent "exit scam or attack" that cost users around $4 million. It is reported that the IOTA wallet requires users to obtain their own seeds (private keys) independently. Many users rely on online key generators, such as, to do this. If someone maliciously attacks the online generator, then they can collect all the seeds obtained by IOTA users and wait for the best time. On Friday night, many funds began to be transferred via stolen seeds. At the same time, they also organized a DDoS attack on all nodes of the most popular IOTA, thus preventing victims from recovering their funds. [2018/1/23]

A large number of retail investors entering the market? Check out the data

From the perspective of some user agents, the number of retail investors is still almost the same as in December 2017. While DEX volumes have been hitting all-time highs, CEX volumes have been lackluster — especially for Bitcoin. click to read

Combinability of DeFi users: Uncovering the reasons why food-based projects such as sweet potatoes and sushi become popular

Composability is often cited as DeFi’s secret sauce, and “money LEGOs” enable products and services to be interconnected permissionlessly, extending innovation vectors beyond siled companies. Just as new entrepreneurs can build on top of Aave, Synthetix, or Uniswap, they can build for Aave, Synthetix, or Uniswap users. click to read

The essence of yEarn Finance: Let ordinary investors have equal profit opportunities

If the encryption industry really wants to win against centralized finance (CeFi), the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry must develop a set of non-custodial and permission-free financial standards that allow anyone to easily access any financial system in the future. Serve. But to achieve this goal, more developers, users and investors must enter this field and strive for it. yEarn Finance was actually born for this goal. Click to read


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Golden DeFi Daily | SushiSwap’s total lock-up volume rebounded

1. The total market value of DeFi: 12.763 billion US dollars The rise and fall of the top ten currencies by market capitalization, Jinse Finance chart.

9.10 morning market: the market continues to fluctuate, maintain the idea of selling high and buying low

The current market as a whole is a volatile trend, so there is no trend in the market for the time being. But yesterday’s performance was slightly better, showing a positive line.

5 recommended readings in the evening | Selection of high-quality DeFi projects and a complete collection of mining tutorials

Golden Haowen Collection | Selection of High-quality DeFi Projects Mining Tutorial CollectionDeFi liquidity mining has become very popular.

5 must-reads in the evening | What will happen to popular DeFi projects? How does CEX fight back?

What else do "SUSHIs" need to experience?The popularity of SUSHI has faded, mainly because the price has dropped. In just 3 days, the price of SUSHI has experienced the test of peaks and troughs.Two days ago.

Golden Hardcore | An article to understand why Zeus exploded and firmly bearish LINK

Golden Finance recently launched the Hardcore column to provide readers with introductions or in-depth interpretations of popular projects. DeFi is very popular.

Development Report on Privacy Computing Technology: Opening the Door to Privacy under the Value of Data

At present, emerging technologies such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and blockchain are constantly emerging, and the wave of digital economy is sweeping the world.

Golden Sentinel | SushiSwap completed the audit.The biggest risk is that the administrator's authority is not constrained by the community governance right

In recent days, the hottest liquidity mining DeFi project on Ethereum must be SushiSwap.With the help of the incentive mechanism of distributing SUSHI tokens to liquidity providers.