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News Weekly | CCB's "Digital RMB Wallet" is online and the Filecoin mainnet will be launched in September



Golden Weekly is a weekly blockchain industry summary column launched by Golden Finance, covering key news, market and contract data, mining information, project dynamics, technological progress and other industry trends for the week. This article is one of the weekly news magazines, giving you a glimpse of the major events in the blockchain industry this week. China Construction Bank's "Digital RMB Wallet" has been launched or is limited to practical application in some test areas submenu. Users can bind bank cards to activate directly, but currently this function may only be practically applied in some test areas. Beijing Digital Currency Research Center was established in Beijing On August 26, the Beijing Digital Currency Research Center was established in Beijing. The "Beijing Institute of Digital Currency" (Beijing Institute of Digital Currency) was jointly established by the School of Business of Beijing Union University, Zhengdao Think Tank, and the China Banking Research Center of the Central University of Finance and Economics. Centering on digital currency theory, application and policy research, the center will bring together multi-disciplinary, multi-field and multi-level industrial and intellectual resources from all parties involved in the cooperation, and open up the whole chain of "politics, production, learning, research, use and finance". Strive to build a distinctive and influential digital currency research platform and talent training base in the region to fully serve the development of the digital economy in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. Ant Group Prospectus: Continue to invest in the research and development of blockchain core technology, the number of patents ranks first in the industry According to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange documents, Ant Group has submitted a listing application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The prospectus pointed out that Ant Group is committed to continuously deepening innovation in the field of blockchain technology, and has created multiple platforms such as an open blockchain platform, receivables circulation and asset management platform "Double Chain", and a general smart contract platform. , and has formed unique leading technical capabilities in large-scale consensus algorithms, smart contract technology, software and hardware privacy protection, and cross-chain protocols. The prospectus also pointed out that as of July 31, 2020, the company has 583 registered patents, 303 approved patent applications and 5317 pending patent applications related to blockchain technology worldwide. According to IPR Daily and the patent database IncoPat, the company ranked No. 1 in the industry in terms of the number of published blockchain-related patent applications in 2017, 2018, 2019, and the six-month period ended June 30, 2020 one. Meta plans to cut costs and plans to reduce funding for news organizations: On May 10, Meta Platforms noticed that since former US President Trump left office, fewer and fewer people clicked on links to news articles. The company is looking to cut costs broadly and reassess the value of incorporating news into the Facebook app. [2022/5/10 3:03:02] Filecoin released a roadmap update, the main network will be launched in mid-to-late September Filecoin today released a roadmap update for August 2020 and announced that it has launched a testnet reward program. Filecoin stated that the final milestone is the Filecoin mainnet, which will be launched in mid-to-late September. According to previous news, in the three-week reward competition, miners will compete for token rewards of up to 4.1 million FIL by providing as much storage space as possible. U.S. Congressman: DeFi has become the core of the financial regulatory debate Golden Finance reported that U.S. Republican Congressman Warren Davidson said in an interview that DeFi has become the core of the financial regulatory debate. Additionally, Davidson spoke about DeFi, the Token Taxonomy Act, and the need for Congress to act. Policymakers in Washington haven't taken enough action against encryption, Davidson said. The SEC revised the rules to expand the definition of qualified investors, and most crypto industry big Vs are optimistic. On the evening of August 26, the US SEC officially announced that it would expand the definition of qualified investors through revised rules. In this regard, Gemini co-founder Tyler Winklevoss commented on Twitter that the SEC recognizes that entrepreneurs without funds can be as mature as the prosperous generation of Wall Street, which is commendable. Wealth does not equal investment acumen, just look at how Wall Street "experts" missed Bitcoin. Zcoin founder Poramin Insom said the change could lead to greater inclusiveness and have a positive impact on future security token offerings. "This will allow more investors to flood into this important market and help smaller projects get off the ground," he said. Robin O'connell, chief revenue officer at trading platform Uphold, said: "It's great to see that regulators are gradually adapting. It Increased access and access to investments that were previously only available to the privileged few." Others see it differently. Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius Network, said: "99% of people are excluded from the best innovation in the United States, so the question now is whether regulators will still require authentication of retail users, or will the SEC allow this. The situation continues." Communication University of China, Sina News, and CCTV jointly released the "2022 Metaverse Research Report: Multiple Perspectives": News on January 17, Communication University of China New Media Research Institute, Sina News, CCTV Smart Media Institute The "2022 Metaverse Research Report: Multiple Perspectives" was released. The project is led by Professor Zhao Zizhong, Dean of the New Media Research Institute of Communication University of China, Weibo COO, Sina Mobile CEO Wang Wei, and CCTV Deputy General Manager Zhao Lei as experts. It was completed jointly with Sina News and CCTV Smart Media Academy. The ten highlights include: the sci-fi perspective of the Metaverse; the scientific definition of the Metaverse; the key enterprises that promote the development of the Metaverse; the VR industry of the Metaverse; the game industry of the Metaverse; the virtual currency of the Metaverse; the virtual office of the Metaverse; Telecom operators are making efforts in the metaverse; the six basic technologies supporting the metaverse and the multiple viewpoints of the media. (Sina News) [2022/1/17 8:54:41] Brazilian Senator Proposes a Series of Cryptocurrency Business Laws Brazilian Senator Soraya Thronicke proposed a series of cryptocurrency business laws. If passed, it would bring long-sought legal clarity to Brazil's fully unregulated crypto market. Thronicke on Monday outlined the rules applicable to Brazilian “virtual asset” businesses, custodians and issuers, as well as consumer protection, cryptocurrency taxation, criminal enforcement and industry oversight. In addition, pyramid schemers and crypto fraudsters will also face new challenges. Thronicke’s draft law outlines tougher penalties and proposes amending Brazil’s existing financial crime laws to apply to cryptocurrencies. Thronicke said her proposed rule would effectively extend the "effective protection model" for e-money services to cryptocurrencies. Hainan will strive for the pilot application of legal digital currency in cross-border trade in Hainan Free Trade Port. Application in foreign investment and financing and penetrating supervision. South Korea’s encryption tax will be implemented from October 1, 2021 Build a new platform for Xiongan services. The article pointed out that using blockchain technology to build the Xiongan service brand is the most important starting point for improving service quality and Xiongan services. [2021/5/25 22:40:26] At the State Council held on the 25th in South Korea, amendments to 16 tax laws were confirmed, and the government plans to submit the proposal to the National Assembly on the 3rd of next month. The amendment mentioned that from October 1, 2021, if you earn 2.5 million won or more per year through crypto transactions, you will need to pay a 20% capital gains tax. Earlier in July, the South Korean Ministry of Finance announced the 2020 tax reform plan, mentioning that a 20% capital gains tax will be imposed on digital currency transactions. The Brazilian central bank task force will develop a roadmap for CBDC issuance. The Central Bank of Brazil (BCB) established an intergovernmental CBDC research group on August 20, which will formulate a roadmap for digital currency issuance. The 12-member group was tasked with investigating the security risks, economic impact and social benefits of a CBDC against the existing payments environment in Brazil. The team will also evaluate the issuance of CBDC and even propose an issuance model for Brazil. The panel will submit its final report to central bank officials in 180 days. The Central Bank of Brazil said in a press statement that a CBDC could "improve the current model of commercial transactions between people and even between countries," calling the issuance of a CBDC "the ultimate outcome." UK FCA proposes extending financial crime reporting obligations to crypto trading providers The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) today published a consultation paper on annual financial crime reporting (REP-CRIM) obligations. The FCA proposes to expand the scope of firms required to provide REP-CRIM information to regulators to include firms conducting regulated activities that the FCA believes may pose a higher risk of money laundering. According to the document, all crypto asset exchange providers and custodial wallet providers are new categories of companies within the scope of REP-CRIM obligations. The FCA will seek public comment until November 23, 2020. The FCA will then consider the feedback and plans to issue a policy statement (PS), including any final rules, by the first quarter of 2021. Crypto News Site Zero Hedge Banned by Google, PayPal: Twitter has reinstated the account of libertarian blog Zero Hedge after a five-month ban. However, a week later, Zero Hedge was once again shut down by PayPal and Google. It is reported that Zero Hedge often publishes news about cryptocurrencies. In a post on Thursday, it said the site had come under a "full-scale attack" and was developing a "free premium version of the site that is not affected by external forces". Google said on Monday that Zero Hedge's ad platform will be banned from its ad platform after the content-ethexc about the Black Lives Matter protests in the comments section of Zero Hedge was fictitious and violated its policies. Zero Hedge wants to keep the comments and website, and says it is doing everything it can to keep the forums open. The site later said it, too, had been banned by PayPal and that its donation page was now powered by payments site Payolee. (Decrypt) [2020/6/21] The group standard "Food Traceability Blockchain Technology Application Requirements" was officially released On August 27, the third China Industrial Blockchain Summit was successfully held in Changsha. The meeting released the "2020 China Industrial Blockchain Ecological Map". In addition, the "Food Traceability Blockchain Technology Application Requirements" group standard and "Food Traceability Blockchain On-Chain Action" were officially released. This standard stipulates the relevant party requirements, management requirements and chain data requirements for applying blockchain technology to carry out food traceability, and is applicable to food traceability business and services carried out by relevant organizations and institutions in the food supply chain using blockchain technology. The number of Bitcoin blockchain addresses hit a record high this quarter Statista data shows that the number of Bitcoin blockchain addresses hit a record high this quarter, a figure even higher than that during the historic bull market of 2017-2018. Since the third quarter of 2016, the number of blockchain wallets has increased by 466%. The increase in the number of wallets and increased trading volume on spot exchanges lowers the barrier to entry for new traders. Additionally, the data shows that the number of wallets holding more than 1 BTC has increased by 64% since 2016. Interestingly, the number of wallets holding more than 1,000 BTC dropped by 7%. One thing to consider is that holding 1000 BTC has become more expensive. Since 2016, the price of BTC has increased by 1539%. Nikkei News: Digital currency cannot be forced to freeze: The Nikkei News published an article stating that on June 13, the virtual currency exchange did not respond to the court order to freeze the funds in the virtual currency account on the grounds of "technical difficulties". Judging from this incident, digital currency cannot be forcibly frozen. Professor Shinji Nakajima of Lize University pointed out: "Virtual currency without a manager should not be seized by public authorities, and technically there is no guarantee that it will be enforced." He said that this could become a breeding ground for money laundering and asset hiding. Less". [2018/6/14] Ethereum client Geth has launched v1.9.20 version Ethereum core developer Péter Szilágyi just tweeted that Ethereum client Geth has launched v1.9.20 version. It is reported that this version has fixed some bugs and enhanced security. In addition, the official reminded that after upgrading to v1.9.20, Geth v1.9.19 or earlier versions cannot be restored, unless resynchronized, otherwise because the blockchain database layout has changed, it cannot be restored. The total amount of gas used on Ethereum hit a record high According to data from Glassnode, the total amount of gas used on Ethereum hit a record high last Sunday, reaching 79,294,213,632 gwei. George Clayton, managing partner of Cryptanalysis CapitaI, expressed concern that since the average cost of using the network had reached $6.68 in August, he doubted that such heavy usage could be sustained. Clayton believes that the gas problem makes Ethereum very vulnerable compared to other competing smart contract public blockchains. BM: DeFi on EOS will soon surpass other platform projects EOS founder BM (Daniel Larimer) just tweeted that the decentralized prediction market based on EOS is far ahead of any ETH-based market. And because some applications cannot be implemented on other platforms, DeFi on EOS will soon surpass other platform projects. The first super staker block reward has been excavated on the Qtum mainnet. According to the official Twitter of Qtum, the first super staker (Super Staker) block reward has been excavated on the Qtum mainnet.


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News Weekly | CCB's "Digital RMB Wallet" is online and the Filecoin mainnet will be launched in September

Golden Weekly is a weekly blockchain industry summary column launched by Golden Finance, covering key news, market and contract data, mining information, project dynamics.

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