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The Medalla test network has been running smoothly for a week.What is the difference between Ethereum 2.0 and the launch of the main network?



Quiet testnets are actually questionable.

If you've been following Medalla over the past few weeks, you'll be all too aware of the events of August 14th. You can check out the article written by Prysm for technical and timeline details, as well as Ben's recent blog post for an analysis of the whole thing. Following this incident, several client teams worked overtime over the weekend, deploying sync patches to resolve issues the network was experiencing.

While this event created a lot of stress, it gave all clients the opportunity to deal with some of the worst situations. To be honest, after this incident, the major client software will become more powerful. Now, I will actually sleep better before the Ethereum 2.0 mainnet launch.

Former Alameda CEO Caroline Ellison’s testimony has been temporarily sealed and she apologized to FTX customers and investors: Golden Finance reported that according to the New York Times, former Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison has expressed that she wants to apologize to FTX customers, investors, The Alameda lender apologized and is "deeply sorry and knows it was wrong" for the string of criminal charges resulting from FTX's bankruptcy. It is reported that U.S. prosecutors are worried that SBF may know in advance that Gary Wang, chief technology officer of FTX, and Carolin Ellion, former CEO of Alameda Research, have pleaded guilty, so they have temporarily sealed the testimony record of Caroline Ellison and postponed the public filing time. [2022/12/24 22:04:57]

Medalla has been going well since this incident, and it now has 39,000 active-ethexc validators with 12,000 more in the activation queue.

V God: The initial fine of ETH2.0 is reduced to 1/3 to 1/4 of Medalla: Ethereum founder Vitalik tweeted that the initial fine of ETH2.0 is reduced to 1/3 to 1/4 of Medalla level, if there is 524,288 Ethereum participate in it, then the reward is about 25% annualized rate of return. So even if the annualized rate of return is slashed after about 3 weeks, staking will still result in a net profit. [2020/11/11 12:19:05]

While there are many good and available Ethereum 2.0 clients in active-ethexc development, the testnet is currently dominated by a single client, Prysm, for good historical reasons, prioritizing early testing for over a year Kudos to the Prysmatic team for its network, community involvement and usability.

WarnerMedia Subsidiary Turner Sports Launches Blockchain Game Platform: Jinse Finance reported that multinational media and entertainment group WarnerMedia has joined the blockchain game ecosystem through its subsidiary Turner Sports. The company recently announced the launch of the Blocklete Games platform, where players can use NFTs to collect, train, trade, and compete with digital athletes while earning cash rewards. Additionally, the company partnered with BitPay to enable users to purchase Blockletes and Blocklete collectibles using BTC, BCH, XRP, ETH, and four other dollar-pegged stablecoins. [2020/9/17]

On the other hand, it was also the failure of the Prysm client that exacerbated the Medalla incident, and as a community we must consciously seek redress as we move towards mainnet. And as an experiencer who has tried all Ethereum 2.0 clients on Medalla, I can tell you directly that most clients are robust and well documented, and all client teams are actively participating in discord and github to help with any issues you may encounter.

Rock Global received tens of millions of investment from Daming Capital, Dafoe Fund, and Almed Crypto: According to official news, recently, Rock Global, a full-category digital asset derivatives trading platform, completed a tens of millions of angel round financing, led by DAM Capital, reaching FU Fund, Almed Crypto and other capitals followed suit.

Daming Capital is a cross-border international professional blockchain investment institution, and many invested projects have returned hundreds of times.

As a leading trading platform, Rock Global provides digital asset futures services. The unique full-category cross-margin system R-ALL is built by teams from Wall Street, North America Goldman Sachs, Chicago Options Clearing House, FACTSET and other institutions. [2020/5/26]

Diversity of clients not only makes consensus stronger in Ethereum 2.0, but also protects you in extreme cases: your negative behavior correlates with the negative behavior of others due to the anti-correlated incentives found in Ethereum 2.0 The higher it is, the greater your loss.

For example, suppose 60% of the network is offline for several days due to an outage from Client A, but Clients B and C remain stable and online. Although the chain will continue to be built by B and C, due to interruptions >33%, the chain will not be finalized. If you run client A, you will lose increasing amounts each epoch while the eventual outage continues (we call this the "negative penalty"). However, if you run Client B or Client C, your balance will be protected because you are still online. [Note – Leakage of invalid behavior is much more severe than the normal offline penalty. ]

Suppose a small number of Client Bs (20% of the network) experience a fatal error causing client outages. In this case, the chain can continue to complete (since the network is still participating at 80%). Offline validators do not incur "passive penalties", only normal penalties. Therefore, the user running client B will only be penalized lesser than in the first case above.

In addition to the effort to try out the new client, the client team is working hard to ensure that switching clients is easy and secure. By adding some cross-client standards, you can quickly jump from one client to another with very little downtime in between and no risk of accidental slashing.

This standard of preventing client lock-in is a key component of a robust Ethereum 2.0 network. When a single client goes down, easy-to-change software will allow the community to fix the problem faster (like the Medalla incident).

One of the main goals of Ethereum 2.0 is to reach Phase 1.5 (aka Merge Phase), when the existing Ethereum chain consensus will be integrated into Ethereum 2.0. From then on, the Ethereum blockchain we know and love will be built with proof-of-stake validators, rather than the current proof-of-work consensus.

The transition to Phase 1.5 is designed to connect existing users and applications as seamlessly as possible. The Ethereum 1.0 client is still responsible for state, transaction execution, and by keeping the vast majority of the user layer unchanged, Ethereum will be able to leverage existing tools and APIs to facilitate transactions and dapps as it does today.

To that end, Mikhail (TXRX) and Guillaume (geth) recently released an end-to-end demo of a multi-shard beacon chain (one of the shards is Ethereum 1.0). In the demo demo video released, Mikhail uses an unmodified metamask wallet to send a large number of transactions to the Ethereum 1.0 shard chain.

You can check out and play with the dockerized version of the Ethereum 1.0+Ethereum 2.0 demo, or if you want to go a little deeper, you can build and run from source.

Currently, client teams are hard at work, while auditors are digging into every detail to get ready for the official launch of the mainnet.


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The Medalla test network has been running smoothly for a week.What is the difference between Ethereum 2.0 and the launch of the main network?

Quiet testnets are actually questionable.If you've been following Medalla over the past few weeks.

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