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5 must-reads in the evening | Uniswap sucked blood? The DEX war is far from over



Lawsuit-ridden Tether is still riding the wind and waves

Since the dispute began in April 2019, the NYAG has been trying to force iFinex affiliates Bitfinex and Tether to produce documents related to their business dealings. The NYAG alleges that iFinex mixed funds between the two, using Tether to cover up Bitfinex’s $850 million loss.

Affected by the epidemic and the popularity of DeFi, the stablecoin market continued to grow explosively this year, hitting a record high. Among them, Tether and other stablecoins that are anchored to the value of the US dollar and have low transaction thresholds stand out among digital currencies, and their market supply continues to grow. click to read

Huobi Market Report丨Whether BTC’s evening big pullback is an effective breakthrough remains to be seen: According to Huobi market, Bitcoin experienced a relatively large pullback last night, with the lowest drop to 11,816.19USDT, and then a slight rebound at 11,950USDT. effective support. At present, the market has fallen back above the rising point, and there has been a strong see-saw between long and short within two days. As of 10:00, the specific performance of mainstream currencies is as follows: [2020/8/19]

Data Don’t Lie Bitcoin’s Average Return Is -7%

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of March 24: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: QE, MtGox, Bitcoin, Tether, regulatory sandbox

1. Under the Federal Reserve's "unlimited QE" policy, Bitcoin and gold far outperformed the S&P 500 index.

2. Russia will create a “regulatory sandbox” to legalize blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

3. MtGox Exchange: Creditors can view the civil reconsideration materials of the fourth creditor meeting through the new website.

4. Tether issued 60 million USDT (authorized but not issued) to the Ethereum network.

5. The United Nations: Digital technology has great potential Recommend financial technology applications such as Ant Financial Blockchain.

6. Zhejiang: Implement new consumption actions for digital life and expand the application of blockchain and other technologies.

7. The first virtual bank in Hong Kong officially provides services.

8. South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bithumb are assisting the police in investigating the "Room N" case.

9. Bitcoin fluctuated within the day, the highest rose to 6831.96 US dollars, the lowest fell to 6226.28 US dollars, and it is currently reported at 6646 US dollars. [2020/3/24]

Just after the "Leek Day", we saw that the US cryptocurrency exchange Kraken recently released a report on the volatility of the crypto market in August 2020, which pointed out that September is basically the worst month in the history of the Bitcoin market. bring negative returns to investors. click to read

Golden Evening News | List of important news on the evening of January 12: 12:00-21:00 Keywords: Beijing Mayor, Minsheng Bank, ETC, CME Bitcoin Options

1. Chen Jining, Mayor of Beijing: A government information resource sharing and business collaboration mechanism supported by blockchain technology will be established.

2. Chairman of Minsheng Bank: The comprehensive introduction of blockchain and other technologies will provide technical support for my country's digital transformation and upgrading.

3. Co-founder of eToro: Bitcoin will continue to lead the cryptocurrency market.

4. Wang Binsheng: The era of blockchain artificial intelligence will be a new integration of production, management and consumption.

5. Veteran in the ETC community: Agharta hard fork has been completed. At present, the community mainly promotes MultiGeth and Parity nodes.

6. The ownership concentration of mainstream cryptocurrencies is extremely high, with 39 "giant whales" accounting for 11.1% of the existing BTC.

7. The CME Bitcoin option, which was originally scheduled to be launched tomorrow, may still be awaiting regulatory approval.

8. Upbit transferred 7000 stolen ETH to an unknown wallet address.

9. Bitcoin fluctuated widely during the day, with the lowest price at $7,961 and the highest price at $8,285. [2020/1/12]

Sushiswap raised nearly $1 billion from Uniswap, the battle for DEX is far from over

At 5:55 on September 10, Beijing time, the Sushiswap migration was completed. the

According to Sam Bankman Fried, before Sushiswap appeared, Uniswap had about $300 million in liquidity. About $534 million is currently there, while nearly $1 billion has been transferred to Sushiswap. click to read

A review of the "star" fork projects: SushiSwap and Swerve

How can DeFi protocols protect themselves from being forked by opportunism? Actually it's hard. Their biggest advantage is that they have written the code and know it well, which means they are also the best people to continue to improve the code. In an ideal world, original teams should be rewarded for writing protocols that are accepted and used.

Let's take a look at two of the most famous fork instances, Sushi and Swerve, to understand the methods they use. click to read

Among the 27 A-share digital currency concept stocks under the trend, whose performance is the most eye-catching?

The progress of the central bank's digital currency has driven the market's attention to digital currency concept stocks. According to PAData's previous statistics, in April, digital currency concept stocks rose sharply due to the central bank's statement and the news of the internal testing of the four major banks. The stock price rose by an average of 15%, the net inflow of institutions was 270 million, and the valuation increased by an average of 12%. So, as the test continues to deepen, are digital currency concept stocks still "crazy"? Based on the data of Wind, this article will retrospectively analyze the mid-year reports of 27 digital currency concept stocks to show the overall picture of digital currency concept stocks in the first half of the year. Click to read


The Medalla test network has been running smoothly for a week.What is the difference between Ethereum 2.0 and the launch of the main network?

Quiet testnets are actually questionable.If you've been following Medalla over the past few weeks.

First release | Github user 1400 Bitcoin stolen event analysis

One day, when you transfer money on Alipay, a pop-up window reminds you that the transfer failed because the version is too low. If the pop-up window not only reminds you that the transaction failed.

IRS: Crypto income can be taxed as ordinary income

A recent memo from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) attempted to clarify the tax rules for receiving crypto assets as payment.

5 must-reads in the evening | Uniswap sucked blood? The DEX war is far from over

Lawsuit-ridden Tether is still riding the wind and wavesSince the dispute began in April 2019.

Is there no future for centralized exchanges?

Open the search-ethexc box on the media homepage and enter the six words "centralized exchange". On my 27-inch computer screen, more than a dozen webpages pop up.

5 must-reads in the evening | Interest parties and risk analysis of DeFi liquidity mining

Many currencies have made a deep correction, where do "emerging" and "classical" go?News of the token sale by the founder of SushiSwap last week triggered a sharp drop in the price of Sushi. Some people in the industr.

MIT is helping the Boston Fed develop a CBDC

Runaway Commentary: According to reports, the MIT Digital Currency Initiative (DCI) is helping the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston develop a digital currency that aims to be a high-throughput.