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Read the article: What is SUN? How to mine?



Justin Sun, who has always lived up to expectations, is about to make a big move in the near future.

On August 31, he published "A Letter to the Community Regarding SUN Genesis Mining" on Weibo.

In the letter, Justin Sun stated that he hoped to announce a well-thought-out decision with the community. After long-term discussions and thinking, Justswap decided to officially start Genesis Mining on September 2, which is today, and to open the sun on September 16. Coin (SUN) official mining, at the same time named this day as the Sun Festival, with a total circulation of 19,900,730 SUN tokens.

Opinion: Cardano is the most active-ethexc crypto project on GitHub: Golden Financial News, the crypto analysis company Santiment tweeted that according to its analysis of code push, problem interaction and other factors, Cardano is the most active-ethexc asset in the crypto industry GitHub development, surpassing FLOW, DOT, KSM, ETH. [2022/7/28 2:43:56]

In Sun Yuchen’s view, Suncoin is determined to build it into a Bitcoin on TRON, with zero VC investment, zero private equity investment, zero pre-mining, and zero team reservation, completely relying on the community and open source smart contracts.

Derivatives protocol Polynomial Protocol launched Polynomial Earn on Optimism: On March 31, the DeFi derivatives protocol Polynomial Protocol announced that it will launch Polynomial Earn on Optimism. Polynomial Earn is a DeFiOptionsVault (DOV) that allows options to be sold directly to AMMs and executed on the chain project. Polynomial Protocol will launch sETH Covered Call and CashSecured PutSellingvault this Friday. In October last year, Polynomial completed a financing of US$1.1 million, led by Acrylic, Genblock Capital, Caballeros Capital and other institutions, and individual investors such as Quant stamp co-founders DonHo, RichardMa, PaulVeradittakit (Pantera Capital) participated in the investment. (medium)[2022/3/31 14:29:58]

Suncoin has improved on the governance ideas of Bitcoin. While preserving the absolute fair distribution of Bitcoin, it has given governance significance to Solarcoin, so that the Solarcoin community can completely realize self-government.

Data: The trading volume of ETH perpetual contracts on Bybit reached an 8-month low: According to the news on December 12, according to Glassnode data, the trading volume of ETH perpetual contracts on Bybit Exchange reached an 8-month low, and the 24-hour trading volume was 820,271,159.46 Dollar. [2021/12/12 7:34:16]

Therefore, as TRON's first meme coin, Suncoin has the characteristics of community autonomy.

Sun Yuchen also stated in the article that he hopes to promote the vigorous development of Tron Defi community autonomy through the community-based Suncoin.

It is understood that to participate in genesis mining, users only need to enter TRX into the smart contract address of the genesis mining pool certified by the official website to participate in genesis mining and become the initiator of Suncoin at the same time.

It is worth noting that the genesis mining period is an early bird period, and users who participate in the early stage will dig 10% more solar coins than during the regular mining period. Fourteen days later, the smart contract will return all funds without taking any money, and will also issue Genesis Mining rewards.

Suncoin’s regular mining will support TRX, BTT, JST, WIN, and USDT, USDJ and other wave field stablecoins. Suncoin will also distribute part of the mining rewards to Justswap’s TRX, BTT, JST, WIN, etc. Trading pair liquidity provider.

Suncoin will also continue to increase the liquidity mining pools of other tokens in the TRON ecosystem, and through the Suncoin community, the mining-locked assets will be used unprecedentedly, connecting the entire TRON ecosystem from lending, pledge, wealth management to trading , liquidity, and the entire ecological industry chain of stable coins.


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Read the article: What is SUN? How to mine?

Justin Sun, who has always lived up to expectations, is about to make a big move in the near future.On August 31, he published "A Letter to the Community Regarding SUN Genesis Mining" on Weibo.In the letter.

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