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Ant Group submits prospectus: 130 mentions of blockchain, Ant Chain has generated revenue



On August 25, Ant Group submitted a listing prospectus (declaration draft) to the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and simultaneously submitted the A1 prospectus application document (A1 Application Proof) to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

According to the prospectus documents, Ant Group achieved operating income of 65.396 billion yuan, 85.722 billion yuan, 120.618 billion yuan, and 72.528 billion yuan in 2017, 2018, 2019, and January-June 2020, respectively, and achieved net profits of 6.95 billion yuan. , 667 million yuan, 16.957 billion yuan and 21.234 billion yuan.

The blockchain is mentioned as many as 130 times in the prospectus, which is not unrelated to Ant Group’s strategic layout around core technology fields such as artificial intelligence, risk management, security, blockchain, computing and technical infrastructure. In the prospectus, Ant Group stated that the company’s AntChain business has been commercialized and generated revenue since 2019, and the proportion of revenue contribution during the reporting period is still at a relatively low level.

Lou Jianxun, Vice President of Digital Technology of Ant Group: Digital transformation has become a new driving force to promote China's industry to the mid-to-high end of the global value chain: Jinse Finance reported that on June 23, an online seminar on new energy on the chain was held. Lou Jianxun, Vice President of Digital Technology of Ant Group, pointed out at the meeting that digital transformation has become a new driving force to promote China's industry to the middle and high end of the global value chain. The key to the digitization of industrial collaboration is trust and links. Link means the possibility of realizing value transfer, but the transaction participants need to establish a foundation of trust. The blockchain provides the foundation of the underlying mechanism of trust, which is determined by the characteristics of the technology itself. The work of AntChain is to implement the cornerstone of trust and links. AntChain has made a comprehensive breakthrough in the core technology of blockchain, including efficient smart contract engine, digital asset model, flexible organization and collaboration, software and hardware integration, comprehensive security protection, safe and efficient privacy computing, new blockchain storage, scalable Consensus mechanism, rich cross-chain services, etc. In addition, AntChain has ranked first in the number of global patent applications for five consecutive years in terms of blockchain patents, and will rank first in global patent quality in 2021. At the same time, AntChain helps the digitalization of the real industry through "on-chain + off-chain", such as helping Harbin to build a low-carbon travel ecological chain, and 500,000+ mopeds in the field of mopeds to complete asset on-chain, as a trusted asset link to the back-end supply chain. [2022/6/23 1:26:39]

The following is the main content-ethexc of the blockchain mentioned in the prospectus

The fifth batch of credible blockchain evaluations released 21 companies including Tencent Cloud, Baidu, and Ant Group passed: According to news on July 8, the fifth batch of "trusted blockchain evaluations" by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology will be held from February to June 2021 After 4 months of communication, professional testing, expert review and other links, a total of 36 products from 21 units passed the evaluation of this period. Test items cover blockchain functions, performance, security, BaaS, passwords, certificate storage applications, government applications, etc.; through enterprises including Tencent Cloud, Baidu, Qulian Technology, Ant Group, Hang Seng Electronics, Zhongxiang Bit, Xi'an Zhigui and other 21 units. [2021/7/8 0:35:58]

Ant Group has continued to invest in the research and development of blockchain core technology since 2015, creating multiple platforms such as blockchain open platform BaaS (BlockchainasaService), accounts receivable circulation and asset management platform "Double Chain", general smart contract platform, etc. , and has formed unique leading technical capabilities in large-scale consensus algorithms, smart contract technology, software and hardware privacy protection, and cross-chain protocols.

Zhuhai joined hands with Ant Group to explore blockchain real estate registration: On July 20, the Zhuhai Real Estate Registration Center and Ant Group signed a cooperation framework agreement, opening a precedent for exploring the innovative application of blockchain technology in the field of real estate registration. According to the cooperation agreement, the Zhuhai Real Estate Registration Center and Ant Group will cooperate to create a blockchain real estate registration scheme, including a pilot blockchain mortgage registration scheme. Based on the Ant Real Estate Chain technology, Zhuhai Real Estate Registration Center will realize the connection with business systems such as banks, and realize various blockchain + online registration services. (Financial Associated Press) [2020/7/21]

The BaaS platform provides a high degree of privacy protection at the blockchain layer, and realizes services such as corporate identity, real-name authentication, and intelligent risk control at the BaaS value-added service layer, and supports various applications and value-added services on the blockchain. The service can be deployed quickly at low cost and can be customized according to customer needs.

The AntChain platform has a three-tier architecture, including 1) the underlying blockchain-as-a-service open platform, 2) asset digitization applications, and 3) digital asset transfer network. By helping companies realize the digitization of assets and transactions, Ant Group has established a trust mechanism in multi-party cooperation.

Ant Group and CCF set up a scientific research fund for blockchain and other fields: Recently, Ant Group reached a strategic cooperation with the China Computer Federation (CCF) and jointly established the "China Computer Federation Ant Research Fund". The first phase is aimed at young scholars under the age of 35 Invest 5 million yuan for project research. It is reported that this fund will target 29 subdivided cutting-edge technology fields in the fields of artificial intelligence and blockchain. (Sina Technology) [2020/6/10]

According to the prospectus, Ant Group’s AntChain is a global leader in blockchain technology. From 2017 to 2019, the number of blockchain-related patent applications of Ant Group ranked first in the world.

According to the report of IPRDaily, a well-known media in the field of intellectual property rights, Alibaba Group ranked No. one. In addition, the China Patent Protection Association's "2020 Global Authorized Patents in the Blockchain Field Report" shows that Alibaba Group ranks first in the global ranking of blockchain authorized patents.

The vast majority of the “Alibaba Group blockchain patents and patent applications” mentioned in these reports (1) belong to patents and patent applications registered under the name of Ant Group or its subsidiaries, or (2) are under investigation based on the above knowledge The agreement related to the transfer of property rights shall be transferred to the name of Ant Group or its subsidiaries.

As of July 31, 2020, Ant Group and its subsidiaries have obtained a total of 583 blockchain patents with patent certificates worldwide; a total of 303 blockchain patent applications that have passed patent examination but are yet to obtain patent certificates items; other blockchain patent applications that are being accepted total 5,317 items.

According to the prospectus, Ant Group is not only a global leader in blockchain technology but also a global leader in the commercial application of blockchain technology. Ant Group connects the industrial ecology based on blockchain technology, realizes the full-link trusted transfer of assets, and promotes industrial development through the value transfer platform.

Since launching the AntChain platform in 2016, Ant Group has pioneered more than 50 blockchain commercial applications and user scenarios, including supply chain finance, cross-border remittances, charitable donations, and product traceability.

During the 12-month period ended June 30, 2020, the AntChain platform generated more than 100 million daily active-ethexc on-chain data, including patents, certificates, and warehouse receipts.

Representative cases include:

1) Blockchain-driven supply chain finance

Ant Group has partnered with a leading commercial bank in China to provide small and micro suppliers with blockchain-powered supply chain financial solutions. After creating a digital record of accounts receivable through Ant Group's blockchain platform, banks can easily track the accounts receivable of small and micro suppliers and verify their authenticity. This has greatly improved the trust and transparency in the supply chain financial business process, making it easier for small and micro suppliers, especially those of large, reputable enterprises, to obtain loans from banks. At the same time, banks cooperating with Ant Group can also reduce unnecessary management costs and effectively reduce credit risks.

2) Help small and micro IT equipment leasing

Through Ant Group's blockchain technology, China's small and micro IT equipment leasing companies can purchase and lease IT equipment such as laptops and printers more conveniently and at low cost. First of all, through the positioning and remote management of IT equipment, Ant Group realizes the digitization of the entire leasing link based on the AntChain platform, improving the transparency and traceability of leasing equipment circulation. This significantly increases the level of trust between the various parties involved in the leasing business process, resulting in higher leasing volumes and improved returns. In addition, due to the increased transparency of the leasing process and contracts, financial institutions such as banks are more willing to provide loans to these leasing companies, which helps leasing companies obtain low-cost funds for business expansion, thereby better serving small and micro operators. In addition, Ant Group can aggregate the IT equipment procurement needs of small and micro IT equipment leasing companies through the AntChain platform, so as to obtain greater discounts through centralized procurement.

Ant Group's revenue includes three major segments, digital payment and merchant services, digital fintech platforms and innovative businesses, and others.

Among them, innovative business and others refer to the company’s multiple innovative technical services such as AntChain and financial cloud technology services under the smart technology business, as well as administrative and support services provided to related parties such as Alibaba Group and MYbank. income.

In 2017, 2018, 2019 and January-June 2020, Ant Group’s innovative business and other revenues were 514 million yuan, 745 million yuan, 930 million yuan and 544 million yuan respectively. The revenue growth was mainly due to relevant innovative technologies and support Driven by the increase in service income; innovative business and other income accounted for 0.79%, 0.87%, 0.77% and 0.75% of operating income, respectively. During the reporting period, innovation-related businesses were still in the early stages of development. Among them, the AntChain business of Ant Group has been commercialized and generated revenue since 2019, and the proportion of revenue contribution during the reporting period is still at a relatively low level.


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Ant Group submits prospectus: 130 mentions of blockchain, Ant Chain has generated revenue

On August 25, Ant Group submitted a listing prospectus (declaration draft) to the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

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