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Golden Outpost|Filecoin space race has started



Jinse Finance reported that at around 6:00 on August 25th, Beijing time, Filecoin officially launched the space race of the testnet reward plan. In this competition, miners from all regions of the world will share the global share of 4.1 million FIL tokens through competition for storage space. Rewards and area rewards. At the same time as the space race was released, Filecoin officially issued an update on the next development roadmap, including the main network will be launched in mid-to-late September, the developer summit and other plans. Previously, the Filecoin test network has undergone a calibration period of about one month. During the calibration period, miners can simulate the competition process to test in advance.

Golden Morning News | June 15 Overnight Important Updates: 21:00-7:00 Keywords: Filecoin, Lebanon, surveillance, Ethereum 2.0

1. Developers: Filecoin mainnet may be launched between July 20 and August 20;

2. Bitcoin transaction fees fell by 89% to $0.711 in less than a month;

3. Lebanon’s legal currency has depreciated severely, and the local Bitcoin has a premium;

4. Multiple governments monitor users trading on cryptocurrency exchanges;

5. The Ethereum 2.0 test network Onyx was launched on June 14;

6. JPMorgan Chase: BTC will continue to be used as a speculative tool rather than a store of value;

7. Co-founder of BiLira: It is expected that the Turkish government will introduce new blockchain regulations next year;

8. Dalian Office: Investors need to be wary of illegal fundraising around concepts such as "blockchain". [2020/6/15]

Golden Relativity | Tong Yang, Partner of Golden Finance and Economics: The emphasis on asset security should be mentioned as A+ when the market fluctuates violently and is stable: In the Golden Theory of Relativity held today, it was aimed at "what kind of impact does the sharp drop in the market have on the security of the blockchain?" In terms of influence”, Tong Yang, partner of Golden Finance and CapitaIN, said that in the case of violent market fluctuations and stable market conditions, the emphasis on asset security should be mentioned as A+. The concept of asset security, users mainly need to isolate the security of their wallets For example, whether the security method of the wallet is realized by cryptography or physically isolated. Because we really see that when the market fluctuates, security incidents occur most frequently. This is the same as choosing an Internet product. Try to choose a wallet brand with endorsement, support, and good product development. The second is the more favorable wallets established under the big brands, and beware of small centralized wallets and scams of centralized financial management. [2020/4/7]

Global Rewards and Regional Rewards Rules

Countdown to BTC Halving | Golden Finance Mining Earnings Report: According to Jinse Finance, according to OKEx mining pool data, the next BTC halving date is expected to be May 15, 2020, and today is 48 days away. The current block height of BTC is 623099, and the block height of the next halving is 630000.

Today, the computing power of the entire network is about 95.58EH/s, and the difficulty of the entire network is about 13.91T. The next difficulty is predicted to be 11.77T (-15.39%). There are still 13 days left before the adjustment. Today’s BTC income: 0.00001808BTC/T/day. [2020/3/27]

According to the investigation, after 6:00 a.m. Beijing time, the block height of the calibration network was reset, and after the t01000 node packaged several blocks with the minimum ticket value, the same block began to appear in the block with a block height of 29 The case where multiple nodes are packaged together.

Block packaging after block height reset

At around 7:30 Beijing time, after 90 minutes of the competition, the browser shows that the network can currently provide about 13.3PB of storage capacity. At this time, there are about 258 online miner nodes.

After 8 o'clock, looking at the ranking of miners' storage capacity, it can be found that the maximum storage capacity provided by a single node is 1.077PB. At this time, the number of online miners and network storage capacity fluctuate within a small range. This includes a small decrease in the value of storage power and a reduction in the number of miners. However, according to the forecast, as the competition situation changes, the participation of miners in the later period will increase significantly.

At this time, in addition to network participation, another important data is the ranking of effective computing power of miners. As of press time, only t01000 and t01002 nodes are on the list.

The space race will last for 3 weeks, the official stated that its goal is to stress test the network, while It is also an opportunity for miners to try Filecoin before the main network is launched. For the Filecoin project, this is the last major update before the launch of the mainnet. This update can bring the Filecoin protocol and Lotus client into a "state that can support the mainnet". As the testing process progresses, unpredictable problems will occur on the network at any time, and the development team will fix them in time. For example, Filecoin developer why has discovered the first bug in the slack community so far.

The growth of an encrypted currency network has to face many insurmountable challenges and processes. Now Fileocin is in the process of challenges before going online, and expectations for this network have begun to grow.


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The article is contributed by the blockchain analysis of Niu Qi.

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Golden Outpost|Filecoin space race has started

Jinse Finance reported that at around 6:00 on August 25th, Beijing time, Filecoin officially launched the space race of the testnet reward plan. In this competition.

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