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Dialogue with Shi Xiang, co-founder of Alchemy Pay, to discuss decentralized encrypted payment



On August 17, the 2020 Blockchain Ecological Cooperation Conference hosted by Alchemy Pay was held in Shanghai.

This blockchain ecological cooperation conference brought together more than 30 domestic and foreign industry heavy guests to share on the spot, and a total of more than 500 audiences attended. Chen Weigang, Supervisor of the Supervisory Board of Key Financial Institutions of China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, Zheng Xilong, Chief Scientist of OneConnect Blockchain Research Institute of Ping An Group, Liang Yan, General Manager of AWS Greater China Solution Architect Team, Head of Blockchain Technology, Business Information Research Institute of Sinochem Group Ren Xin Sihai, Xiaomi Financial Technology General Manager Jiang Yongqiang, Jinse Finance CEO An Xinxin and other industry veterans attended the conference.

In the globalization topic in the afternoon, An Xinxin, CEO of Jinse Finance, and Shi Xiang, co-founder of Alchemy Pay, had a trend dialogue entitled "Decentralized (DeFi) Encrypted Payment Scenarios and Value Outlook". The development of the chain industry is discussed. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time that An Xinxin, the CEO of Jinse Finance, has appeared in person for a dialogue. The dialogue between the two sides lasted for 40 minutes.

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(CEO of Jinse Finance talks to Shi Xiang, co-founder of Alchemy Pay)

As the CEO of Jinse Finance, An Xinxin has a very keen vision and unique insights on the blockchain industry. He has contributed a lot of wonderful dry goods with Shi Xiang, the co-founder of Alchemy Pay, on many topics in the blockchain industry.

When talking about how to enter the blockchain industry, Shi Xiang introduced that Zhongan Technology, a listed company before, transformed from the financial technology circle to the blockchain industry because of the business opportunity. At the same time, Shi Xiang believes that in today's relatively serious global currency inflation, digital currency has a huge prospect of use.

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During the dialogue, An Xinxin mentioned that as an emerging development industry, the blockchain industry has the characteristics of fast technological iteration and more diverse ecological evolution. Did you choose to pay?"

Talking about the payment track in the blockchain industry, Shi Xiang believes that payment is the foundation of all finance. The essence of currency is the general equivalent of value exchange. The value of currency itself is used for transaction and circulation, and payment is to create circulation. "Every change in the payment method improves the payment efficiency and promotes the transformation of the industry. It can be seen that the importance of the payment field in the entire blockchain ecology is self-evident."

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"You have always emphasized that Alchemy Pay is the most adaptable digital currency payment solution. May I ask where this "adaptability" is reflected?" An Xinxin asked.

Shi Xiang said that the Alchemy Pay payment technology solution is currently one of the most adaptable decentralized (DeFi) digital currency compliance payment solutions. POS machines, mobile Apps, or PC-side payment gateways can all be satisfied. As long as the module is updated on the original collection system, the enterprise can realize the mixed payment of encrypted currency and legal currency, which means that for enterprises It has wide applicability and will not change the original payment habits of users.

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Regarding decentralization and payment, An Xinxin believes that today, when decentralization and compliance are usually mutually exclusive, "Why can Alchemy Pay be both decentralized and compliant?"

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Shi Xiang mentioned that through the decentralized payment ecosystem established by Alchemy Pay, merchants must go through strict Kyc, while consumers' payments are encrypted. Consumers do not need to install an app like Alipay, but hold Instant payments can be made with any wallet of digital assets supported by the Alchemy Pay payment system. This can not only meet anti-money laundering and compliance, but also ensure consumers' encrypted payment needs.

Alchemy Pay is compatible with all mainstream payments and mainstream wallets, and all wallets will become the payment and traffic entry of Alchemy Pay, so the ecology is very important to Alchemy Pay. An Xinxin asked this question, "Combining the theme of today's conference "International Blockchain Ecological Cooperation", how does Alchemy Pay consider the strategy of ecological cooperation?"

Shi Xiang briefly explained the relevant progress: Alchemy Pay is a mixed payment ecosystem of legal currency and encrypted currency, which is exported to payment companies with consumption scenarios, Saas companies, Internet companies, etc. Without changing the original collection habits, mixed payment of encrypted currency and legal currency can be realized at the same time. Alchemy Pay's vision is to create encrypted payment scenarios on a global scale and realize the ecological connection between encrypted payment and traditional payment. At present, it has signed contracts with 2 million potential merchants through the 2B2C model, and has successfully operated more than 3,000 outlets. The business involves 18 countries around the world. countries and regions.

An Xinxin recognized Alchemy Pay’s efforts to create encrypted payment scenarios on a global scale and realize the ecological connection between encrypted payment and traditional payment: for the currently hotter DeFi field, the Alchemy DeFi platform plan has also been released. Does this mean that Is Alchemy Pay going to transform into DeFi? What is the advantage that Alchemy Pay can do this?

In this regard, Shi Xiang emphasized that the main business of Alchemy Pay will always be payment. For Alchemy Pay, DeFi is a business philosophy, and the core of payment is the core. The Alchemy DeFi platform is built on the Alchemy Pay payment ecosystem and is a part of the entire Alchemy Pay payment ecosystem, not the entire Alchemy Pay.

(The launch ceremony of Alchemy Defi, a subsidiary of Alchemy Pay: from left, An Xinxin, CEO of Jinse Finance, Lin Jiapeng, founder of LinkVC, Lei Yu, CEO of The Force Protocol, Xin Sihai, head of blockchain technology at Sinochem Business Information Research Institute, and co-founder of Alchemy Pay Shi Xiang, Chainlink China head Philip, BP co-founder Tang Shi, Near co-founder illia Yilong)

Shi Xiang further said, "Our biggest advantage is that we can use the global wallet as the traffic entrance of the Alchemy Pay payment system. In the past, we did not pay much attention to the precipitation of traffic, but in the next few months we will pay for Alchemy Pay. The system will also undergo a major upgrade in its own ecology. The Alchemy wallet, which was not a strategic focus, will be upgraded to an aggregation platform. The most important part of the function is the Alchemy DeFi platform. The Alchemy DeFi platform will rely on the traffic of Alchemy Pay , integrate dApp, Dex and Swap and more decentralized financial services, and further activate the payment channels of DeFi, dex&cex, and try to rely on Alchemy's own licensed fiat currency payment business to cooperate with various stable currency issuers for DeFi opens up more access channels for assets.”

At the 2020 Blockchain Global Ecological Cooperation Conference, this all-round in-depth exchange and discussion between Jinse Finance CEO An Xinxin and Alchemy Pay co-founder Shi Xiang further sublimated the theme of the conference "Blockchain Ecological Partner Exchange" , Promote the construction and development of the blockchain global ecology and the innovation of the DeFi boom.


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Dialogue with Shi Xiang, co-founder of Alchemy Pay, to discuss decentralized encrypted payment

On August 17, the 2020 Blockchain Ecological Cooperation Conference hosted by Alchemy Pay was held in Shanghai.This blockchain ecological cooperation conference brought together more than 30 domestic and foreign indus.

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