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Weibit ViaBTC "hedging" is online: lock in mining profits in advance



As a senior old miner, although he has never dug thousands of coins, he stepped on many pits along the way, and finally figured out a very important experience: mining must be "hedged" in order to allow your investment to invincible position.

ViaBTC is now launching the "hedging" service, allowing the majority of miners to enjoy caring services, take it easy in fluctuating market conditions, obtain stable mining income, and maximize profits.

The number of BUSD sending addresses reached a three-month high: On September 18, Glassnode data showed that the number of BUSD sending addresses (7d MA) was 61.125, reaching a three-month high. [2022/9/18 7:04:28]

●What is "hedging"?

ViaBTC hedging service is tailor-made for mining pool users. It is a tool for hedging currency price risks, locking profits in advance and obtaining stable mining income. Microbit miners estimate the mining output of BTC, BCH, BSV, LTC, ETH and other currencies in the future to lock in prices in advance, borrow coins through the "hedging" service and sell them at the current market price, and lock in advance profit. Subsequent mining output is used to return the coins borrowed from the ViaBTC platform, thereby hedging the risk of currency price declines, ensuring monthly electricity costs and other costs, and obtaining long-term stable mining income.

Homes in Florida to Sell as NFTs: A four-bedroom home in Gulfport, Florida, will be sold using a non-fungible token (NFT), according to Propy, a California-based real estate technology company. ) technology to be tokenized and sold for $650,000. In addition to the Gulfport home, another blockchain project has launched to buy The One Bel Air's 105,000-square-foot mega-mansion by creating a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). (news.bitcoin) [2022/2/8 9:36:46]

●What are the advantages of "hedging"?

Celer cBridge and OpenDAO have reached a cooperation to achieve multi-chain expansion by establishing an open native asset standard: On January 5th, the cross-chain bridge cBridge launched by the second-layer expansion platform Celer announced a cooperation with the decentralized autonomous organization OpenDAO, through the establishment of Open native asset standards to achieve multi-chain expansion and reject vendor lock-in.

Users can now use cBridge to connect SOS to Ethereum, Avalanche, BSC, Metis, Fantom, Moonriver, Celo, OEC, HECO, and xDAI for high-speed and low-cost cross-chain bridges. [2022/1/5 8:27:34]

1. Hedging currency price risk: effectively avoid or reduce mining losses caused by adverse price changes;

2. Obtain stable mining income: sell the coins mined in the future at the current price, and lock in long-term profits in advance;

3. Convenient and quick: use the hedging currency as the margin, and settle in USDT. At the same time, it supports automatic currency repayment. After the function is turned on, the system will automatically transfer the mining output for currency repayment every day.

●Currencies and leverage that support "hedging"

Including BTC, BCH, BSV, LTC, ETH, the initial deposit is 20%;

●How to get involved

Contact the key account manager of ViaBTC mining pool on WeChat ID: paphycai to inquire about product details.

●Risk Description

There are certain risks in digital asset investment and hedging transactions, please operate with caution and do what you can. Using hedging services means that you fully accept the potential risks and benefits it brings.

In addition, the specific hedging quantity, maintenance margin rate, early warning margin rate, index price, interest and other information are also available:

Smart investors will study risk reduction strategies before making decisions, and experienced miners will "hedge" electricity bills to avoid risks. We believe that you are smart and will never miss ViaBTC's "hedging" service.


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Weibit ViaBTC "hedging" is online: lock in mining profits in advance

As a senior old miner, although he has never dug thousands of coins, he stepped on many pits along the way.

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