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5 must-reads in the evening | Who else is there besides the Chainlink oracle track?



Research report: Overview of supply transparency of mainstream currencies in Q2 2020

The profiles of current cryptoassets covered in this report reflect those for which Coin Metrics manages free-floating supply value, including: 0x, Basic Attention Token, Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin gold, BitcoinSV, Cardano, Chainlink, Coin, DASH, Decred, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, FTX Token, Huobi Token, Litecoin, MakerDAO, NEO, Stellar, Tezos, and XRP. click to read

BBKX platform ETF zone evening market: According to the BBKX market, multiple currency pairs in the ETF zone of the BBKX trading platform continued to rise. As of 22:50 today (UTC+8),

The current net value of XTZ3S/USDT is US$0.0621, an intraday increase of 10.89%.

The current net value of TRX3S/USDT is US$0.1122, an intraday increase of 10.32%.

The current net value of QTUM3S/USDT is $0.3892, an intraday increase of 7.81%.

A leveraged ETF is an index fund that anchors changes in the price of an underlying asset. The BBKX platform has launched multiple mainstream currencies such as BTC, ETH, and EOS, as well as platform currencies such as HT, BNB, and OKB. The ETF transaction fee is as low as 0.1%, and the management fee is 0.1% per double.

BBKX was established in June 2019, focusing on derivatives transactions, and has received joint investment from Node Capital and Chain Fund. [2020/5/6]

The central bank's digital currency pilot is still "4+1" An article to understand RMB 3.0

Market | Evening digital currency market report: According to data from the Bitfinex trading platform, the latest transaction price of BTC is $7,045.00, the highest price is $7,100.00, the lowest price is $6,881.60, the transaction volume is 15,700, an increase of 1.08%; the latest transaction price of ETH is $285.03, the highest The price reached US$290.50, the lowest price was US$276.41, and the transaction volume was 118,900, an increase of 2.64%. [2018/9/1]

On August 14, the Ministry of Commerce website published the "Notice of the Ministry of Commerce on Printing and Distributing the Overall Plan for Comprehensively Deepening the Pilot Program of Innovation and Development of Trade in Services". Pilot areas carry out digital renminbi pilots.

The price of SUB rose sharply at night, with an increase of 37.63%. According to data from the Binance trading platform, the latest transaction price of SUB was RMB 20.84, the highest price in 24 hours was RMB 21.22, the lowest price was RMB 14.00, and the 24-hour trading volume was 2380.45 BTC , an increase of 37.40%. Substratum is a decentralized open source network that allows anyone to lend their computer as a hosting server and earn SUB currency. [2018/1/9]

However, according to the Financial Times reporter, the current digital renminbi pilot is still "4+1", and the internal closed pilot test will be carried out in Shenzhen, Suzhou, Xiong'an New District, Chengdu and the future Winter Olympics scene first, and there will be no change. click to read

DeFi boom, can the Ethereum network bear its weight?

The number of transactions on the Ethereum network more than doubled in 2020 and is now almost on par with the all-time high set in January 2018. Rising fees on the Ethereum network have accelerated the development of second-layer solutions for some DeFi applications. click to read

DEFI Escort: The Importance of Oracle

Most people who pay attention to the blockchain should have heard of DeFi, and those who understand how to use it understand what DeFi means-but there is another aspect that is understudied, and that is price oracles and their Impact on DeFi applications. click to read

LINK, which has soared more than six times within the year, has ignited the entire oracle market

As the first batch of oracle projects in the blockchain field, Chainlink has received extensive attention from the market since last year. This year, its total market value has increased rapidly at an average monthly rate of about 24%. The current price is US$13.60, which is nearly seven times higher than that at the beginning of the year (data cutoff: August 10, 2020).

The skyrocketing price of Chainlink has once again ignited the concept of blockchain oracles, and other projects on this track have also become active. This article will analyze the oracle machine market to see what similar projects have potential in the field. Click to read


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An article to understand the role of Hyperledger and Interledger in the future international payment system

Many financial and other companies around the world are exploring or actively adopting blockchain technology for international payments.

Golden Sentinel | The unit price exceeds Bitcoin YFI has soared 320 times since mid-July

Jinjin Finance, August 20th The market shows that the price of YFI has risen again and exceeded 13,000 US dollars, and the price of a single token once again surpassed BTC. In fact,’s governance token.

Weibit ViaBTC "hedging" is online: lock in mining profits in advance

As a senior old miner, although he has never dug thousands of coins, he stepped on many pits along the way.

5 must-reads in the evening | Who else is there besides the Chainlink oracle track?

Research report: Overview of supply transparency of mainstream currencies in Q2 2020The profiles of current cryptoassets covered in this report reflect those for which Coin Metrics manages free-floating supply value.

The creation process of the beacon chain

Large distributed multi-client blockchain launch events are uncommon. Yesterday (July 30) was the 5th anniversary of the birth of ETH 1.0: it can be seen that such a major birthday event is even rarer.ETH 2.

Ketuan Zhan threatened to cancel employee options, and Antminer made multiple overseas orders exceeding 100 million

What happened to Bitmain? Although these two incidents are not of great news value, there are some interesting points and some points that can clarify doubts.On the 24th.

5 must-reads in the evening | The price exceeds BTC YFI is a unique "air" currency

Can EOS, which unlocks DeFi, take off with it?On August 15th, EOS founder Daniel Larimer (BM) tweeted, I created the first DeFi platform in 2014, and DeFi is a necessary condition to stimulate DPOS.